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DJ DMD lyrics
Genre: Rap
Eleven (1997) 01. Intro [add]
02. Holdin' Fire [add]
03. So Real lyrics
04. Candy [add]
05. Time Served [add]
06. Raise the Sky [add]
07. Ghetto Gold [add]
08. Hope Ya Got the Kite I Sent [add]
09. Lagalize and Advertize [add]
10. All These Niggaz Crazy [add]
11. What's up Now? [add]
12. Homicide [add]
13. Candy [The Introducing Percey Mack Mix] [add]
14. So Real [The Screwed up Click Mix] [add]
15. Words from the Producer [add]

Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide (1998) 01. Intro [add]
02. Tha Trill Connection [add]
03. Shinin' [add]
04. Makin' Moves [add]
05. Epitaph [add]
06. Land, Ines [add]
07. Out There on That Corner [add]
08. It's the B.U.D. [add]
09. Lighters [add]
10. 'Til the Casket's Closed [add]
11. Boonie Loc Off the Dome (Freestyle) [add]
12. When You Come Home [add]
13. Go Back Home [add]
14. Outro (Words from the Producer) [add]
15. Outro (Words from the Producer) [add]

Thirty-Three: Live from Hiroshima (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. P.A.T. (Welcome to the Land Of the Trill) [add]
03. That Dough [add]
04. Grindin' [add]
05. A Talk With Ashley [add]
06. Mr. 25/8 [add]
07. Ain't No Trippin [add]
08. Hard in Tha Paint [add]
09. Let a Playa Come Thru [So Real 2000] [add]
10. Keep the Real Ones by Your Side [add]
11. Second Side Intro [add]
12. Snitch Snatchaz [add]
13. The Trill Connection II [Breakin Ni**az Off] [add]
14. 4 in the Morning (Skit) [add]
15. Bang, Ball, Sawng, Crawl [add]
16. I'm a Pimp [add]
17. Q to Tha B (A Lyrical Desperado) [add]
18. Hard in Tha Paint [the Trunk Banger's Remix] [add]
19. Suga B and QB [add]

Forty-Four: 3rd Coast (2002) 01. 25 Lighters lyrics
02. The Trill Connection [add]
03. So Real [the Screwed Up Clique Mix] [add]
04. Go Back Home [add]
05. Mr. 25/8 [add]
06. Boonie Locc of the Dome [add]
07. Hard in Tha Paint [add]
08. Let a Playa Come Thru [add]
09. Candy [the Percy Mack Mix] [add]
10. 25 Mo [add]
11. Tamika [add]
12. Keep Tha Party Goin [add]

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