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Highway 101 lyrics
Genre: Country
Highway 101 (1987) 01. Whiskey, If You Were a Woman [add]
02. Bridge Across Forever lyrics
03. Somewhere Tonight lyrics
04. Woman Walk the Line lyrics
05. Good Goodbye lyrics
06. Cry, Cry, Cry [add]
07. Are You Still Mine lyrics
08. One Step Closer lyrics
09. Someone Believed lyrics
10. The Bed You Made for Me [add]

Highway 101, Vol. 2 (1988) 01. Honky Tonk Heart lyrics
02. Road to Your Heart [add]
03. Feed This Fire [add]
04. Setting Me Up [add]
05. Somewhere Between Gone and Goodbye [add]
06. There Goes My Love [add]
07. Desperate Road [add]
08. All the Reasons Why [add]
09. Long Way Down [add]
10. (Do You Love Me) Just Say Yes lyrics

Paint the Town (1989) 01. I Can't Love You Baby [add]
02. If Love Had a Heart [add]
03. While You Slept Last Night [add]
04. This Side of Goodbye [add]
05. Walkin', Talkin; Cryin' Barely Beatin' Broken Heart [add]
06. I'll Paint the Town [add]
07. Rough and Tumble Heart [add]
08. Midnight Angel [add]
09. Who's Lonely Now lyrics
10. Sweet Baby James [add]

Bing Bang Boom (1991) 01. Bing Bang Boom lyrics
02. Wherever You Are [add]
03. The Blame [add]
04. Storm of Love lyrics
05. Till I Get It Right [add]
06. Restless Kind [add]
07. Honky Tonk Baby [add]
08. River of Tears [add]
09. Baby, I'm Missing You [add]
10. Desperate [add]
11. Big City Bound [add]

The New Frontier (1993) 01. You Baby You [add]
02. Home on the Range [add]
03. Tell Me More [add]
04. No Chance to Dance [add]
05. Who's Gonna Love You [add]
06. The Last Frontier [add]
07. Fastest Healin' Broken Heart [add]
08. Love Walks [add]
09. You Are What You Do [add]
10. I Wonder Where the Love Goes [add]

Reunited (1996) 01. Where'd You Get Your Cheatin' From [add]
02. The Bed You Made for Me [add]
03. Holdin' On [add]
04. Hearts on the Run [add]
05. Setting Me Up [add]
06. She Don't Have the Heart to Love You [add]
07. Texas Girl [add]
08. All the Reasons Why [add]
09. Walkin', Talkin', Cryin', Barely Beatin', Broken Heart [add]
10. I've Got Your Number lyrics
11. It Must Be Love [add]
12. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? [add]

Big Sky (2000) 01. Rhythm of Livin' [add]
02. Bigger Than Both of Us [add]
03. Easier Said Than Done [add]
04. I Wonder Where the Love Goes [add]
05. True Hard Love [add]
06. Big Sky [add]
07. Ain't That Just Like Love [add]
08. Only Thinking of You [add]
09. There Goes My Love [add]
10. Thicker Than Blood [add]
11. Long List of Obvious Reasons [add]
12. Best of All Possible Worlds [add]

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