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Dakota Suite lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Navigators Yard (1999) 01. Before the Bitter Wind [add]
02. A History of Silence [add]
03. Elegy for a Funeral [Entrence] [add]
04. Adam [add]
05. Dhow [add]
06. Inconsequential [add]
07. But a Poor Reflection I [add]
08. When I Think of Myself Dead [add]
09. I Am Losing You [add]
10. The Chines [add]
11. Cancer and You (1987-) [add]
12. Wave of Sorrow [add]
13. This Man [add]
14. Unfolding [add]
15. But a Poor Reflection II [add]
16. One Year [add]
17. Elegy for a Funeral (Departure) [add]

Signal Hill (2000) 01. The Cost of Living [add]
02. Close Enough to Tears [add]
03. Clean Linen Sheets [add]
04. Signal Hill [add]
05. A View of the Sea [add]
06. Riverside [add]
07. Raining Somewhere [add]
08. Morning Heavy [add]
09. I Turned Away So That I Might Not See [add]
10. When Skies Are Grey [add]

Morning Lake Forever (2001) 01. Chapel Rain [add]
02. Turk 1 [add]
03. Your Vigour for Life Appals Me, Pt. 1 [add]
04. The Streets Were All I Saw [add]
05. Lesseps [add]
06. Because I Could Not Wait for Death [add]
07. About When We Met [add]

Songs for a Barbed Wire Fence (2001) 01. Wintersong [add]
02. Crippled World [add]
03. Harley Reeves [add]
04. One for the Shoe Shine Man [add]
05. Divided [add]
06. Ornamental [add]
07. Leaving Home [add]
08. Johannasong [add]
09. Over [add]
10. Everything Is Wrong [add]
11. December 8th 1980 [add]
12. I Can Feel Your Disease [add]
13. The Last Thing She Wanted [add]
14. Loss [add]

Alone With Everybody (2001) 01. The Things We Carry [Home Demo] [add]
02. Mood Indigo [add]
03. Episode [add]
04. Autobiography [add]
05. Divided [Che Single] [add]
06. Somewhere [add]
07. Just Like Jesus [add]
08. Wintersong [add]
09. News from Nowhere [add]
10. The World I Breathe (For Johanna) [add]
11. Blue 7 [add]
12. To Have Wondered (1943-1996) [add]
13. Colder [add]
14. Just Like Jesus [Alternate Version] [add]
15. Radiosong [Home Demo] [add]

The Way I Am Sick (2002) 01. The Way I Am Sick [add]
02. My Awakening [add]
03. Falling Apart I [add]
04. The Emptied Ocean [add]
05. Just Below the Surface [add]
06. Lesseps (For Strings) [add]
07. Before She Was on Her Own [add]
08. Black River Falls [add]
09. Falling Apart II [add]
10. Your Vigour for Life Appals Me, Pt. 1 [instrumental] [add]
11. One for the Shoeshine Man [instrumental] [add]
12. Loss [instrumental] [add]
13. About When We Met [instrumental] [add]
14. Lesseps [instrumental] [add]
15. To Have Wondered (1943-1996) [instrumental] [add]
16. December 8th 1980 [instrumental] [add]
17. Episode [instrumental] [add]
18. I Turned Away So That I Might Not See [instrumental] [add]
19. Bereavement and Loss [instrumental] [add]

This River Only Brings Poison (2003) 01. The Lepers Companion [add]
02. Boats in a Sunken Ocean [add]
03. The Finished River [add]
04. Lets Share Wounds [add]
05. Verdriet [add]
06. Sand Fools the Shoreline [add]
07. Lets Be on Our Own [add]
08. The Ferris Wheel of Winter [add]
09. We Made It Rain [add]
10. How Safe We Must Seem [add]
11. Pillows in the Water [add]
12. Matching Eyes and Hands [add]
13. That Space Around Your Sleeping [add]
14. Space Around Your Sleeping [add]

Waiting for the Dawn to Crawl Through (2007) 01. Never Much to Say [add]
02. A Darkness of Moons [add]
03. Uw Wanhopige Vrees [add]
04. Because Our Lie Breathes Differently [add]
05. I Don't Understand Your Medicine [add]
06. Early Century Maple [add]
07. All Your Hopes Gone Cold [add]
08. I'm Leaving You [add]
09. Over a Loveless Winter [add]
10. Brittle with Sorrow [add]
11. All That I Can Hold Near [add]

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