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Happy Apple lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Blown Shockwaves and Crash Flow (1997) 01. Breakneck [add]
02. Go Round Merry [add]
03. Just a Little Penny Thing [add]
04. Randalls Hope [add]
05. Death Cookies [add]
06. Thursday [add]
07. That Isnt Even Worth Selling [add]
08. Mobile Dawn Mobile Dusk [add]
09. Dolly Jo and Ben Jay [add]
10. A Lullaby for Sharks [add]
11. Mother Night [add]

Part of the Solution Problem (1998) 01. Solution One: Commercial Ascension [add]
02. Problem Two: Mary's Mixture [add]
03. Solution Three: Waystation 1976 [add]
04. Problem Four: Are We Going Steady? [add]
05. Solution Five: Mom Got a New Davenport [add]
06. The Problem Six: The World Begins and Ends in Your Combover [add]
07. Solution Seven: Big Lew Leaps in ! [add]
08. Problem Eight: This Is Your Ghost Train [add]
09. Solution Nine: Peach Dobler [add]
10. Problem Ten: Mom Got a New Davenport (Reprise) [add]

Body Popping, Moon Walking, Top Rocking (1999) 01. The Barstow Sizzler [add]
02. Marvin Says [add]
03. If This Is Love It Isn't [add]
04. Where Does a Stranger Go on Christmas Eve [add]
05. The Express Lane Really Isn't All That Fast [add]
06. Wishing Book [add]
07. Tang: The Astronaut's Drink of Desire [add]
08. Western Motel Girl [add]

Please Refrain From Fronting (2001) 01. Take Wes Chandler for Instance [add]
02. You and Mattel vs Me and Coleco [add]
03. Who Is Your Midwest Representation? [add]
04. November [add]
05. The Invasion Has Become [add]
06. A Waltz for the Few Remaining [add]
07. Homage Ritchie Valens [add]
08. Acknowledge the Ascot [add]
09. Koala Bear Wearing a T-Shirt With Your Corporate Logo [add]
10. Buffalo '98 [add]
11. Long Live Rock and Roll [add]

Youth Oriented (2003) 01. Youth Oriented [add]
02. Green Grass Stains on Wrangler Jeans [add]
03. The Landfall Planetarium [add]
04. Salmon Jump Suit [add]
05. Drama Section [add]
06. The Treetops of a Bad Neighbourhood [add]
07. It Will Be [add]
08. Cr?me de Menthe Quasar [add]
09. Youth Oriented [add]

The Peace Between Our Companies (2005) 01. Starchild Cranium [add]
02. Freelance Robotics [add]
03. Paulie's Quick Temper Has Gotten Him Into a Few Jams [add]
04. Let's Not Reflect [add]
05. Dojo Fantastique [add]
06. See Sun Spot Run [add]
07. Ella by Nightlight [add]
08. Go (Base 13) [add]

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