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Genre: Vocal
Live at Vine Street (0000) 01. You Would Rather Have the Blues [add]
02. Zanzibar [add]
03. One Horse Town [add]
04. El Cajon [add]
05. The Dear Departed Past [add]
06. Johnny Hodges Medley [add]
07. The Sports Page [add]
08. Long Daddy Green [add]
09. Eloise [add]
10. Blizzard of Lies [add]

Let's Eat Home (0000) 01. Brenda Starr [add]
02. Let's Eat Home [add]
03. Al Cohn Medley: from a to Z/Tears by Me Out the Heart/Tasty Pudding [add]
04. Matty [add]
05. The Mooche [add]
06. I Was Ready [add]
07. Strange Music [From Song of Norway] [add]
08. Billy Strayhorn Medley: Take the "A" Train/Lotus Blossom/Raincheck [add]
09. A Ship Without a Sail [add]
10. Lookin' Good [add]
11. The Underdog [add]

Getting Some Fun out of Life (1977) 01. Lotus Blossom [add]
02. (I Would Do) Anything for You [add]
03. Stevedore Stomp [add]
04. Violet Blue [add]
05. Old Man Harlem [add]
06. Dear Bix [add]
07. Save It, Pretty Mama [add]
08. Alligator Crawl [add]
09. In a Mist [add]
10. Wonderful One [add]
11. Getting Some Fun Out of Life [add]
12. King Porter Stomp [add]

You're a Lucky Guy (1978) 01. Truckin' [add]
02. Trav'lin' All Alone [add]
03. The Underdog [add]
04. That Old Feeling [add]
05. If Dreams Come True [add]
06. You're a Lucky Guy [add]
07. P-Town [add]
08. I Surrender, Dear [add]
09. Saratoga Hunch [add]
10. Cheerful Little Earful [add]

Can't Take You Nowhere (1986) 01. Can't Take You Nowhere [add]
02. Frank Loesser Medley [add]
03. Zoot Walks In [add]
04. What Am I Here For? [add]
05. Bodega Bay [add]
06. My Attorney Bernie [add]
07. Irving Berlin Medley: [add]
08. The Green Hills of Earth [add]
09. Drop Me off in Harlem [add]
10. Sweet Kentucky Ham [add]
11. Cole Porter Medley [add]
12. I'm Hip [add]

Where You At? (1991) 01. Where You At? [add]
02. Harlem Butterfly [add]
03. You Say You Care [add]
04. Ivie Anderson Medley: La Dee Doody Do/There's a Lull in My ... [add]
05. Heart's Desire [add]
06. Another Song About Paris [add]
07. The Wheelers and the Dealers [add]
08. I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) [add]
09. Duke Ellington Medley: Just a Settin' and a Rockin'/Don't Get ... [add]
10. The You and Me That Used to Be [add]
11. Tulip or Turnip [add]

Double Play (1992) 01. Russian Lullaby [add]
02. Easy Come, Easy Go [add]
03. There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My Tears [add]
04. One, Two, Button Your Shoe [add]
05. Stardust [add]
06. Willie the Weeper [add]
07. Shoe Shine Boy [add]
08. Blue River [add]
09. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
10. Rosalie [add]
11. My Kinda Love [add]
12. Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie [add]
13. There's a Cabin in the Pines [add]
14. Clementine (From New Orleans) [add]
15. Winin' Boy [add]
16. Say It Isn't So [add]
17. Dear Old Southand [add]

Quality Time (1993) 01. Quality Time [add]
02. Eloise [add]
03. You Would Rather Have the Blues [add]
04. Blue Hodge [add]
05. Snowbound [add]
06. The Dear Departed Past [add]
07. Play Ball [add]
08. Matty [add]
09. Dear Bix [add]
10. Nasty Nasty Habit [add]
11. Paris Blues [add]
12. My Country Used to Be [add]
13. Report from the Planet Earth [add]

By Himself: Arbors Piano Series, Vol. 3 (1998) 01. I Want to Be a Sideman [add]
02. Ain't She Sweet? [add]
03. Last Night When We Were Young [add]
04. You Took Advantage of Me [add]
05. Saratoga Hunch [add]
06. Groovin' High [add]
07. It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream [add]
08. Can't Take You Nowhere [add]
09. My Swan Song [add]
10. Kansas City Medley: How Long. How Long Blues/I Want a Little ... [add]
11. I Could Care Less [add]
12. Jump for Joy [add]
13. The Trouble With Me Is You [add]
14. I'll Never Smile Again [add]

Do You Miss New York? Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center (2003) 01. Quality Time [add]
02. I Was Ready [add]
03. Jaws (Introduction) [add]
04. Jaws [add]
05. Do You Miss New York? (Introduction) [add]
06. Do You Miss New York? [add]
07. Oklahoma Toad (Introduction) [add]
08. Oklahoma Toad [add]
09. Little Did I Dream [add]
10. Swinging the Classics Medley: Melody in F/Ebony Rhapsody/Martha ... [add]
11. The Hopi Way [add]
12. The Difficult Season (Introduction) [add]
13. The Difficult Season [add]
14. Zanzibar [add]
15. Eastwood Lane (Introduction) [add]
16. Eastwood Lane [add]
17. Eastwood Lane [add]
18. My Country Used to Be [add]
19. I Want to Be a Sideman [add]
20. Heart's Desire (Introduction) [add]
21. Heart's Desire [add]

Retromania: At the Jazz Bakery (2006) 01. Can't Take You Nowhere [add]
02. Useless Waltz [add]
03. Zoot Walks In [add]
04. [Untitled Track] [add]
05. Who Do You Think You Are, Jack Dempsey? [add]
06. Walkin' on Wall Street [add]
07. My Attorney Bernie [add]
08. O [Spoken Intro] [add]
09. Van Lingle Mungo [add]
10. [Untitled Track] [add]
11. Dodger Blue [add]
12. [Untitled Track] [add]
13. The Dear Departed Past [add]
14. [Untitled Track] [add]
15. The Catbird Seat [add]
16. [Untitled Track] [add]
17. Play Ball [add]
18. [Untitled Track] [add]
19. Matty [add]
20. The Wife and the Kid [add]
21. [Untitled Track] [add]
22. You'd Rather Have the Blues [add]
23. [Untitled Track] [add]
24. Eloise [add]
25. [Untitled Track] [add]
26. Gotta Get Me Some ZZZ [add]
27. Listen Here [add]

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