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New Grass Revival lyrics
Genre: Country
Fly Through the Country (1975) 01. Skippin' in the Mississippi Dew [add]
02. Good Woman's Love [add]
03. Glory [add]
04. All Night Train lyrics
05. Fly Through the Country [add]
06. This Heart of Mine [add]
07. The Dancer [add]
08. When She Made Laughter Easy [add]
09. Doin' My Time [add]
10. These Days [add]

Too Late to Turn Back Now [live] (1977) 01. Lonesome and a Long Way from Home [add]
02. With Care from Someone [add]
03. High Lonesome Sound [add]
04. Rainbow Bridge [add]
05. Watermelon Man [add]
06. Fly Through the Country [add]
07. Red Man Blues [add]

When the Storm Is Over (1977) 01. Four Days of Rain [add]
02. White Freight Liner Blues [add]
03. Sail to Australia [add]
04. When the Storm Is Over [add]
05. And He Says "I Love You" [add]
06. Vamp in the Middle [add]
07. Like a Child in the Rain [add]
08. Tennessee Wagoner [add]
09. Colly Davis [add]
10. Crooked Smile [add]
11. Skippin' in the Mississippi Dew [add]
12. Good Woman's Love [add]
13. Glory [add]
14. All Night Train lyrics
15. Fly Through the Country [add]
16. This Heart of Mine [add]
17. The Dancer [add]
18. When She Made Laughter Easy [add]
19. Doin' My Time [add]
20. These Days [add]

Barren County (1979) 01. Dancin' With the Angels [add]
02. In the Plan [add]
03. How About You [add]
04. Crazy in the Night [add]
05. Don't Look Back [add]
06. Spring Peepers [add]
07. Souvenir Bottles [add]
08. Goin' to the Fair [add]
09. Lee Highway Blues [add]

Commonwealth (1981) 01. Reach [add]
02. Steam Powered Aereo Plane [add]
03. One Day I'll Walk [add]
04. Nothing Wasted, Nothing Gained [add]
05. Pack of Fools [add]
06. Nothing Without You [add]
07. Deeper and Deeper [add]
08. Wicked Path of Sin [add]
09. Sapporo [add]

Live (1984) 01. White Freight Liner Blues [live] [add]
02. Good Woman's Love [live] [add]
03. One More Love Song [live] [add]
04. Walking in Jerusalem [live] [add]
05. Watermelon Man [live] [add]
06. Reach [live] [add]
07. Sapporo [live] [add]

On the Boulevard (1984) 01. On the Boulevard [add]
02. Earth, Water, Wind and Fire [add]
03. You're the Best Friend That I've Known [add]
04. Just Is lyrics
05. County Clare [add]
06. One More Love Song [add]
07. You Don't Knock [add]
08. One of These Trains [add]
09. Get in the Wind [add]
10. Indian Hills [add]
11. One Love/People Get Ready [add]
12. Where Do I Go from Here? [add]
13. Walking in Jerusalem [add]

New Grass Revival (1986) 01. What You Do to Me [add]
02. Love Someone Like Me [add]
03. Lonely Rider [add]
04. Sweet Release [add]
05. How Many Hearts [add]
06. In the Middle of the Night [add]
07. Saw You Runnin' [add]
08. Ain't That Peculiar [add]
09. Seven by Seven [add]
10. Revival [add]

Hold to a Dream (1987) 01. Hold to a Dream [add]
02. One Way Street [add]
03. Can't Stop Now [add]
04. I'll Take Tomorrow [add]
05. Before the Heartache Rolls In [add]
06. Looking Past You [add]
07. How About You [add]
08. Metric Lips [add]
09. I Can Talk to You [add]
10. Unconditional Love [add]

Friday Night in America (1989) 01. Friday Night in America [add]
02. You Plant Your Fields [add]
03. Let's Make a Baby King [add]
04. Do What You Gotta Do [add]
05. Let Me Be Your Man lyrics
06. Lila [add]
07. Callin' Baton Rouge [add]
08. Whatever Way the Wind Blows [add]
09. Big Foot [add]
10. Angel Eyes [add]
11. I'm Down [add]

Today's Bluegrass (1994) 01. Pennied in My Pocket [add]
02. Cold Sailor [add]
03. I Wish I Said (I Love You One More Time) [add]
04. Prince of Peace [add]
05. Ginseng Sullivan [add]
06. Whisper My Name [add]
07. Great Balls of Fire [add]
08. Lonesome Fiddle Blues [add]
09. Body and Soul [add]
10. With Care from Someone [add]

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