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Pimpsta lyrics
Genre: Rap
Lay Off That Wada (1996) 01. Lay off That Wada [add]
02. Where the Ballas At [add]
03. I Don't Know Nuzin' [add]
04. Dope Slanguz [add]
05. U Kin to a Dope Fiend [add]
06. I Feel Like Going On [add]
07. Dickies and Houseshoes [add]

South Side Soldiers (1997) 01. Tesas Playas Ride Out [add]
02. Ransom Note [add]
03. Seven Signs [add]
04. Comin Up [add]
05. Professional Crack Slanga [add]
06. United We Stand [add]
07. Knockin' on Heaven's Door [add]
08. Coward Hearted [add]
09. Lord Can You Help Us [add]
10. South Side Soldiers [add]
11. You Say Yall G's [add]
12. Dis Is 4 My Niggas N da Lacs [add]
13. Making Profit [add]
14. When the Club Close [add]
15. Rollin' on Them Thangs [Screwed Out] [add]

Smokin Big (1998) 01. Texas Is My Casa [add]
02. F U Commin' Come On [add]
03. Chicken Heads [add]
04. Mak' Em Scatta [add]
05. Smokin' Big [add]
06. Screwed in the South [add]
07. Takin' It Easy Like Sunday Mornin' [add]
08. Do You Know Where Your Girl At? [add]
09. You's a Hoe [add]
10. Your Mama's House [add]
11. A Star Is Borne in the South [add]
12. G's in Heaven [add]
13. My Flick [add]
14. Lay Off That Wada [mix] [add]
15. Slanging Wide [*] [add]

The Pimpsta & The Gangsta (1999) 01. The Pimpsta & the Gangsta [add]
02. What U On [add]
03. French Tickler [add]
04. The Mack Is Back [add]
05. Breakin a Bitch [add]
06. Pimp Symphony [add]
07. City to City [add]
08. What's Happin' [add]
09. How Many Ways [add]
10. Playboy [add]
11. Niggas Need Money Too! [add]
12. 2007 [add]

Dickies and Houseshoes 2000 (2000) 01. Un Hun Pimpsta [add]
02. Sum of This Sum of That Pimpsta [add]
03. Voto Loco 4ever [add]
04. Nigaaz and Cars [add]
05. McDonald Drive Through [add]
06. Struggleville [add]
07. Dickies and Houseshoes [add]
08. Smokin Bobby BRN & Al GRN [add]
09. Dick* Down Get Together [add]
10. How Many Records Have You Sold [add]
11. Glitter Glitter [add]
12. If You Get Locked Up [add]
13. Bought Me a Mask [add]
14. Who the Realist [add]
15. We Some Huslas [add]
16. What Ya Hating On [add]

Country B-4 Country Was Cool (2002) 01. Intro [add]
02. Don't F**k Wit My Kinfolk [add]
03. Chillin' on It [add]
04. Sum of Ya Fake, Sum of Ya Real [add]
05. It's Like That [add]
06. Awol Black [add]
07. Ya Hoes Don't Know Me [add]
08. Hater Face [add]
09. I Want a Lac Like That [add]
10. County B4 Country Was Cool [add]
11. She Sucks Good D**K [add]
12. Wish Master [add]
13. Out Tha Trunk [add]
14. Go Ask Ya Hoe [add]
15. Got Them Fools Faded [add]
16. Throw Up Ya Block [add]
17. Them Laws Think I'm Selling Dope [add]

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