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Infinito lyrics
Genre: Rap
Roddny Dangrr Fild (0000) 01. South Side Revere [add]
02. Experience God [add]
03. I'm Like Non of Yawl [add]
04. Dixmoor Illinois [add]
05. This Black Girl Bad [add]
06. Proto-Complex [add]
07. What Is a System [add]
08. I.K.E. Turner (I'm Not Him) [add]
09. Study Guide PG. 3 [add]
10. Protest-In-Contest [add]
11. Respect Anu Art [Khonsu] [add]
12. Confiscated Past (David Walker's Theme) [add]
13. Alot of Different [add]
14. Willing to Stop Confusion [add]
15. Aloof [add]
16. Controled Residents [add]
17. Love Is [add]
18. Tragedy in Bar Sequences [add]
19. Any Other Or [*] [add]

Music With Sound Right Reasoning (2002) 01. Alpha the Begining [add]
02. Music With Sound Right Reasoning [add]
03. Change Around [add]
04. Qualified Professional #27 [add]
05. To Those That Hate [add]
06. Shadow Hours [add]
07. Seeing Is Knowing [add]
08. Lost Energy [add]
09. Right at 26 [add]
10. Black Chicago [add]
11. What You Wanted to Know [add]
12. Escaping the Turmoil of a Twisted Reality [add]
13. Vocal Capability [add]
14. At Night I Can't Sleep [add]
15. Open Space [add]
16. Immeasurable 720 [add]
17. Positive Living Pt. 1 [add]
18. Nubians in Devastated Places (144) [add]
19. The William Lynch Treatment [add]
20. Ready for Anything [add]
21. Detrimental to Your Health [add]
22. Instructions at the End, Pt. 3 [add]

The Soul of Benjamin Banneker in the Age of the Aquarius (2006) 01. Ben Bey (Intro) [add]
02. Senseless Violence [add]
03. A Free Mans Soul [add]
04. Tha 1 (Who Overstands) [add]
05. Heavens Gate (Mound Builders) [add]
06. Tape Deck Recordings [add]
07. State of the World [add]
08. Darnell [Remix] [add]
09. 9:27PM (The Day I Lost) [add]
10. Marcellous Interlude [add]
11. Meaning Rhymes [add]
12. My Resistance Breaking Down [add]
13. A Way to Be [add]
14. No! (You Can't Have Him) [add]
15. Banna Ka [add]
16. Theartning Music Skit [add]
17. Poor Black Americans [add]
18. Williw Ig'nant [add]
19. Buf a Flow Wings [add]
20. The Almighty [add]
21. What About the Black Holocaust [add]
22. Soul Shine Kit [add]

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