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Jon Lucien lyrics
Genre: Vocal
I Am Now (1970) 01. Dindi [add]
02. When I Look in Your Eyes [add]
03. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
04. Find Yourself a Lover [add]
05. Love for Sale [add]
06. My Cherie Amour [add]
07. I Am Now [add]
08. How Insensitive [add]
09. Who Will Buy? [add]
10. A Time for Us [add]
11. The Sound of Music [add]

Rashida (1973) 01. Kuenda [add]
02. Would You Believe in Me [add]
03. Lady Love lyrics
04. Luella [add]
05. Shana [add]
06. Satan [add]
07. Rashida lyrics
08. The War Song lyrics
09. Esperanza [add]
10. Love Everlasting [add]
11. Zenzile [add]

Mind's Eye (1974) 01. Sunny Day [add]
02. Prayer for Peace [add]
03. Adoration [add]
04. So Little Time [add]
05. Listen Love [add]
06. Pleasure of Your Garden [add]
07. World of Joy [add]
08. Ghetto Song [add]
09. Soul Chant [add]
10. When the Morning Comes [add]

Song for My Lady (1975) 01. Soul Mate [add]
02. Dindi [add]
03. You Are My Love [add]
04. Creole Lady [add]
05. Song for My Lady [add]

Listen Love (1991) 01. Take Me Away [add]
02. Mysteries [add]
03. You Take My Breath Away [add]
04. Love Me [add]
05. Nothing Lasts Forever [add]
06. You Don't Need Me [add]
07. You're Sensational [add]
08. My Special Friend [add]
09. Sweet Control [add]
10. Listen Love [add]

Mother Nature's Son (1993) 01. Mother Nature's Son [add]
02. Luna Mi Luna [add]
03. Special Part of Me [add]
04. How About You? [add]
05. But Beautiful [add]
06. Lonely for You [add]
07. Once upon a Time [add]
08. Answer Me, My Love [add]
09. You [add]
10. Where Do We Go from Here [add]
11. Real Love [add]
12. Would You Believe in Me [add]
13. Mi Vida [add]
14. I'll Be Loving You [add]

Endless Is Love (1997) 01. The Look of Love [add]
02. Rashida lyrics
03. This Could Be Paradise [add]
04. Endless Is Love [add]
05. My Special Friend [add]
06. Sailing [add]
07. Sweet Promises [add]
08. Bolero [add]
09. Moonchild [add]
10. Frances [add]

By Request (1999) 01. Hello Like Before [add]
02. Lady Love lyrics
03. Soul Mate [add]
04. Dindi [add]
05. Song for My Lady [add]
06. Luna Mi Luna [add]
07. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
08. The Sound of Music [add]
09. Love Me [add]
10. Creole Lady [add]
11. Radhida [*] [add]

Precious Love (1999) 01. Search for the Inner Self [add]
02. Precious Is Our Love [add]
03. Flower Garden [add]
04. Heart in Love [add]
05. Dindi [add]
06. The Season of Spring [add]
07. My Cherie Amour [add]
08. Strawberrie Don't Know Cherries [add]
09. To Love Somebody [add]
10. How Insensitive [add]
11. Only an Illusion [add]
12. We've Got Love [add]

Man from Paradise (2002) 01. See Through My Eyes [add]
02. In the Night [add]
03. Petty Music [add]
04. Little Bird [add]
05. Charlotte Amalie [add]
06. Let's Go to the Carnival [add]
07. My Passion [add]
08. Baby You Turn Me On [add]
09. Come Share My Love [add]
10. Where Do I Go [add]
11. Children [add]
12. Shu-La-She-Lay [add]

Lucien Romantico (2003) 01. Tender Love of Mine [add]
02. I Like It [add]
03. Together as One [add]
04. Sempre Maria [add]
05. How 'Bout Tonight [add]
06. Tell Me Yoy Love Me [add]
07. Takes More Than Words [add]
08. Too Damn Hot [add]

A Time for Love (2004) 01. A Time for Love [Bosa Nova] [add]
02. Angelina [add]
03. I Believe in You [Afox?] [add]
04. I Didn't Know What Time It Was [Bosa Nova] [add]
05. The Way You Look Tonight [Swing] [add]
06. Lazy Afternoon [Bosa Nova] [add]
07. Memory [add]
08. Mi Bolero [add]
09. Quierem? Mucho [add]
10. People [add]
11. Speak Low [Swunk] [add]
12. This Is All I Ask [add]

Live in NYC (2004) 01. Sunny Day [add]
02. Love Me [add]
03. Out of This World [add]
04. You're Sensational [add]
05. Creole Lady [add]
06. Best Is Yet to Come [add]
07. Angel Eyes [add]
08. Night and Day [add]
09. Take Me Away [add]
10. Dindi [add]

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