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Oscar Brown, Jr. lyrics
Genre: Vocal
Sin & Soul...And Then Some (0000) 01. Work Song [add]
02. But I Was Cool [add]
03. Bid 'Em In [add]
04. Signifyin' Monkey [add]
05. Watermelon Man [add]
06. Somebody Buy Me a Drink [add]
07. Rags and Old Iron [add]
08. Dat Dere [add]
09. Brown Baby [add]
10. Hum Drum Blues [add]
11. Sleepy [add]
12. Afro Blue [add]

Mr. Oscar Brown, Jr. Goes to Washington (1965) 01. One Life [add]
02. Beautiful Girl [add]
03. Maxine [add]
04. Maggie [add]
05. Living Double in a World of Trouble [add]
06. Glorious Tired Feeling [add]
07. Tower of Time [add]
08. Muffled Drums [add]
09. Brother, Where Are You [add]
10. Forty Acres and a Mule [add]
11. Call of the City [add]
12. Summer in the City [add]
13. Brother, Where Are You [add]

Movin' On (1972) 01. A Dime Away from a Hotdog [add]
02. Walk Away [add]
03. Feel the Fire [add]
04. A Ladiesman [add]
05. No Place to Be Somebody [add]
06. To Stay in Good With You [add]
07. Gang Bang [add]
08. First Lady lyrics
09. Young Man [add]

Brother Where Are You (1973) 01. Under the Sun [add]
02. Memory Lane [add]
03. Brother, Where Are You [add]
04. I Love San Francisco [add]
05. Like a Flower [add]
06. The Joneses [add]
07. Separate Ways [add]

Fresh (1975) 01. Rilly? [add]
02. Sally B. White [add]
03. Hazel's Hips [add]
04. Chicken Heads [add]
05. Don't Mess with Bessie [add]
06. Ghetto Scene [add]
07. Granny [add]
08. But I Was Cool [add]
09. Let's Get Drunk (and Be Somebody) [add]
10. Bull "Bleep" [add]

Live Every Minute (1998) 01. Long as You're Living [add]
02. Dat Dere [add]
03. The Snake [add]
04. It's October [add]
05. Mr. Kicks [add]
06. World Full of Gray [add]
07. Haven't I Loved You Somewhere [add]
08. A Column of Birds [add]
09. Hazel's Hips [add]
10. Billie's Bounce [add]
11. Old Lovers Song [add]

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