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Betty Carter lyrics
Genre: Vocal
The Modern Sound of Betty Carter (0000) 01. What A Little Moonlight Can Do [add]
02. There's No You [add]
03. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire [add]
04. Remember [add]
05. My Reverie [add]
06. Mean to Me [add]
07. Don't Weep for the Lady [add]
08. Jazz (Ain't Nothin' But Soul) [add]
09. For You [add]
10. Stormy Weather [add]
11. At Sundown [add]
12. On the Alamo [add]

'Round Midnight [1962] (0000) 01. Nothing More to Look Forward To [add]
02. Who What Why Where When [add]
03. Heart and Soul [add]
04. Call Me Darling [add]
05. When I Fall in Love [add]
06. 'Round Midnight [add]
07. I Wonder [add]
08. Theme from Dr. Kildare (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight) [add]
09. The Good Life [add]
10. Everybody's Somebody's Fool [add]
11. Two Cigarettes in the Dark [add]
12. Shine on Harvest Moon [*] [add]
13. One Note Samba [*] [add]

Inside Betty Carter (0000) 01. This Is Always [add]
02. Look No Further [add]
03. Beware My Heart [add]
04. My Favorite Things [add]
05. Some Other Time [add]
06. Open the Door [add]
07. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most [add]
08. Something Big [add]
09. New England [add]
10. The Moon Is Low [add]
11. Once in Your Life [add]
12. It's a Big Wide Wonderful World [add]
13. There Is No Greater Love [add]
14. You're a Sweetheart [add]
15. Isn't It Romantic? [add]

Finally (0000) 01. Medley: Seems Like Old Times/I Remember You/Remember [add]
02. Blue Moon [add]
03. The Sun Died [add]
04. I Only Have Eyes for You [add]
05. Medley: Body and Soul/Heart and Soul [add]
06. Medley: I Didn't Know What Time It Was/All the Things You Are/I ... [add]
07. Girl Talk [add]
08. You're a Sweetheart [add]
09. Ego [add]
10. All Through the Day [add]

At the Village Vanguard [live] (0000) 01. By the Bend of the River [add]
02. Ego [add]
03. Body and Soul [add]
04. Heart and Soul [add]
05. The Surrey With the Fringe on Top [add]
06. Girl Talk [add]
07. I Didn't Know What Time It Was [add]
08. All the Things You Are [add]
09. I Could Write a Book [add]
10. The Sun Died [add]
11. Please Do Something [add]

The Audience With Betty Carter (0000) 01. Sounds (Movin' On) [add]
02. I Think I Got It Now [add]
03. Caribbean Sun [add]
04. The Trolley Song [add]
05. Everything I Have Is Yours [add]
06. I'll Buy You a Star [add]
07. I Could Write a Book [add]
08. Can't We Talk It Over/Either It's Love or It Isin't [add]
09. Deep Night [add]
10. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most [add]
11. Tight [add]
12. Fake [add]
13. So... [add]
14. My Favorite Things [add]
15. Open the Door [add]

Whatever Happened to Love? [live] (0000) 01. What a Little Moonlight Can Do [add]
02. Cocktails for Two [add]
03. Social Call/Goodbye [add]
04. With No Words [add]
05. New Blues (You Purrrrrr) [add]
06. I Cry Alone [add]
07. Abre la Puerta [add]
08. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye [add]
09. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye [add]

Feed the Fire [live] (0000) 01. Feed the Fire [add]
02. Love Notes [add]
03. Sometimes I'm Happy [add]
04. Lover Man [add]
05. I'm All Smiles [add]
06. If I Should Lose You [add]
07. All or Nothing at All [add]
08. What Is This Tune? [add]
09. Day Dream [add]
10. B's Blues [add]

I'm Yours, You're Mine (0000) 01. This Time lyrics
02. I'm Yours, You're Mine [add]
03. Lonely House [add]
04. Close Your Eyes [add]
05. Useless Landscape [add]
06. East of the Sun [add]
07. September Song [add]

Meet Betty Carter and Ray Bryant (1955) 01. Sneaking Around [add]
02. Moonlight in Vermont [add]
03. What Is This Thing Called Love? [add]
04. Thou Swell [add]
05. Willow Weep for Me [add]
06. I Could Write a Book [add]
07. Threesome [add]
08. Gone With the Wind [add]
09. Old Devil Moon [add]
10. The Way You Look Tonight [add]
11. No Moon at All [add]
12. Can't We Be Friends? [add]

The Betty Carter Album (1972) 01. You're a Sweetheart [add]
02. I Can't Help It [add]
03. What Is It? [add]
04. On Our Way up (Sister Candy) [add]
05. We Tried [add]
06. Happy [add]
07. Sunday, Monday or Always [add]
08. Tight [add]
09. Children Learn What They Live [add]
10. Sounds (Movin' On) [add]

Look What I Got (1988) 01. Look What I Got! lyrics
02. That Sunday, That Summer [add]
03. The Man I Love [add]
04. All I Got [add]
05. Just Like the Movies (Time) [add]
06. Imagination [add]
07. Mr. Gentleman [Sequel to Tight] [add]
08. Make It Last [add]
09. The Good Life [add]

Droppin' Things (1990) 01. 30 Years lyrics
02. Stardust/Memories of You lyrics
03. What's the Use of Wond'rin' [add]
04. Open the Door '90 [add]
05. Droppin' Things [add]
06. I Love Music [add]
07. Why Him? lyrics
08. Dull Day (In Chicago) [add]

It's Not About the Melody (1992) 01. Naima's Love Song [add]
02. Stay as Sweet as You Are [add]
03. Make Him Believe [add]
04. I Should Care [add]
05. Once upon a Summertime [add]
06. You Go to My Head [add]
07. In the Still of the Night [add]
08. When It's Sleepy Time Down South [add]
09. The Love We Had Yesterday [add]
10. Dip Bag [add]
11. You're Mine, You [add]

I Didn't Know What Time It Was (1994) 01. Intro [add]
02. What's New? [add]
03. Tight [add]
04. Medley: If I Should Loose You/Just Friends/I Didn't Know What Time I [add]
05. My Favourite Things [add]
06. You're a Sweetheart [add]
07. All Through the Day [add]

Duets: Live at the Great American Music Hall (1996) 01. What's New? [add]
02. Stolen Moments [Aka You Belong to Her] [add]
03. But Beautiful [add]
04. Am I Blue [add]
05. Glad to Be Unhappy/Where or When [add]
06. Sometimes I'm Happy [add]
07. Isn't It Romantic? [add]
08. Sophisticated Lady [add]
09. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [add]
10. I Hear Music [add]
11. Love Dance [add]
12. That Old Devil Moon [add]

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