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Galt MacDermot lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Foolish Lover (1964) 01. Mountain Magic [add]
02. One Beat Short [add]
03. Together [add]
04. Wait for the Coin to Drop [add]
05. Old Folks at Home [add]
06. Foolish Lover [add]
07. March Past [add]
08. Scotch Mist [add]
09. Liverpool [add]
10. Three Is Disguise [add]
11. Freefall [add]
12. Let Me Ask You Something [add]
13. Ocean Roll [add]
14. Convective Clouds [add]
15. No Heat [add]

Hair Today (1994) 01. Aquarius [add]
02. Sodomy [add]
03. Colored Spade [add]
04. Manchester England [add]
05. Ain't Got No [add]
06. Hair [add]
07. Easy to Be Hard [add]
08. Frank Mills [add]
09. Where Do I Go? [add]
10. Walking in Space [add]
11. Black Boys [add]
12. White Boys [add]
13. 3-5-0-0 [add]
14. What a Piece of Work Is Man [add]
15. Good Morning Starshine [add]
16. Let the Sunshine In [add]

Reflections of a Radically Right Wing Composer (1995) 01. Splendour and the Blues [add]
02. Rooty-Toot [add]
03. Song to a Torch [add]
04. The Straight and Narrow Lament [add]
05. Lavender and Musk [add]
06. That Old Jazz Feeling [add]
07. A Night Club Oration [add]
08. Beyond Dusk [add]
09. Two Souls Blended [add]
10. The Darkness and the Light [Themes from the Film Mistress] [add]
11. Rachel's Theme [Themes from the Film Mistress] [add]
12. The Girlfriend [Themes from the Film Mistress] [add]
13. Homeless [Themes from the Film Mistress] [add]
14. Flight to the Sun [From Shows and Events] [add]
15. Conversations Without End [From Shows and Events] [add]
16. The Himalayas [From Shows and Events] [add]
17. Prelude on Love [From Shows and Events] [add]
18. The Ragtime Kid [From Shows and Events] [add]
19. Sublime Climb [From Shows and Events] [add]
20. Steel [From Shows and Events] [add]
21. Ships in the Bay [From Shows and Events] [add]
22. War [From Shows and Events] [add]
23. Take Care [From Shows and Events] [add]

El Nino (1998) 01. L.A. Suite: L.A. Lustre [add]
02. L.A. Suite: Epiphany [add]
03. L.A. Suite: Dream Town [add]
04. L.A. Suite: Tinsel.Com [add]
05. L.A. Suite: Decaf Trail [add]
06. L.A. Suite: Reality Check [add]
07. L.A. Suite: Retro Vamp [add]
08. L.A. Suite: Dance Hall [add]
09. El Ni?o [add]
10. Grecco African Suite: Man You Must [add]
11. Grecco African Suite: To Die for an Eye [add]
12. Grecco African Suite: Fleet, the Bare Feet [add]
13. Grecco African Suite: Come Home Sue [add]
14. Grecco African Suite: Bitter Ecstasy [add]
15. Snug Harbor Concerto: Movement 1 [add]
16. Snug Harbor Concerto: Movement 2 [add]
17. Snug Harbor Concerto: Movement 3 [add]
18. Snug Harbor Concerto: Movement 4 [add]
19. Snug Harbor Concerto: Movement 5 [add]
20. Snug Harbor Concerto: Movement 6 [add]
21. Snug Harbor Concerto: Movement 7 [add]

The Thomas Hardy Songs (1998) 01. The Dark Eyed Gentleman [add]
02. The Voice [add]
03. Weathers [add]
04. I Need Not Go [add]
05. The Coquette and After [add]
06. A Placid Man's Epitaph [add]
07. Side by Side [add]
08. The Orphaned Old Maid [add]
09. In Church [add]
10. The Selfsame Song [add]
11. If It's Ever Spring Again [add]
12. An Experience [add]
13. The Face at the Casement [add]
14. Mismet [add]
15. News for Her Mother [add]
16. The Sigh [add]
17. Bereft [add]
18. The Walk [add]
19. To the Moon [add]
20. Ah, Are You Diggin on My Grave? [add]
21. Song of Hope [add]
22. The Two Wives [add]
23. I Worked No Wile [add]
24. An Autumn Rain-Scene [add]
25. Lost Love [add]
26. A Bygone Occasion [add]

Corporation (2000) 01. Brightness [add]
02. Corporation [add]
03. Down and Low [add]
04. American Air [add]
05. I Fly Each Week [add]
06. Now You Know [add]
07. Image [add]
08. Power [add]
09. My Encounter [add]
10. Free and Happy [add]
11. I'm So Moved [add]
12. Robash Tree [add]
13. Philanthrops [add]
14. Nothing That You Said [add]
15. Off the Coast [add]
16. Destiny [add]
17. African Prayer [add]

Spotted Owl (2000) 01. Spotted Owl [add]
02. The Passerby [add]
03. Coffee Cold [add]
04. Subterranean Shift [add]
05. African Prayer [instrumental] [add]
06. Baby Will Rock [add]
07. Pianologue, Pt. 1 [add]
08. Transition [add]
09. Pianologue, Pt. 2 [add]
10. Pianologue, Pt. 3 (Blues) [add]
11. Pianologue, Pt. 4 [Ragtime Kid] [add]
12. Clearvu the Seer [add]
13. In a Peruvian Monastery [add]
14. Tending the Herb [add]
15. Down and Low [instrumental] [add]
16. Round I [add]
17. Time Out [add]
18. Round II [add]
19. Time Out [add]
20. Round III [add]
21. Final Staccato [add]
22. Flat Dance [add]
23. Last Run [add]

Paul Laurence Dunbar in Song (2001) 01. He Had His Dream [add]
02. A Negro Love Song [add]
03. Whip-Poor-Will and Katy-Did [add]
04. Keep-A-Pluggin' Away [add]
05. Invitation to Love [add]
06. Hymn (When Storms Arise [add]
07. Keep a Song Up on de Way [add]
08. A Plantation Melody [add]
09. Advice [add]
10. When Malindy Sings [add]
11. The Boogah Man [add]
12. Joggin' Erlong [add]
13. Discovered [add]
14. We Wear the Mask [add]
15. Spring Song [add]
16. Hymn (O Lil'lamb) [add]
17. When Dey 'Listed Colored Soldiers [add]
18. Accountability [add]
19. Dreams (Ah! Dreams) [add]
20. Faith [add]
21. Lullaby [add]

Waiting for the Limo (2003) 01. Waiting for the Limo [add]
02. Golden Glow [add]
03. Flat Dance [add]
04. Travel Time [add]
05. Heading for the Wedding [add]
06. Awake O Bride [add]
07. Molly [add]
08. Blessing [add]
09. Toccata for Saxophone [add]
10. Walk Away Happy [add]
11. The Way of the Land [add]
12. The Preservation and Education of a Teenager in Africa [add]
13. Pestilence, Famine and War [add]
14. Blatant Escape [add]
15. Sanctuary [add]
16. Reading Class [add]
17. Piano in the Library [add]
18. The Right to Know [add]
19. Educated Rest [add]
20. Spinning [add]
21. The Woodcutter's Meditation [add]

Up from the Basement (2003) 01. Ripped Open by Metal Explosions [add]
02. Duffer in F [Version 2] [add]
03. Never Die, Desire Not [From "American Express"] [add]
04. There Was There [add]
05. Come Away Death [add]
06. "Cool It With Contac" Radio Spot [add]
07. DD-2-01 [add]
08. Lost Dreams [add]
09. Ghetto Suite Medley [add]
10. Wurly [add]
11. Ba Ba Black Baby [add]
12. DD-2-03 [add]
13. Prison Life [add]
14. Rhinoceros Main Theme [add]
15. DD-2-02 [add]
16. Water Fight [add]
17. Love Knows No Season [add]
18. Let the Sunshine In [add]
19. Cleanly and Plump [add]
20. Piano Concerto, Pt. 1 [add]
21. Piano Concerto, Pt. 2 [add]
22. Woe Is Me [add]
23. And He Will Not Come Again [add]
24. St. Valentine's Day [add]

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