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Genre: Rock
Centralia (2001) 01. Of Divided Night [add]
02. Say Goodbye (Play Me a Melody) [add]
03. The Absence of Photographs [add]
04. My Ambiguity Frustrates [add]
05. Border Oklahoma [add]
06. Take Off Your Diamonds [add]
07. Her Averah [add]
08. The Dowery [add]
09. I'm Waiting in Writing [add]
10. Settle In [add]
11. Spanish Thoughts (Excerpt) [excerpt] [add]
12. Her Fond Creation True [add]
13. Centralia (Washington-California) [add]

Winter Farewell (2002) 01. All the Towns Near Boston [add]
02. Final Gratitude [add]
03. The Evergreen [add]
04. Local Posts [add]
05. Sound West [add]
06. Your Sunday Best [add]
07. Slide (Reprise) [add]
08. Slide [add]
09. Hegira [add]
10. The Silent Misinterpreters [add]
11. They Spoke of History [add]
12. What the Days Are Called [add]
13. Thoughts of a Fictional Bride [add]
14. The Things We Do on Sundays [add]
15. Tomorrow's Portraits for the Coming Winter [add]
16. Headphone Brigade [add]

Dusk in Cold Parlours (2003) 01. A Marriage Proposal [add]
02. Letters Opened in the Bar [add]
03. Terrified [add]
04. Kelly Bauman [instrumental] [add]
05. Jealousy, It's True [add]
06. Impossible [add]
07. Oslo [add]
08. Disappear [add]
09. No Else Where He Can Go [add]
10. A Hymnal [instrumental] [add]
11. The Tired Words [add]
12. At Dawn or After Dusk [add]

A Gilded Age (2006) 01. Porch Destruction [add]
02. A Gilded Age [add]
03. Watch the Days Slowly Fade [add]
04. There Are No Places Left for Us [add]
05. Minor Daughter [add]
06. Clyde & New Orleans [add]
07. We Were All Saints [add]
08. A Voice Through the Wall [add]
09. A Gilded Age [CD-ROM Track] [add]

Unsung Colony (2006) 01. The Longest Stare [add]
02. The Shortest Stare [add]
03. Barrels on Fire [add]
04. How to Reel In [add]
05. The New Rise of Labor [add]
06. Rehearsing La Dolce Vita [add]
07. Arrangements Made [add]
08. Drifter [add]
09. Banish All Rock [add]
10. Atget Waltz [add]
11. From the Interests of Few [add]
12. The Longest Stare (Reprise) [add]

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