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Genre: Blues
Cold Is the Night (1986) 01. Cold Is the Night [add]
02. Ten More Shows to Play lyrics
03. Moanin' News lyrics
04. One Woman [add]
05. I Need Someone [add]
06. Brother, Go Ahead and Take Her [add]
07. Fuss and Fight [add]
08. Gettin' Even [add]
09. Ridin' High [add]
10. Don't Play Games [add]

The Gift (1988) 01. One Time Around [add]
02. Thin Line [add]
03. 747 [add]
04. The Gift [add]
05. What About You [add]
06. Shade Tree Mechanic lyrics
07. 1/4 to 3 [add]
08. Mama Didn't Raise No Fool [add]
09. Everybody's Had the Blues [add]
10. Main Goal [add]

Blue Soul (1989) 01. Prove Your Love [add]
02. Ain't Nothin' Goin' On [add]
03. T.L.C. [add]
04. Personal Baby [add]
05. Since You've Been Gone [add]
06. Alligator [add]
07. Dead Sea [add]
08. City of Angels [add]
09. I'll Get to Heaven on My Own [add]

Live at Slim's, Vol. 1 (1991) 01. I Didn't Know [add]
02. Moanin' News lyrics
03. Don't Play Games [add]
04. Don't Mess up a Good Thing [add]
05. Ridin' High [add]
06. Fuss and Fight [add]
07. One Time Around [add]
08. Don't Know Why [add]
09. Bit by Bit (Little by Little) [add]
10. Hot Tamale Baby [add]

Live at Slim's, Vol. 2 (1992) 01. Don't Know You [add]
02. Thin Line [add]
03. One Woman [add]
04. Blue Guitar [add]
05. Shade Tree Mechanic lyrics
06. 747 [add]
07. Just a Little Bit [add]
08. Brother, Go Ahead and Take Her [add]
09. Love at First Sight [add]

Blues Survivor (1993) 01. Help Yourself [add]
02. Shake for Me [add]
03. My Dignity [add]
04. Young Girl's Eyes [add]
05. Part of Me [add]
06. Bad Thing [add]
07. You Just Don't Know [add]
08. Put You Down, Baby [add]
09. Blues Survivor lyrics
10. Rainy Nights [add]
11. Workin' Blues [add]

JLW (1994) 01. I Can't Get You off My Mind [add]
02. I Need Your Lovin' Every Day [add]
03. Rain on My Mind [add]
04. Inner City Man [add]
05. On That Powerline [add]
06. Hold On [add]
07. 12-Step Lovin' [add]
08. Alone [add]
09. Got to Find My Baby [add]
10. Lost the Will to Love Me [add]
11. Going to Canada [add]

Blues of the Month Club (1995) 01. Blues of the Month Club [add]
02. You've Got to Lose [add]
03. Lost Heart [add]
04. Bluesifyin' [add]
05. Hidden Feelings [add]
06. Play'em Where They Lay [add]
07. Get It Right [add]
08. I'm Not Comin' Over [add]
09. Second Street [add]
10. Your Lyin' Eyes [add]
11. Street People [add]

Great Guitars (1997) 01. Low Down Dirty Blues [add]
02. First Degree [add]
03. Mile-Hi Club [add]
04. Fix Our Love [add]
05. Every Girl I See [add]
06. Cold and Evil Night [add]
07. Hop on It [add]
08. Nighttime [add]
09. Sugar [add]
10. In God's Hands [add]
11. High Blood Pressure [add]

Preacher & The President (1998) 01. Preacher and the President [add]
02. Yveline [add]
03. Repay My Love [add]
04. I'm Not Messin' Around [add]
05. Y&T [add]
06. Lyin' in the Name of Love [add]
07. Pride of a Fool [add]
08. Uhh! [add]
09. Tell the Truth [add]
10. My Real Fantasy [add]

Silvertone Blues (1999) 01. Runnin' from the Devil [add]
02. Kenny's Barrelhouse [add]
03. Change My Ways [add]
04. Do the Walkin' [add]
05. Trouble on Wheels [add]
06. Letting Go [add]
07. Talk to Me [add]
08. Silvertone Blues [add]
09. Born in Mississippi [add]
10. Crying Won't Help You [add]
11. It's You Baby [add]
12. Bad Luck Blues [add]

Guitar Brothers (2002) 01. Snake Bit [add]
02. Imitation Ice Cream Blues [add]
03. I Like It This Way [add]
04. Better Off Alone [add]
05. Friends [add]
06. I'm Getting Drunk [add]
07. Rude Women [add]
08. Regal Blues [add]
09. Bliss Street Blues [add]
10. I'm Gonna Love You [add]

In the Morning (2002) 01. You're Just About to Lose Your Clown [add]
02. In the Morning [add]
03. Joe's Jump [add]
04. Leave That Girl [add]
05. Where Jesus Leads [add]
06. Strange Loving [add]
07. Do You Wanna Be With Me? [add]
08. If This Is Love (I'd Rather Have the Blues) [add]
09. 2120 South Michigan Avenue [add]
10. Strangers in Our House [add]

Pasa Tiempo (2002) 01. Sweet Thing [add]
02. Direct Me [add]
03. Barcelona [add]
04. I've Got Your Love [add]
05. It Hurts Me Too [add]
06. Love Like Blood [add]
07. Pasa Tiempo [add]
08. You Get What You Give [add]
09. You Can't Sit Down [add]

She's My Money Maker (2003) 01. Slow Down GTO [add]
02. Poor Man Blues [add]
03. Ghetto Life [add]
04. Borrowed Time [add]
05. No Easy Kind of Loving [add]
06. Slide Her Up and Down [add]
07. Born in Chicago [add]
08. My Judgement Day [add]
09. Hookers Blues [add]
10. Eight Years of Lovin' [add]

New Direction (2004) 01. Do You Love Me? [add]
02. Custom Car, Gibson Guitars [add]
03. Messed My Mind Up [add]
04. New Direction [add]
05. You Don't Love Me Girl [add]
06. Tempting Me [add]
07. Soldier for Jesus [add]
08. Mr. G's Boogie [add]
09. Ain't That Cold [add]
10. Lena [add]

Playin' Dirty (2006) 01. Nobody Wanta to Know Ya [add]
02. Barefoot Rock [add]
03. I Got Loaded [add]
04. Poor Man Plead [add]
05. Woman Was Made to Be Loved [add]
06. Pickin' the Blues [add]
07. Ain't It Nice to Be Loved [add]
08. Juicy Fruit [add]
09. Ready and Able [add]
10. From the Projects to Paris [add]

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