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Lacy J. Dalton lyrics
Genre: Country
Jill Croston (1978) 01. Good Time Mama [add]
02. Jamaica [add]
03. Burnin' Love [add]
04. Isabella [add]
05. Higher and Higher [add]
06. Black Jack Davey [add]
07. Evenin' Comes [add]
08. Threw It All Away [add]
09. Snake Song [add]
10. Do I Have to Tell You [add]

Lacy J. Dalton (1979) 01. Crazy Blue Eyes [add]
02. High Like an Angel [add]
03. Honky Tonk Man [add]
04. Carolina Come on [add]
05. Beer Drinkin' Songs [add]
06. Tennessee Waltz [add]
07. Late Night Kind of Lonesome [add]
08. Losing Kind of Love [add]
09. Are There Any Cowboys Left (In the Good Ol' USA) [add]
10. Turn My Head Around [add]

Hard Times (1980) 01. Hard Times [add]
02. Hillbilly Girl With the Blues [add]
03. China Doll lyrics
04. Old Soldier [add]
05. Ain't Nobody Who Could Do It Like My Daddy Could [add]
06. You Can't Fool Love [add]
07. Wide Eyed and Willing [add]
08. Girls from Santa Cruz lyrics
09. Whisper [add]
10. Me'n You lyrics

Takin' It Easy (1981) 01. Takin' It Easy [add]
02. Everybody Makes Mistakes lyrics
03. Where Were You When I Needed You [add]
04. Come to Me [add]
05. Comes a Time [add]
06. Wild Turkey [add]
07. Golden Memories [add]
08. Let Me in the Fast Lane [add]
09. Feedin' the Fire [add]
10. Somebody Killed Dovey Jones Daughter [add]

16th Avenue (1982) 01. 16th Avenue lyrics
02. Rained on [add]
03. Blue Eyed Blues [add]
04. You Can't Take the Texas Out of Me [add]
05. One of the Unsatisfied [add]
06. Jamaica [add]
07. Heartbeat [add]
08. Slow Down [add]
09. Love It Away [add]
10. Imagine That [add]

Dream Baby (1983) 01. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) [add]
02. My Old Yellow Car [add]
03. Too Many Miles [add]
04. Waltztime for God [add]
05. Windin' Down [add]
06. You Satisfy Me [add]
07. Baby You Can Rock With Me [add]
08. You Got It Comin' Tonight [add]
09. Dixie Devil [add]

Can't Run Away from Your Heart (1985) 01. You Can't Run Away from Your Heart [add]
02. Too Late to Stop Lovin' You Now [add]
03. Don't Fall in Love With Me [add]
04. Over You [add]
05. Perfectly Crazy [add]
06. If That Ain't Love [add]
07. Night Has a Heart of Its Own [add]
08. Silver Eagle [add]
09. Adios and Run [add]
10. Slow Movin' Outlaw [add]

Highway Diner (1986) 01. Working Class Man [add]
02. 12:05 [add]
03. Changing All the Time [add]
04. Takin' It All in Stride [add]
05. Can't See Me Without You [add]
06. This Ol' Town [add]
07. Up With the Wind [add]
08. Boomtown [add]
09. Gone Again [add]
10. Closing Time [add]

Blue-Eyed Blues (1987) 01. Have I Got a Heart for You [add]
02. It's a Dirty Job [add]
03. Blue Eyed Blues [add]
04. That's Good That's Bad [add]
05. Gotta Serve Somebody [add]
06. I'll Love Them Whatever They Are [add]
07. Hillbilly Girl With the Blues [add]
08. 16th Avenue lyrics
09. My Old Yellow Car [add]
10. Love Gone Cold [add]

Survivor (1989) 01. I'm a Survivor [add]
02. Walking Wounded [add]
03. Diamond All the Time [add]
04. Still Crazy After All These Years [add]
05. Old Friends [add]
06. Turn to the One [add]
07. Heart [add]
08. Me and These Arms [add]
09. They Don't Make Them Like They Used to [add]
10. Hard Luck Ace [add]

Chains on the Wind (1992) 01. Heartache in Disguise [add]
02. Chains on the Wind [add]
03. Rocks from a Rolling Stone [add]
04. Love Hurts [add]
05. Bye Bye Love [add]
06. Stay With Me [add]
07. Here Today Here Tomorrow [add]
08. Never Gonna Lose My Love [add]
09. Lay a Little Lovin' on Me [add]
10. Like the Answer to a Prayer [add]

Somethin Special (1995) 01. Hard Times [add]
02. Over You [add]
03. Closing Time [add]
04. Losing Kind of Love [add]
05. Are There Any Cowboys Left [In the Good Ol' U.S.A.?] [add]
06. Old Soldier [add]
07. If That Ain't Love [add]
08. 16th Avenue lyrics
09. Honky Tonk Man [add]
10. Dream Baby [How Long Must I Dream] [add]

Country Classics (2001) 01. Black Coffee [add]
02. The Heart [add]
03. I'm a Survivor [add]
04. Hard Luck Ace [add]
05. Love Hurts [add]
06. Ain't No Question [add]
07. Don't Try to Tell Me [add]
08. Heartache in Disguise [add]
09. Bye Bye Love [add]
10. Stay With Me [add]
11. Forever in My Heart [add]
12. Loveless Caf? [add]
13. Lay a Little Lovin' on Me [add]
14. Old Friends [add]
15. Turn to the One [add]
16. Me and These Arms [add]
17. Here Today Here Tomorrow [add]
18. Turn to a Little 3rd Rate Romance [add]
19. Lonesome (As the Night Is Long) [add]
20. That Road [add]

Last Wild Place (2004) 01. Listen to the Wind [add]
02. Heart of Hearts [add]
03. The Wanderers [add]
04. Old Dog Blue [add]
05. The Alaska Song [add]
06. Standin' Knee Deep [add]
07. Slip Away [add]
08. Little Boy Blue [add]
09. The Last Wild Place [add]
10. Sanctuary [add]
11. She Could Run [add]
12. Boundless Skies [add]

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