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Genre: Soundtrack
Rodgers & Hart Album (0000) 01. Love Me Tonight/Isn't It Romantic? [add]
02. Garrick Gaieties/Manhattan [add]
03. I'd Rather Be Right/Ev'rybody Loves You [add]
04. A Connecticut Yankee/Thou Swell [add]
05. On Your Toes/Glad to Be Unhappy [add]
06. Pal Joey/Take Him [add]
07. The Boys from Syracuse/You Have Cast Your Shadow on the Sea [add]
08. A Connecticut Yankee/To Keep My Love Alive [add]
09. By Jupiter/Nobody's Heart [add]
10. The Boys from Syracuse/He and She [add]
11. Too Many Girls/I Didn't Know What Time It Was [add]
12. Peggy-Ann/Where's That Rainbow? [add]
13. Simple Simon/He Was Too Good to Me [add]
14. Pal Joey/Bewitched [add]
15. Spring Is Here/Why Can't I? [add]
16. I Married an Angel/Spring Is Here [add]
17. Simple Simon/Ten Cents a Dance [add]
18. Betsy/This Funny World [add]
19. Peggy-Ann/A Tree in the Park [add]
20. Babes in Arms/Where or When? [add]
21. America's Sweetheart/I've Got Five Dollars [add]
22. Higher and Higher/It Never Entered My Mind [add]

Heliotrope Bouquet Piano Rags (1900-1970) (1983) 01. A Ragtime Nightmare [add]
02. The Easy Winners [add]
03. Heliotrope Bouquet [add]
04. Ethiopia Rag [add]
05. Pegasus [add]
06. Wall Street Rag [add]
07. Pork and Beans [add]
08. Graceful Ghost [add]
09. Seabiscuits [add]
10. Brass Knuckles [add]

Euphonic Sounds: The Scott Joplin Album (1988) 01. Original Rags [add]
02. Fig Leaf Rag [add]
03. Maple Leaf Rag [add]
04. Eugenia [add]
05. The Entertainer [add]
06. Nonpareil [add]
07. Elite Syncopations [add]
08. Country Club [add]
09. Sugar Cane [add]
10. Bethena [add]
11. The Ragtime Dance [add]
12. Solace [add]
13. Search-Light Rag [add]
14. Euphonic Sounds [add]
15. Gladiolus Rag [add]
16. Magnetic Rag [add]

Night & Day (1988) 01. Night and Day [add]
02. Easy to Love [add]
03. Goodbye Little Dream, Goodbye [add]
04. Miss Otis Regrets [add]
05. You're the Top [add]
06. So in Love [add]
07. I Get a Kick Out of You [add]
08. I Happen to Like New York [add]
09. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
10. In the Still of the Night [add]
11. Love for Sale [add]
12. My Heart Belongs to Daddy [add]
13. No Lover [add]
14. The Tale of the Oyster [add]
15. What Is This Thing Called Love? [add]
16. The Physician [add]
17. I've Got You Under My Skin [add]
18. Begin the Beguine [add]
19. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) [add]
20. Old Fashioned Garden [add]
21. Down in the Depths [add]
22. Nobody's Chasing Me [add]
23. Which? [add]
24. I Sleep Easier Now [add]
25. At Long Last Love [add]
26. Just One of Those Things [add]

Let's Do It: Bolcom & Morris at Aspen [live] (1989) 01. A Bird in a Gilded Cage [add]
02. Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider [add]
03. On the Banks of the Wabash [add]
04. The Yankee Doodle Blues [add]
05. I Didn't Know What Time It Was [add]
06. Glad to Be Unhappy [add]
07. Let's Put Out the Lights [add]
08. My Heart Belongs to Daddy [add]
09. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) [add]
10. Graceful Ghost [add]
11. Odeon [add]
12. Jeepers Creepers [add]
13. Bill [add]
14. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
15. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
16. You're Lucky to Me [add]
17. Lazy Afternoon [add]
18. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [add]
19. Wait 'Til the Sun Shines, Nellie [add]
20. Always [add]

Silver Linings: Songs by Jerome Kern (1993) 01. The Siren's Song [add]
02. Cleopatterer [add]
03. Look for the Silver Lining [add]
04. Rolled into One [add]
05. Go Little Boat [add]
06. Bungalow in Quogue [add]
07. Bill [add]
08. Lonesome Walls [add]
09. Poor Pierrot [add]
10. Long Ago (And Far Away) [add]
11. You Couldn't Be Cuter [add]
12. Don't Ever Leave Me [add]
13. I've Told Ev'ry Little Star [add]
14. All the Things You Are [add]

Orchids in the Moonlight: Songs of Vincent ... (1996) 01. Orchids in the Moonlight [add]
02. Be Good to Me [add]
03. I Know That You Know [add]
04. Time on My Hands [add]
05. I Want to Be Happy [add]
06. Like He Loves Me [From "Oh, Please! "] [add]
07. Kissing [add]
08. Hallelujah! [add]
09. Kathleen Mine [add]
10. Flying Down to Rio [add]
11. An Armful of You [add]
12. Oh Me! Oh My! [add]
13. Without a Song [add]
14. Great Day! [add]
15. That Forgotten Melody [add]
16. My Lover [add]
17. Sometimes I'm Happy [add]
18. More Than You Know [add]
19. Through the Years [add]
20. Toodle-Oo [add]
21. Tea for Two [add]

Moonlight Bay: Songs as Is Songs as Was (1998) 01. On the Road to Mandalay [add]
02. Moonlight Bay [add]
03. Hello Ma Baby [add]
04. Billy [add]
05. Schoo Days [add]
06. Mirandy [add]
07. Poor Butterfly [add]
08. Nobody's Lookin But de Owl an' de Moon [add]
09. Asleep in the Deep [add]
10. Beale Street Blues [add]
11. Life's a Funny Proposition After All [add]
12. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles [add]
13. Can't You Heah Me Callin', Caroline? [add]
14. I Might Be Your Once-In-A-While [add]
15. Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl [add]
16. The Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo [add]
17. Some Little Bug Is Going to Find You [add]
18. Daisy Bell [add]
19. Just A-Wearyin' for You [add]
20. Little Annie Rooney [add]
21. The Widow Nolan's Goat [add]
22. Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway [add]
23. My Gal Sal [add]
24. Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! [add]

Illuminata (1999) 01. Prologue and Overture [add]
02. Illuminata and the Maiden [add]
03. Illuminata Serioso [add]
04. Canzonetta [add]
05. Rendezvous - A Night of Intrigue [Tango] [add]
06. Simone's Waltz [add]
07. The Chase; Overture: Il Generico [add]
08. Beppo's Tune [add]
09. Illuminata in Reverie [add]
10. Night of Intrigue, Pt. 2 [add]
11. Stage Fright [add]
12. Prologue and Passacaglia [add]
13. Illuminata Rag [add]

Cabaret Songs (Complete) [live] (2004) 01. Ancient Cabaret (2001): On a Statue of a Runner [add]
02. Ancient Cabaret (2001): Unlucky Eutichus [add]
03. Ancient Cabaret (2001): An Encaustic Painting [add]
04. Ancient Cabaret (2001): Timomarchus's Picture of Medea in Rome [add]
05. Ancient Cabaret (2001): Praxiteles' Aphrodite [add]
06. Cabaret Songs, Vol. I (1978): Over the Piano [add]
07. Cabaret Songs, Vol. I (1978): Fur (Murray the Furrier) [add]
08. Cabaret Songs, Vol. I (1978): He Tipped the Waiter [add]
09. Cabaret Songs, Vol. I (1978): Waitin [add]
10. Cabaret Songs, Vol. I (1978): Song of Black Max (As Told by de Kooning [add]
11. Cabaret Songs, Vol. I (1978): Amor lyrics
12. Cabaret Songs, Vol. II (1981-1983): Places to Live [add]
13. Cabaret Songs, Vol. II (1981-1983): Toothbrush Time [add]
14. Cabaret Songs, Vol. II (1981-1983): Surprise! [add]
15. Cabaret Songs, Vol. II (1981-1983): The Actor [add]
16. Cabaret Songs, Vol. II (1981-1983): Oh Close the Curtain [add]
17. Cabaret Songs, Vol. II (1981-1983): George lyrics
18. Cabaret Songs, Vol. III (1996): The Total Stranger in the Garden [add]
19. Cabaret Songs, Vol. III (1996): Love in the Thirties [add]
20. Cabaret Songs, Vol. III (1996): Thius King of Orf [add]
21. Cabaret Songs, Vol. III (1996): Miracle Song [add]
22. Cabaret Songs, Vol. III (1996): Satisfaction [add]
23. Cabaret Songs, Vol. III (1996): Radical Sally [add]
24. Cabaret Songs, Vol. IV (1996): Angels Are the Highest Form of Virtue [add]
25. Cabaret Songs, Vol. IV (1996): Poet Pal of Mine [add]
26. Cabaret Songs, Vol. IV (1996): Can't Sleep [add]
27. Cabaret Songs, Vol. IV (1996): At the Last Lousy Moments of Love [add]
28. Cabaret Songs, Vol. IV (1996): Lady Luck [add]
29. Cabaret Songs, Vol. IV (1996): Blue [add]

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