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Dan Deacon lyrics
Genre: Rock
Goose on the Loose (0000) 01. Goose Gets Gone Goin' Hegemie Bound [add]
02. All Wet and No Boner [add]
03. I'm 100% F.U.N. [add]
04. Me and the Girls Are Gettin Foiled! [add]
05. Skybomb Conklin House [add]
06. Laser/Lazer [add]
07. Whammy Daddy [add]
08. Lizard in Skynard [add]
09. Cowboys and Cobras [add]
10. Pigs, Mice, Sharks, Cards, Everything [add]
11. Hangin' Out [add]
12. People Are Awesome These Days [add]
13. Real Relax Time for Mother [add]
14. Breaking the Ice [add]

Live Recordings 2003 (0000) 01. Song for Dina [add]
02. 6 from 1 Through 20 [add]
03. Pizza Horse [add]
04. 56 from 36 Through 70 [add]
05. Piggled [add]
06. Too Many Niggas Not Nuff Hoes [add]
07. Sorry Brian Wilson [Old Version] [add]
08. This Crazy Mouse Won't Leave Me Alone [add]
09. Goose on the Loose Version July 17th [add]
10. George Washing Hands [Original Version] [add]

Meetle Mice (0000) 01. Bji Aii Hmhp #14 [add]
02. Never Do That (Mars) [add]
03. Biggle Hat Was Ice Cream Time (Card Shark Nose Nose) [live] [add]
04. 30 (From 21 Through 35) [live] [add]
05. Electronics With Clarinet and Bari Sax [add]
06. Song for Dina [add]
07. My Own Face Is F Word [add]
08. Drinking Out of Cups [add]
09. sdahgsfdgh3frgha3wffhjdvbjs4uh [add]
10. The Adventures of Mr Bumbershine Featuring Doctor Witherbean [add]
11. That's a Nice Shirt (Dad) [add]
12. Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 24162-2 [add]
13. Plums [add]
14. I'm So Gay With the Boner [add]
15. Aw Ah Ah Ah (Party Cakes) [add]
16. My Weasle Is Married Worm Married [add]
17. I Have AIDS [add]
18. 005 September 22 Be [add]

Silly Hat Vs. Egale Hat (0000) 01. My Name Is Robert [add]
02. Ksjfhgljkhertykjlehgskjhkjvhda [add]
03. Sound Events [live] [add]
04. Shit Slowly Applied on Cock Parts [add]
05. The House I Was Isn't My Girlfriends Porshe [add]
06. Missy Modle X 1000 [add]
07. Spring [add]
08. I Will Always Have Juice Today [add]
09. Glass and Metal [add]
10. It's Not as It's Going Downtown [add]
11. Junior High Band With Trucks and Dogs [add]
12. 4400440044040 With Dufus and the Beatles [add]

Twacky Cats (0000) 01. Arms Saloon [add]
02. Lion With a Sharks Head [Deomstration Version] [add]
03. Connor Kizer Wearing Bead Jewelery [add]
04. When I Was Taller [add]
05. Ohio [Deomstration Version] [add]

Spiderman of the Rings (2007) 01. Woody Woodpecker [add]
02. The Crystal Cat [add]
03. Wham City [add]
04. Big Milk [add]
05. Okie Dokie [add]
06. Trippy Green Skull [add]
07. Snake Mistakes [add]
08. Pink Batman [add]
09. Jimmy Joe Roche [add]

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