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Peter Alsop lyrics
Genre: Folk
Pluggin' Away (0000) 01. If I Was in Charge [add]
02. I Can If I Wanna [add]
03. Costume Party [add]
04. Hyperactive [add]
05. No One's Normal [add]
06. Heal the Bay [add]
07. That's My Thang! [add]
08. Safari into My Sister's Nose [add]
09. Gotta Lotta Livin' to Do [add]
10. What If? [add]
11. Under the Rainbow [add]
12. New Games [add]
13. High Standards [add]
14. Pluggin' Away [add]

Stayin' Over (0000) 01. Stayin' Over [add]
02. Bigger, Bigger, Bigger [add]
03. I Wanna Try It [add]
04. Dear Mr. President [add]
05. Us Kids Brush Our Teeth [add]
06. If You Love a Hippopotamus [add]
07. You're Okay! [add]
08. I Cried [add]
09. Juice [add]
10. No Excuse T'Use Booze [add]
11. Aaargh! [add]
12. Rachel and the Moon [add]
13. Where Will I Go? [add]
14. Go to Sleep You Little Creep [add]

Take Me with You (0000) 01. Take Me With You! [add]
02. Irish Seatbelt Jig [add]
03. Let's Go! [add]
04. Gnarly Dude [add]
05. Hey Ev'rybody! [add]
06. It's No Fun When Ya Gotta Eat an Onion [add]
07. Animal Crackers [add]
08. Chickens for Peace [add]
09. Let 'Em Laugh [add]
10. Little Cookie [add]
11. Letter to Mr. Brown [add]
12. He Eats Asparagus, Why Can't You Be That Way? [add]
13. Logical [add]
14. Kid's Peace Song [add]

Wha'd'ya Wanna Do? (0000) 01. Bored, Bored, Bored [add]
02. Wha'd'ya Wanna Do? [add]
03. I Wanna Be a Dog [add]
04. Charlie Douglas [add]
05. Slap Hands [add]
06. Sandwiches [add]
07. My Brother Threw Up on My Stuffed Toy Bunny [add]
08. Yecch! [add]
09. I Am a Pizza [add]
10. No One Knows for Sure [add]
11. Don't Trick Your Dad! [add]
12. Be Gentle, Robin! [add]
13. My Body [add]
14. You Get a Little Extra When You Watch TV [add]

Asleep at the Helm (1973) 01. Asleep at the Helm [add]
02. Doin' It for You [add]
03. Good Time [add]
04. You Make Me Stand in the Corner [add]
05. Ghosts [add]
06. Let the Woman in You Come Through [add]
07. When You Ask Me First [add]
08. One Abut the Bird in the Cage [add]
09. Young Woman Disco [add]
10. Lists [add]

Chris Moose Holidays (1994) 01. Chris Moose [add]
02. Little Tree [add]
03. The Gift [add]
04. Daddy's Roll (Is Outta Control) [add]
05. Christmas Cheer [add]
06. Buy Me Something! [add]
07. When Jesus Was a Kid [add]
08. The Night Before Hanukkah [add]
09. G-Gee, It's Warm Out Here [add]
10. I Believe You [add]
11. The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa & God [add]
12. Pass It On! [add]
13. Clean Out the Attic [add]
14. Earthsong [add]

Songs on Recovery & Addiction (1997) 01. Clean Out the Attic [add]
02. My Little Clock [add]
03. What If? [add]
04. Snake Dance [add]
05. Animal Crackers [add]
06. Strength [add]
07. No One's Normal [add]
08. Juice [add]
09. I Can If I Wanna [add]
10. You're Okay [add]
11. Take a Step [add]
12. I Believe You [add]
13. Let 'Em Laugh [add]
14. Peter (Comments on the Songs) [add]
15. When One Is Too Many [add]
16. No Excuse T'Use Booze [add]
17. Christmas Cheer [add]
18. Stuck on You [add]
19. The Gift [add]
20. Hyperactive [add]
21. Daddy's Roll [add]
22. Uniforms [add]
23. Buy Me Something! [add]
24. You Get a Little Extra When You Watch TV [add]
25. Logical [add]
26. If I Was in Charge [add]
27. Aaargh! [add]
28. Peter (Comments on the Songs) [add]

Songs on Sex & Sexuality (1997) 01. Baby Needs a Parent [add]
02. It's Only a Wee-Wee So What's the Big Deal? [add]
03. Let the Woman in You Come Through [add]
04. Buddies [add]
05. Hopelessly Heterosexual [add]
06. My Secret [add]
07. Country & Western Transylvania Love Song [add]
08. Doin' It for You [add]
09. I Hope You Understand Dear [add]
10. Man Oh Man I Can [add]
11. Lists [add]
12. When You Ask Me First [add]
13. Dr. Peter Alsop's Comments on 1 - 12 [add]
14. Good Time [add]
15. It's My Penis [add]
16. Don't Put Your Hand in My Pants, Just Cause We're in Love [add]
17. Look at the Ceiling [add]
18. Love Is the Only Medicine [add]
19. My Body [add]
20. Letter to Mr. Brown [add]
21. Back Up! [add]
22. Strangers [add]
23. Let's Trade Butts [add]
24. Give Yourself a Hand [add]
25. My Father's Top Drawer [add]
26. Dr. Peter Alsop's Comments on 14 - 25 [add]

Did You Walk? (2001) 01. Stretch the Leader [add]
02. Did You Walk? [add]
03. Did You Walk Two? [add]
04. Giggles Samba [add]
05. Affirmation Alphabet [add]
06. Did You Walk Three? [add]
07. After the Rain [add]
08. The Prize [add]
09. My Body Runs [add]

Uh-Oh! (2002) 01. Fifi the Age Fairy [add]
02. Hello! [add]
03. Uh-Oh! [add]
04. My Gums Grow Teeth [add]
05. Rabbit on My Shoulder [add]
06. Conejito en Mi Hombro [add]
07. Wiggle [add]
08. Spin Around [add]
09. Au Revoir [add]
10. I Need a Hug [add]
11. Apple Juice [add]
12. Never Speak With Your Mouth Full [add]
13. Peter's ABC's [add]
14. Twinkle-Baa-Itsy [add]
15. Itsy Spider [add]
16. Pat Your Daddy on the Knee [add]
17. Little Kid [add]
18. Me! [add]
19. Poop Goes the Weasel [add]
20. Count Your Blessings [add]
21. My Dad's a Jungle Gym [add]
22. Family of Friends [add]

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