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Genre: Country
Cheatin' Heart Attack (1995) 01. List of Reasons [add]
02. Caught [add]
03. She Needs Her Mama [add]
04. That's the Day [add]
05. Cheatin' Heart Attack [add]
06. South of Round Rock, Texas [add]
07. Tonite, All Day Long [add]
08. Nashville Rash [add]
09. Wine, Wine, Wine [add]
10. You Lie [add]
11. Tell 'Em I Ain't Here [add]
12. Holes in the Wall [add]
13. Texas Boogie [add]
14. Don't Be Angry [add]

Blessed or Damned (1996) 01. Truckin' Man [add]
02. Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint [add]
03. Blessed or Damned [add]
04. Cowboy Lloyd Cross [add]
05. A Real Country Song [add]
06. Poor Baby [add]
07. It's over Again [add]
08. Fly Away [add]
09. It's All Behind Us Now [add]
10. That's What I Like About Texas [add]
11. Everyone Knew But Me [add]
12. Sweet Jessie Brown [add]
13. Truckstop in la Grange [add]
14. Shortcut to the Streets of Gold [add]

I Hate These Songs (1997) 01. Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe [add]
02. Wine Don't Lie [add]
03. Hair of the Dog [add]
04. I Hate These Songs [add]
05. That's Pride [add]
06. I Won't Say Goodbye [add]
07. Leave Me Alone [add]
08. I Think of You [add]
09. Take a Look at Your Neighbor [add]
10. Life Is Messy [add]
11. Ball and Chain [add]
12. Count on You [add]
13. Pity Party [add]
14. Hey Driver [add]

The Truckin' Sessions (1998) 01. Good Luck 'N' Good Truckin' Tonite [add]
02. Big Wheels Keep Rollin' [add]
03. Heaven in Baltimore [add]
04. Have You Got It On [add]
05. Makin' Up Time [add]
06. Flat Tire [add]
07. Drag Along & Tag Along [add]
08. Exit 109 [add]
09. Help Me Joe [add]
10. ...Loose Nut Behind the Wheel [add]
11. You've Got a Long Way to Go [add]
12. Longhorn Suburban [add]
13. I'm Fixin' to Have Me a Breakdown [add]
14. I Gotta Get Home to My Baby [add]

People I've Known, Places I've Been (1999) 01. Louie's Lee's Liquor Lounge [add]
02. Charlie Our Shoeshine Man [add]
03. Blue Our Old Cell Block Guard [add]
04. Hey Don (Support My Favourite Beertender) [add]
05. Lefty (Chavis County Jail) [add]
06. Rattlesnake Train [add]
07. Luther [add]
08. Johnny at the Door [add]
09. England to Texas [add]
10. Whatever Happened to Sam [add]
11. That Man in the Lloyd Cross Crease [add]
12. Roadtrain [add]

Every Song I Write Is for You (2001) 01. Every Song I Write Is for You [add]
02. You're the Best Part of Me [add]
03. I'd Deal With the Devil [add]
04. One More for Her [add]
05. I See Your Face in Every Face I See [add]
06. If I Knew Then What I Know Now [add]
07. Your Love I'm Gonna Miss [add]
08. Money Can't Buy Her Love [add]
09. I See My Future [add]
10. Our First Times and Our Last Times [add]
11. Hey Chico [add]
12. Angel in My Dreams [add]
13. I Can't Let You Go [add]
14. These Things We'll Never Do [add]

Christmas in Texas (2001) 01. Honky Tonk Christmas [add]
02. Christmas Love [add]
03. Christmas Time in Texas [add]
04. Santa Bring Her Back [add]
05. Christmas Without an Angel [add]
06. Christmas With You [add]
07. The Christmas Song [add]
08. Hot Texas Christmas Day [add]
09. Santa and My Semi [add]
10. Christmas in Vegas [add]
11. Silver Bells [add]
12. You Can Call Me Nick [add]

Live in London, England (2002) 01. Intro [add]
02. Real Country Song [add]
03. Can't Be Satisfied [add]
04. Ain't That Livin' [add]
05. In the Jailhouse Now [add]
06. Mama's Hungry Eyes [add]
07. Another Day, Another Dollar [add]
08. Legends (What If..) [add]
09. Bright Lights and Blonde Haired Women [add]
10. Heart of Stone [add]
11. Nashville Rash [add]
12. Lee's Liquor Lounge [add]
13. I Hate These Songs [add]
14. Turn Off the Jukebox [add]
15. You Are My Friend [add]
16. How to Break Your Own Heart [add]
17. Country My Ass [add]
18. I Got Stripes [add]
19. A Couple of Beers Ago [add]
20. No Fussin', No Cussin' [add]
21. Closing/Call It a Night [add]

One More, Once More (2003) 01. Once More [add]
02. You Win Again [add]
03. You've Got Me Now [add]
04. Do You [add]
05. So Glad You're Mine [add]
06. Cupid [add]
07. 6 Days [add]
08. Monterrey [add]
09. San Antone [add]
10. Deep in the Heart [add]
11. Wagon [add]
12. Danced All Night [add]

Dreamland (2004) 01. Honky Tonkers Don't Cry [add]
02. Ain't a Cow in Texas [add]
03. Love at First Sight [add]
04. I Wish You'd Come Around [add]
05. California Wine [add]
06. Never Ever [add]
07. Dreamland [add]
08. Fox on the Run [add]
09. Way Down Texas Way [add]
10. She Don't Care [add]
11. I Don't Rock No Cradle [add]
12. Pretty Girls [add]

Whiskey or God (2006) 01. Sit and Drink and Cry [add]
02. Whiskey or God [add]
03. I Don't Feel Too Lucky Today [add]
04. No Help Wanted [add]
05. My Heart Is Yours [add]
06. It Hurts So Good [add]
07. Truckin' Queen (I Got My Nightgown On.....) [add]
08. Darlin' Look at Me Now [add]
09. I Wish I Was Crazy Again [add]
10. I Ain't Been Right, Since I've Been Left [add]
11. Tequila and Teardrosp [add]
12. 38..21..34 [add]
13. Outta Luck [add]
14. Heeah!! [add]

Live at Newland, NL (Remixed) (2006) 01. Honky Tonkers [add]
02. Making Up Time [add]
03. You Pour Salt in the Wounds [add]
04. Heaahh!!! [add]
05. I'm Wondering [add]
06. Luther [add]
07. Whiskey or God [add]
08. 38-21-34 [add]
09. Made in Japan [add]
10. Wine Wine Wine [add]
11. Yellow Mama [add]
12. I Think of You [add]
13. Exit 109 [add]
14. I See Your Face [add]
15. Gone, Gone, Away, Pretty Girls Never Stay [add]
16. Tequila and Teardrops [add]
17. I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am [add]
18. Hair of the Dog [add]
19. South of Round Rock Texas [add]
20. No Help Wanted [add]
21. A Real Country Song (Mr. DJ) [add]
22. I Ain't Been Right [add]
23. Way Down Texas Way [add]
24. My Heart Is Yours [add]
25. Nashville Rash [add]

The Little Darlin' Sessions (2007) 01. Touch My Heart [add]
02. Down on the Corner (At a Bar Called Kelly's) [add]
03. Jukebox Charlie [add]
04. Big Town Baby [add]
05. Lovin' Machine [add]
06. If I'm Gonna Sink [add]
07. I Don't Need a Bottle [add]
08. Apartment #9 [add]
09. I Never Had the One That I Wanted [add]
10. Everything You Touch Turns to Hurt [add]
11. The Pint of No Return [add]
12. He Thought He'd Die Laughing [add]
13. Memory Crossing [add]
14. Late and Great Me [add]
15. Wherever You Are [add]

From the Cradle to the Grave (2007) 01. Justice for All [add]
02. It's Not Over Now [add]
03. Time Without You [add]
04. Hollywood Hillbilly [add]
05. You Always Get What You Always Got [add]
06. From the Cradle to the Grave [add]
07. Why Oh Why Live a Lie [add]
08. Yellow Mama [add]
09. Tomorrow Never Comes [add]
10. Runaway Train [add]

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