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First Degree the D.E. lyrics
Genre: Rap
Southbound (1995) 01. South Bound [add]
02. They Out to Bump Me [add]
03. Swallow It [add]
04. 22, 380 & A Pump [add]
05. Striddnapped [add]
06. So Capable [add]
07. Fahrenheit [add]
08. G Lics [add]
09. Dominos [add]
10. I Got the Zag [add]
11. Creepin & Peepin [add]
12. Up in Ya Grill [add]

Planet Zero (1999) 01. Off to Planet Zero [add]
02. Outer Limits [add]
03. Blackula [add]
04. Oh Me, Oh My [add]
05. Aint on My Agenda [add]
06. Time [add]
07. You Ain't Fuck Wit My Time [add]
08. 250 [add]
09. Money on My Books [add]
10. Weapons of War [add]
11. Planet Zero [add]
12. Simon [add]
13. Partime [add]
14. About You [add]
15. Gunfu [add]

Damn That D.E.! (2000) 01. No Prepare [add]
02. Damn That D.E.! [add]
03. Wrong Time [add]
04. The Hammer [add]
05. Don't Be My Pleasure [add]
06. Episode I [add]
07. Open Wide [add]
08. There That Man [add]
09. War on J (On to Rizal) [add]
10. Bad Bitti [add]
11. Episode II [add]
12. Swamp Underbelly [add]
13. Outlaw [add]
14. Expo [add]
15. Link the Chain [add]

The Big Black Bat (2002) 01. Arrival [add]
02. Watchin' My Life Go [add]
03. Crackufunction [add]
04. The Jabberwalky [add]
05. Sunz of Fahrenheit [add]
06. Phsycotic Woman [add]
07. Eddie D Was Right [add]
08. Fahrenheit What They Bang, Though [add]
09. I Am Not Welcome Here [add]
10. Hot Baf and a Minty One ( on the Run) [add]
11. Prelude [add]
12. Unforgiven [add]
13. Watchin' for the Rollas [add]
14. The Bully Car [add]

Fu2 (2003) 01. Surrender Your Mind [add]
02. I [add]
03. Sweetz [add]
04. Grind All Nite [add]
05. Gangsta Fairwell [add]
06. Forbidden Unfullfilling Rollercoaster [live] [add]
07. Medicine [add]
08. Mary Jane [add]
09. Hustlin' Humans [add]
10. P.A.B. [add]
11. Sacramento Chainz [add]
12. Breakout! [add]
13. Forbidden Unfullfilling Rollercoaster [live] [add]
14. Matrixx [add]
15. Go Home, Tyronne [add]

Before There Was Fahrenheit (2003) 01. No Shame in My Game [add]
02. Dr. Dulow [add]
03. Up in Ya Grill [Original Version] [add]
04. Gold Shoes [add]
05. You Can't Handle the Format [add]
06. Murder Walk [add]
07. I Need a New Bitch [add]
08. They Call Me the D.E. [add]
09. They Out to Bump Me [add]
10. Murder in the First Degree [add]
11. I Manifest Every Word [add]
12. 9 - 5 [add]
13. That Fahrenheit [add]
14. Creepisode [add]
15. Critical [add]
16. Ya Best Believe [add]
17. Stridnapped [Original Version] [add]
18. Dirt Doa [add]
19. Quick Ta Rip Shit [add]
20. You Know Where Its At [add]
21. The Pack Is Back [add]
22. Still Hold My Ground [add]
23. Stuck on Sprung [add]
24. I'm Ruthless [add]
25. I Gives a F*#$ [add]
26. Gangsta Babble [add]
27. Nonchalauntly [add]

Look Me in My Face, Though! (2004) 01. Look Me in My Face, Though! [add]
02. The Shlang Cometh [add]
03. Gangsta Shlida [add]
04. Champion! [add]
05. Mr. Pops [add]
06. You Picked the Wrong Day to Piss Me Off! [add]
07. I Am Eddie D. [add]
08. Neba Far Away [add]
09. You Want Me? [add]
10. Entrepreneur's Nightmare [add]
11. Showtime [add]
12. Lone Strangerq [add]
13. White Girls on Drugs (Interlude) [add]
14. White Girls on Drugs [add]
15. Fahrenheit Shnippets (Be Gee, Lillia d'Mone, M Sane, & Fahrenheit ...) [add]
16. Dead Man Walking [Fahrenheit Remix] [add]

Fahrenheit Instramania Level B: Journey of the Unwilling (2005) 01. Edie's Song [live] [add]
02. Journey of the Unwilling [add]
03. The Sun [live] [add]
04. Fright Waltz [live] [add]
05. I Command You to Shlump [add]
06. Confounded Revolation [add]
07. Reloaded [add]
08. Numbers [add]
09. You Still Can't Talk to Women? [add]
10. Nebula [add]
11. Lake in a Cave [live] [add]
12. The Last Stand [live] [add]

Gang War: Sactown Bloods vs. Sactown Crips (2005) 01. Sacramento Bang [add]
02. For the Crips Only [add]
03. Gang Activity [add]
04. Big Blue Wreckin Crew [add]
05. Crip Steppin [add]
06. Heart Pump Blue [add]
07. 06 Gang Banger [add]
08. Blood Walk [add]
09. Gangstas in Red & Black [add]
10. Blood Jack [add]
11. The Anthem [add]
12. My Home [add]
13. Me & My Bloosing [add]
14. Sactown Gang Bang [add]

Street Monster: The Rise and Fall of First Degree the D.E. (2006) 01. Kamakaze [add]
02. You've Gone and Did It [add]
03. We Are Everyone [add]
04. Underdog [add]
05. Dark and Angry [add]
06. Nekid Pictures on the Interne [add]
07. I Don't Wanna Kill Younglings [add]
08. Underground Power [add]
09. Street Monster [add]
10. That's Why I Hate You [add]
11. Dance Wif Me [add]
12. Devil Caller [add]
13. The Next [add]
14. Gansta Black Wif My Eddie D Hat [add]
15. My Legacy [add]

FU3: The Dark Assembly (2006) 01. The Dark Assembly [add]
02. Nightman [add]
03. Jungle Fit! [add]
04. Ain't Dat Hard [add]
05. I Break the Law Everyday [add]
06. To Be Someone [add]
07. All the Way Home [add]
08. Gangsta Agenda [add]
09. Underbelly Mengy Society [add]
10. May I Celebrate You? [add]
11. West Coast Lullabye [add]
12. Back to Da Streets Again [add]
13. Ghetto Side Go Gettah [add]
14. Move Til You Ruun Outta Breath [add]
15. Darkest of Lecture [add]

Once There Was Fahrenheit (2007) 01. Don't Be My Pleasure [add]
02. Base on I'm Rilla [add]
03. Can't Close My Eyes [add]
04. You Ain't F*#@ Wit My Time [add]
05. That's Why They Die [add]
06. There That Man [add]
07. Weapons of War [add]
08. Manipulate the Women [add]
09. Redemption [add]
10. Time [add]
11. Game for Free [add]
12. Blackula [add]
13. Up for Grabs [add]
14. The Hammer [add]
15. Oh Me, Oh My [add]

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