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Genre: Country
Let's Think About Livin' (1960) 01. Let's Think About Livin' [add]
02. Meet Mr Mud [add]
03. Bad Bad Day [add]
04. Every Time the World Goes Round [add]
05. Jealous Heart [add]
06. I Love You Because [add]
07. Oh Lonesome Me [add]
08. Throwin' Kisses [add]
09. Why Why Bye Bye [add]
10. Dreamy Doll [add]
11. I Love You So Much (It Hurts) [add]
12. You Win Again [add]

Livin' Lovin' Sounds (1965) 01. I Love You Because [add]
02. Oh Lonesome Me [add]
03. Hey Joe [add]
04. Bad Bad Day [add]
05. Louisiana Man [add]
06. You Win Again [add]
07. Great Snowman [add]
08. Go on Home Boy [add]
09. File [add]
10. Jealous Heart [add]
11. I Love You So Much (It Hurts) [add]
12. Let's Think About Livin' [add]

Ain't Got Time (1968) 01. Ain't Got Time to Be Unhappy [add]
02. Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) [add]
03. I Can't Remember to Forget [add]
04. Someday You'll Call My Name [add]
05. Have a Little Faith [add]
06. Memphis Tennessee [add]
07. Let's Think About Livin' [add]
08. Say It's Not You [add]
09. Happiness Is My Belief [add]
10. Almost Persuaded [add]
11. Sally Was a Good Ole Girl [add]

Come on Home (1969) 01. Come on Home (And Sing the Blues to Daddy) [add]
02. World of Unhappiness [add]
03. Big Big World [add]
04. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Better Than Today [add]
05. I Ain't Built That Way [add]
06. Woman Without Love [add]
07. I Like Trains [add]
08. I'm in This Town for Good [add]
09. Ten Years of Life [add]
10. Guitar Man [add]

Getting Back to Norna (1970) 01. Gettin' Back to Norma [add]
02. Everyday I Have to Cry Some [add]
03. Livin' in a House Full of Love [add]
04. Cleanin' Up the Streets of Memphis [add]
05. Makin' a Mountain Out of a Molehill [add]
06. Gun [add]
07. Maybelline [add]
08. Brown Eyed Handsome Man [add]
09. I'm a Lonesome Fugitive [add]
10. I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine [add]
11. Knee Deep in the Blues [add]

A Chain Dont Take to Me (1971) 01. Chain Don't Take to Me [add]
02. Geisha Girl [add]
03. Filipino Baby [add]
04. One Hundred Songs on the Jukebox [add]
05. Don't Let Love Pass You by [add]
06. Ain't Got Time to Be Unhappy [add]
07. I Got a Woman [add]
08. Fraulein [add]
09. Mexican Joe [add]
10. Good Things Stem from Rock and Roll [add]
11. There's a Big Wheel [add]

Is It Any Wonder That I Love You (1971) 01. Is It Any Wonder That I Love You [add]
02. Give Us One More Chance [add]
03. Honky Tonk Man [add]
04. You're Making It Too Hard for Me to Go [add]
05. Sorry Excuse for a Man [add]
06. Your Kind of Man [add]
07. What About the Hurt [add]
08. Freeborn Man [add]
09. Time to Remember [add]
10. Mobile Satisfaction [add]
11. Today I Started Loving You Again [add]

Lonely Women Make Good Lovers (1972) 01. Lonely Women Make Good Lovers [add]
02. I'm Gonna Write a Song [add]
03. Delta Dawn [add]
04. Love Ought to Be a Happy Thing [add]
05. Woman I Just Want to Love You More [add]
06. I'm a One Woman Man [add]
07. It Takes You [add]
08. Easy Lovin' [add]
09. Sweet Baby Jane [add]
10. Sugar Man [add]
11. Someone to Give My Love to [add]

When You Say Love (1972) 01. When You Say Love [add]
02. Woman Without Love [add]
03. Honky Tonk Man [add]
04. Have a Little Faith [add]
05. What About the Hurt [add]
06. Come on Home (And Sing the Blues to Daddy) [add]
07. Is It Any Wonder That I Love You [add]
08. Cleanin' Up the Streets of Memphis [add]
09. One Hundred Songs on the Jukebox [add]
10. Let's Think About Livin' [add]
11. Almost Persuaded [add]

Neither One of Us (1973) 01. Neither One of Us [add]
02. It Wasn't Easy [add]
03. Anything But Lonesome [add]
04. Pass Me by [add]
05. Have You Ever Said I Love You to a Lady [add]
06. Good Love Is Like a Good Song [add]
07. Because of Losing You [add]
08. Tonight Your Baby's Coming Home [add]
09. Picture of Me [add]
10. Baby Made It Good [add]
11. Uncle Sam [add]

Red Cadillac & Black Mustache (1974) 01. Red Cadillac and Black Moustache [add]
02. Closest Thing to Heaven [add]
03. Let Me Make the Bright Lights Shine for You [add]
04. Six Days on the Road [add]
05. Long Black Veil [add]
06. Mama Tried [add]
07. Bye Bye Love [add]
08. You Left the Door Wide Open [add]
09. Johnny B. Goode [add]
10. Mystery Train [add]
11. Someone to Finish What You Started [add]

A Satisfied Mind (1976) 01. Satisfied Mind [add]
02. Proud of You Baby [add]
03. Shame on Me [add]
04. Chokin' Kind [add]
05. How Do You Start Over [add]
06. Man from Bowling Green [add]
07. Snap Your Fingers [add]
08. It's Only Make Believe [add]
09. Girl in My Life [add]
10. Nothing Ever Hurt Her [add]

Alive & Well (1977) 01. I Still Miss Someone [add]
02. Big River [add]
03. Here We Are Making Love Again [add]
04. Got to Have Room to Change My Mind [add]
05. Blond Haired Woman [add]
06. Labor of Love [add]
07. Get Rhythm [add]
08. He's Got a Way With Women [add]
09. Sweet Dreams [add]
10. Hey Porter [add]

Bob Luman Rocks (1977) 01. Let's Think About Living lyrics
02. My Baby Walks All over Me [add]
03. Class of '59 [add]
04. Buttercup [add]
05. Dreamy Doll [add]
06. You Win Again [add]
07. The Great Snowman [add]
08. Meet Mister Mud [add]
09. Hey Joe [add]
10. Louisiana Man [add]
11. Fool [add]
12. Private Eye [add]
13. Why Why Bye Bye [add]
14. You've Got Everything [add]

Bob Luman (1978) 01. Pay Phone [add]
02. Jesus Was a Country Boy [add]
03. Lonely Women [add]
04. All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers [add]
05. Put 'Em All Together and I'd Have You [add]
06. Proud Lady [add]
07. Let Me Love Him Out of You [add]
08. I'm a Honky Tonk Woman's Man [add]
09. He'll Be the One [add]
10. Wicked Lovin' Ways [add]
11. Somebody's Gonna Do It Tonight [add]

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