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Irving Berlin lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Great American Composers: Irving Berlin (1989) 01. Alexander's Ragtime Band lyrics
02. Always lyrics
03. Shaking the Blues Away [add]
04. All by Myself [add]
05. Marrying for Love [add]
06. Its a Lovely Day Tomorrow [add]
07. Let's Face the Music and Dance [add]
08. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm [add]
09. You Keep Coming Back Like a Song [add]
10. What'll I Do lyrics
11. They Say It's Wonderful lyrics
12. Remember lyrics
13. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
14. Change Partners lyrics
15. Doin' What Comes Natur'lly lyrics
16. Blue Skies lyrics
17. Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep) [add]
18. I Got Lost in His Arms [add]
19. The Girl That I Marry lyrics
20. Cheek to Cheek [add]
21. White Christmas lyrics
22. "Call Me Madam" Overture [add]
23. I Got the Sun in the Morning [add]
24. Don't Be Afraid of Romance [add]
25. Be Careful, It's My Heart lyrics
26. Isn't This a Lovely Day [add]
27. Harlem on My Mind [add]
28. He Ain't Got Rhythm lyrics
29. Paris Wakes Up and Smiles [add]
30. Homework lyrics
31. The Best Things Happen When You're Dancing [add]
32. The Piccolino lyrics
33. Marie lyrics
34. This Is the Army, Mr. Jones [add]
35. Anything You Can Do lyrics
36. Say It With Music [add]
37. This Year's Kisses lyrics
38. No Strings (I'm Fancy Free) [add]
39. Easter Parade lyrics
40. Say It Isn't So [add]
41. How About Me? [add]
42. There's No Business Like Show Business lyrics

Alexander's Ragtime Band [Vintage Jazz Classic] (1990) 01. Prologue [Spoken] [add]
02. Opening/Say It With Music [Spoken] [add]
03. Heat Wave lyrics
04. When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam'/Somebody's Coming to My [add]
05. What Can a Songwriter Say? [add]
06. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy [add]
07. Jolson Introduces Eddie Cantor [Spoken] [add]
08. My Wife's Gone to the Country [add]
09. Jolson-Cantor Dialogue [Spoken] [add]
10. This Is the Life [add]
11. Jolson and Cantor Challenge Berlin to Sing [Spoken] [add]
12. Mandy lyrics
13. Jolson, Cantor, Berlin and Sophie Tucker: Kvelling Supreme [add]
14. The International Rag [add]
15. Jolson Introduces Ben Bernie, Who Performs a Humorous Dialogue ... [Spoken] [add]
16. Ragtime Violin [add]
17. Jolson Presides over the Brox Sisters Reunion [add]
18. Everybody Step lyrics
19. Jolson Introduces Rudy Vallee/Vallee Tells Story Behind the Next ... [add]
20. Say It Isn't So [add]
21. Rudy Vallee Introduces "Marie" [Spoken] [add]
22. Marie lyrics
23. In New York, Jolson Introduces Connee Boswell [Spoken] [add]
24. When I Lost You lyrics
25. All Alone lyrics
26. Remember lyrics
27. Always lyrics
28. Jolson Gets Sentimental and Introduces Guy Lombardo [Spoken] [add]
29. Easter Parade lyrics
30. Jolson Introduces and Kvells Ethel Merman [Spoken] [add]
31. My Walking Stick [add]
32. Jolson Introduces Paul Whiteman [Spoken] [add]
33. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody [add]
34. Say It With Music/Jolson Introduces Louella Parsons Who Interviews ... [add]
35. The 20th Century-Fox Fanfare Then Introduces a Special Radio Preview ... [add]
36. Alexander's Ragtime Band, Pt. 1 [Instrumental/Vocal] [add]
37. Now It Can Be Told lyrics
38. Radio Preview Continues With Faye Speaking [Spoken] [add]
39. Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning [add]
40. Alexander's Ragtime Band, Pt. 2 [add]
41. Alexander's Ragtime Band, Pt. 3/Closing Announcements [Spoken] [add]

On the Avenue (2000) 01. Main Title [add]
02. He Ain't Got Rhythm lyrics
03. The Girl on the Police Gazette [add]
04. Your'e Lauthing at Me [add]
05. This Year's Kisses lyrics
06. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm [add]
07. Slumming on Park Avenue [add]
08. You're Laughing at Me [add]
09. This Year's Kisses lyrics
10. End Title [add]
11. Main Title [Pretty Baby] [add]
12. I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak [add]
13. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody [add]
14. I'm Just Wild About Harry [add]
15. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry [add]
16. California, Here I Come [add]
17. Rose of Washington Square [add]
18. My Mammy [add]
19. My Man [add]
20. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows [add]
21. I'll See You in My Dreams [add]
22. I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak [add]

Holiday Inn [Original Soundtrack] (2000) 01. Main Title: Ouverture [add]
02. I'll Capture Your Heart [add]
03. Lazy lyrics
04. You're Easy to Dance With [add]
05. White Christmas lyrics
06. Happy Holiday lyrics
07. Let's Start the New Year Right [add]
08. Abraham lyrics
09. Be Careful, It's My Heart lyrics
10. 'Cause I Can't Tell a Lie [add]
11. Easter Parade lyrics
12. I'm Singing a Song of Freedom [add]
13. Let's Say It With Firecrackers [add]
14. I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For [add]
15. Hollywood Medley [add]
16. White Christmas lyrics
17. Ending Medley [add]
18. Trailer [add]

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