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KJ-52 lyrics
Genre: Rap
7th Avenue (2000) 01. The Greatest M.C. (Intro) [add]
02. 1, 2, 3 [add]
03. Keep It Moving [add]
04. The Hardway [add]
05. Keep Ya Head Up [add]
06. Melvin's Not Here (Skit) [add]
07. Do What I Do [add]
08. The Greatest M.C. [Continue] [add]
09. We Rock the Mic [add]
10. Cipha All Stars [add]
11. It's the S.O.I. (Sons of Intellect Anthem) [add]
12. Mickey Cakes (Skit) [add]
13. Integrity lyrics
14. This Is Love lyrics
15. They Know Not [add]
16. The Greatest M.C. (Outro) [add]

Collaborations (2002) 01. Leave a Message (Intro) [add]
02. Do That [add]
03. The Choice Is Yours [add]
04. Rise Up [add]
05. Dear Slim [add]
06. Nursery Rhymes [add]
07. Sonshine [add]
08. Wait for You [add]
09. Revenge of the Nerds [add]
10. 5th Element [add]
11. Industry [Spoken Word Interlude] [add]
12. Why [add]
13. 47 Emcees (Interlude) [add]
14. ABC's and 123's [add]
15. Where Were You [add]
16. Operator (Outro) lyrics

It's Pronounced "Five Two" (2003) 01. Welcome to Five Two's lyrics
02. KJ Five Two [add]
03. Whoop Whoop [add]
04. Dear Slim, Pt. 2 [add]
05. So in Love With You [add]
06. Cartoon Network [add]
07. Rock On [add]
08. Back in the Day [add]
09. Can I Speak With a Manager? (Interlude)/Ya Bref Stank [add]
10. 47 Pop Stars [add]
11. Pick Yourself Up [add]
12. Don't Go lyrics
13. Check Yourself [add]
14. Infomercial (Interlude) lyrics
15. #1 Fan lyrics
16. I Feel So Good lyrics
17. I'm Guilty [add]
18. Outro/Gimme Dat [add]

Behind the Musik (A Boy Named Jonah) (2005) 01. Dad: "That's How You Got Your Name" (Intro) [add]
02. Fivetweezy lyrics
03. Are You Real? [add]
04. Rock With It lyrics
05. God [add]
06. Behind the Musik [add]
07. Mom: Sitting in the Puddle (Interlude) [add]
08. Thank You lyrics
09. Jesus lyrics
10. Right Here [add]
11. Video Games lyrics
12. Plain White Rapper/Plain White Rapper in a Mini Van [add]
13. Dad: "Ybor City" (Interlude) [add]
14. Things I Like lyrics
15. Life After Death lyrics
16. Never Look Away lyrics
17. For the Ladies [add]
18. Mom: "I Wanted to Call You Sky" (Interlude) [add]
19. I Can Call on You [add]
20. Cry No More lyrics
21. One lyrics
22. He Is All lyrics
23. Dad: "It Was God Working in Your Life"/Piece of Junk Car [add]

Remixed (2006) 01. Fivetweezy [Disco Mania Remix] [add]
02. Revenge of the Nerds [Horns a Plenty Remix] [add]
03. Dear Slim, Pt. 2 [True Story Remix] [add]
04. 47 Emcees [Plus 18 More Remix] [add]
05. I Can Call on You [Piano Love Remix] [add]
06. Are You Real? [Oregon Trail Remix] [add]
07. Jesus [Reggaeton Remix] [add]
08. Plain White Rapper [Kalimba Remix] [add]
09. Rock with It [Eat to the Beat Lunch Remix] [add]
10. Mullet Pride [Country Krunk Remix] [add]
11. For the Ladies [Soul Vibe Remix] [add]
12. Things I Like [Timbojones Remix] [add]
13. Washed Up [DBL. Time Remix] [add]
14. Run for Cover [add]
15. Napoleon Dynamite [add]

Yearbook (2007) 01. Will You Ever Know? [add]
02. Do Yo Thang [add]
03. You'll Never Take Me Down [add]
04. Do You Got That? [add]
05. It Aint Easy [add]
06. Push Up [add]
07. I Won't Ever Stop [add]
08. Fanmail [add]
09. You Can Still Come Back [add]
10. Can I Be Honest? [add]
11. Pump That [add]
12. 5 Minutes (In the Garden) [add]
13. Daddy's Girl [add]
14. Wake Up [add]
15. Say What Ya Want [add]
16. You're Gonna Make It [add]
17. You Hang Up First [add]
18. Always Here for You [add]
19. Take Every Part of Me [add]

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