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Harry Connick, Jr. lyrics
Genre: Jazz
11 (0000) 01. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
02. Tin Roof Blues [add]
03. Wolverine Blues [add]
04. Jazz Me Blues [add]
05. Doctor Jazz [add]
06. Muskrat Ramble [add]
07. Lazy River [add]
08. Joe Avery's Place [add]
09. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans [add]

Lofty's Roach Souffle (0000) 01. One Last Pitch [add]
02. Hudson Bommer [add]
03. Lonely Side [add]
04. Mr. Spill [add]
05. Lofty's Roach Souffle [add]
06. Mary Ruth [add]
07. Harronymous [add]
08. One Last Pitch (Take 2) [take] [add]
09. Colomby Day [add]
10. Little Dancing Girl [add]
11. Bayou Maharajah [add]

25 (0000) 01. Stardust [add]
02. Music, Maestro, Please! [add]
03. On the Street Where You Live [add]
04. After You've Gone [add]
05. I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) [add]
06. Moment's Notice [add]
07. Tangerine [add]
08. Didn't He Ramble [add]
09. Caravan [add]
10. Lazy Bones [add]
11. Muskrat Ramble [add]
12. This Time the Dream's on Me [add]
13. On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe [add]

Star Turtle (0000) 01. Star Turtle 1 [add]
02. How Do Ya'll Know [add]
03. Hear Me in the Harmony [add]
04. Reason to Believe [add]
05. Just Like Me [add]
06. Star Turtle 2 [add]
07. Little Farley [add]
08. Eyes of the Seeker [add]
09. Nobody Like You to Me [add]
10. Booze Hound [add]
11. Star Turtle 3 [add]
12. Never Young [add]
13. Mind on the Matter [add]
14. City Beneath the Sea [add]
15. Star Turtle 4 [add]

Harry Connick, Jr. (1987) 01. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
02. Little Clown [add]
03. Zealousy [add]
04. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
05. I Mean You [add]
06. Vocation [add]
07. On Green Dolphin Street [add]
08. Little Waltz [add]
09. E [add]

20 (1988) 01. Avalon [add]
02. Blue Skies [add]
03. Imagination [add]
04. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? [add]
05. Basin Street Blues [add]
06. Lazy River [add]
07. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone [add]
08. Stars Fell on Alabama [add]
09. 'S Wonderful [add]
10. If I Only Had a Brain [add]
11. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me [add]

When Harry Met Sally (1989) 01. It Had to Be You [Big Band and Vocals] [add]
02. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
03. Stompin' at the Savoy [add]
04. But Not for Me [add]
05. Winter Wonderland [add]
06. Don't Get Around Much Anymore [add]
07. Autumn in New York [add]
08. I Could Write a Book [add]
09. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off [add]
10. It Had to Be You [Trio Instrumental] [add]
11. Where or When [add]

We Are in Love (1990) 01. We Are in Love [add]
02. Only 'Cause I Don't Have You [add]
03. Recipe for Love [add]
04. Drifting [add]
05. Forever, For Now [add]
06. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square [add]
07. Heavenly [add]
08. Just a Boy [add]
09. I've Got a Great Idea [add]
10. I'll Dream of You Again [add]
11. It's All Right with Me [add]
12. Buried in Blue [add]

Blue Light, Red Light (1991) 01. Blue Light, Red Light (Someone's There) [add]
02. A Blessing and a Curse [add]
03. You Didn't Know Me When [add]
04. Jill [add]
05. He Is, They Are [add]
06. With Imagination (I'll Get There) [add]
07. If I Could Give You More [add]
08. The Last Payday [add]
09. It's Time [add]
10. She Belongs to Me [add]
11. Sonny Cried [add]
12. Just Kiss Me [add]

When My Heart Finds Christmas (1993) 01. Sleigh Ride [add]
02. When My Heart Finds Christmas [add]
03. (It Must've Been Ol') Santa Claus [add]
04. The Blessed Dawn of Christmas Day [add]
05. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! [add]
06. The Little Drummer Boy [add]
07. Ave Maria [add]
08. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers [add]
09. What Child Is This? [add]
10. Christmas Dreaming [add]
11. I Pray on Christmas [add]
12. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
13. O Holy Night [add]
14. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? [add]

She (1994) 01. She [add]
02. Between Us [add]
03. Here Comes the Big Parade [add]
04. Trouble [add]
05. (I Could Only) Whisper Your Name [add]
06. Follow the Music [add]
07. Joe Slam and the Spaceship [add]
08. To Love the Language [add]
09. Honestly Now (Safety's Just Danger...Out of Place) [add]
10. She...Blessed Be the One [add]
11. Funky Dunky [add]
12. Follow the Music Further [add]
13. That Party [add]
14. Booker [add]

Imagination (1994) 01. Blue Light, Red Light (Someone's There) [add]
02. We Are in Love [add]
03. A Blessing and a Curse [add]
04. You Didn't Know Me When [add]
05. Jill [add]
06. He Is They Are [add]
07. With Imagination (I'll Get There) [add]
08. If I Could Give You More [add]
09. Drifting [add]
10. I've Got a Great Idea [add]
11. It's Time [add]
12. She Belongs to Me [add]
13. Sonny Cried [add]
14. Just Kiss Me [add]

Whisper Your Name (1995) 01. Whisper Your Name [Edit] [add]
02. The Bayou Maharaja [add]
03. Whisper Your Name [LP Version] [add]
04. Funky Dunky [add]

To See You (1997) 01. Let Me Love Tonight [add]
02. To See You [add]
03. Let's Just Kiss [add]
04. Heart Beyond Repair [add]
05. Once [add]
06. Learn to Love [add]
07. Love Me Some You [add]
08. Much Love [add]
09. In Love Again [add]
10. Loved by Me [add]

Come by Me (1999) 01. Nowhere With Love [add]
02. Come by Me [add]
03. Charade [add]
04. Change Partners [add]
05. Easy for You to Say [add]
06. Time After Time [add]
07. Next Door Blues [instrumental] [add]
08. Easy to Love [add]
09. There's No Business Like Show Business [add]
10. A Moment With Me [add]
11. Danny Boy [add]
12. Cry Me a River [add]
13. Love for Sale [add]

30 (2001) 01. I'm Walkin' [add]
02. Chattanooga Choo Choo [add]
03. Somewhere My Love [add]
04. The Gypsy [add]
05. If I Were a Bell [add]
06. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans [add]
07. Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree [add]
08. There Is Always One More Time [add]
09. New Orleans [add]
10. Speak Softly Love [add]
11. Junco Partner [add]
12. Don't Fence Me In [add]
13. Don't Like Goodbyes [add]
14. I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her [add]

Songs I Heard (2001) 01. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [add]
02. The Lonely Goatherd [add]
03. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead [add]
04. Maybe [add]
05. Pure Imagination/Candy Man [add]
06. Golden Ticket/I Want It Now [add]
07. Oompa Loompa [add]
08. A Spoonful of Sugar [add]
09. Stay Awake [add]
10. Something Was Missing [add]
11. You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile [add]
12. Over the Rainbow [add]
13. The Jitterbug [add]
14. The Merry Old Land of Oz [add]
15. Edelweiss [add]
16. Do-Re-Mi [add]

Other Hours: Connick on Piano, Vol. 1 (2003) 01. What a Waste [add]
02. Such Love [add]
03. Take Advantage [add]
04. How About Tonight [add]
05. Sovereign Lover [add]
06. My Little World [add]
07. Oh, My Dear (Something's Gone Wrong) [add]
08. Can't We Tell [add]
09. Dumb Luck [add]
10. Oh, Ain't That Sweet [add]
11. The Other Hours [add]
12. Your Own Private Love [add]

Harry for the Holidays (2003) 01. Frosty the Snowman [add]
02. Blue Christmas [add]
03. The Christmas Waltz [add]
04. I Wonder as I Wander [add]
05. Silver Bells [add]
06. Mary's Little Boy Child [add]
07. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [add]
08. The Happy Elf [add]
09. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
10. I Come With Love [add]
11. Nature Boy [add]
12. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
13. I'm Gonna Be the First One [add]
14. This Christmas [add]
15. Nothin' New for New Year [add]
16. Silent Night [add]

Only You (2004) 01. More [add]
02. The Very Thought of You [add]
03. Save the Last Dance for Me [add]
04. My Blue Heaven [add]
05. You Don't Know Me [add]
06. All These Things [add]
07. For Once in My Life [add]
08. Only You [add]
09. My Prayer [add]
10. Other Hours [add]
11. I Only Have Eyes for You [add]
12. Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams) [add]

Occasion: Connick on Piano, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Brown World [add]
02. Valentine's Day [add]
03. Occasion [add]
04. Spot [add]
05. I Like Love More [add]
06. All Things [add]
07. Win [add]
08. Virgoid [add]
09. Remember the Tarpon [add]
10. Lose [add]
11. Steve Lacy [add]
12. Chanson du Vieux Carre [add]
13. Good to Be Home [add]

Harry on Broadway, Act 1 (2006) 01. The Pajama Game/Overture [add]
02. The Pajama Game/Racing with the Clock [add]
03. The Pajama Game/A New Town Is a Blue Town [add]
04. The Pajama Game/I'm Not at All in Love [add]
05. The Pajama Game/I'll Never Be Jealous Again [add]
06. The Pajama Game/Hey There [add]
07. The Pajama Game/Sleep Tite [add]
08. The Pajama Game/Her Is [add]
09. The Pajama Game/Once a Year Day [add]
10. The Pajama Game/Once a Year Day Playoff [add]
11. The Pajama Game/Her Is (Reprise) [add]
12. The Pajama Game/Small Talk [add]
13. The Pajama Game/There Once Was a Man [add]
14. The Pajama Game/Factory Music/Slow Down [add]
15. The Pajama Game/Hey There (Reprise) [add]
16. The Pajama Game/Steam Heat [add]
17. The Pajama Game/The World Around Us [add]
18. The Pajama Game/Hey There (Reprise)/If You Win You Lose [add]
19. The Pajama Game/Think of the Time I Save [add]
20. The Pajama Game/Hernando's Hideaway [add]
21. The Pajama Game/The Three of Us [add]
22. The Pajama Game/Seven-And-A-Half Cents [add]
23. The Pajama Game/There Once Was a Man (Reprise) [add]
24. The Pajama Game/Hernando's Jive [add]
25. The Pajama Game/The Pajama Game [add]
26. Thou Shalt Not/Oh, My Dear (Something's Gone Wrong) [add]
27. Thou Shalt Not/Can't We Tell [add]
28. Thou Shalt Not/Such Love [add]
29. Thou Shalt Not/I Like Love More [add]
30. Thou Shalt Not/My Little World [add]
31. Thou Shalt Not/All Things [add]
32. Thou Shalt Not/I Need to Be in Love [add]
33. Thou Shalt Not/Oh! Ain't That Sweet [add]
34. Thou Shalt Not/The Other Hours [add]
35. Thou Shalt Not/Take Advantage [add]
36. Thou Shalt Not/Take Her to the Mardi Gras [add]

Chanson du Vieux Carre (2007) 01. Someday You'll Be Sorry [add]
02. Panama [add]
03. Ash Wednesday [add]
04. Chanson du Vieux Carr? [add]
05. Bourbon Street Parade [add]
06. Petite Fleur [add]
07. Fidgety Feet [add]
08. Luscious [add]
09. New Orleans [add]
10. I Still Get Jealous [add]
11. That's a Plenty [add]
12. Mardi Gras in New Orleans [add]

Oh, My Nola (2007) 01. Working in the Coal Mine [add]
02. Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? [add]
03. Something You Got [add]
04. Let Them Talk [add]
05. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
06. Careless Love [add]
07. All These People [add]
08. Yes We Can [add]
09. Someday [add]
10. Oh, My Nola [add]
11. Elijah Rock [add]
12. Sheik of Araby [add]
13. Lazy Bones [add]
14. We Make a Lot of Love [add]
15. Hello Dolly [add]
16. Do Dat Thing [add]

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