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Genre: New Age
Green Card (1980) 01. Subway Drums [add]
02. Instinct [add]
03. Restless Elephants [add]
04. Cafe Afrika [add]
05. Greenhouse [add]
06. Moonlight [add]
07. 9am Central Park [add]
08. Clarinet Concerto in a Major: Adagio [add]
09. Silence [add]
10. Instinct II [add]
11. Asking You [add]
12. Pour Bront? [add]
13. Eyes on the Prize [add]

World Apart (1987) 01. Nkosi Sikeleli Africa [add]
02. World Apart Suite [add]
03. Zithulele Mama [add]
04. Amandla [add]
05. Penny Whistle Song [add]
06. Let's Twist Again [add]
07. Bhayakala [add]
08. Molly's Theme [add]
09. World Apart - End Title [add]

Driving Miss Daisy (1989) 01. Kiss of Fire [add]
02. Santa Baby [add]
03. Driving [add]
04. Home [add]
05. Georgia [add]
06. Driving Miss Daisy (End Titles) [add]
07. Song to the Moon (Excerpt from the Opera "Rusalka") [add]

Paperhouse (1989) 01. Overture [add]
02. Is Anybody There? [add]
03. Sanctus [From Gabriel Faur?'s Requiem] [add]
04. I'll Be Back [add]
05. The Staricase [add]
06. Me and My Daughter, We Get on Like a House on Fire [add]

New Music in Films (1989) 01. Burning Secret [add]
02. The Fruit Machine [add]
03. Diamond Skulls [add]

Pacific Heights [Original Soundtrack] (1990) 01. Part I [add]
02. Part II [add]
03. Part III [add]
04. Part IV [add]

The Power of One (1992) 01. The Rainmaker [add]
02. Mother Africa [add]
03. Of Death & Dying [add]
04. Limpopo River Song [add]
05. The Power of One [add]
06. Woza Mfana [add]
07. Southland Concerto [add]
08. Senzenini [add]
09. Penny Whistle Song [add]
10. The Funeral Song [add]
11. Wangal' Unozipho [add]
12. 12 Mother Africa (Reprise) [add]

Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World (1992) 01. Shaman's Song [add]
02. Stones for a Thousand Years [add]
03. The Journey Begins [add]
04. The Stone Drag [add]
05. Courting Song/Love in the Himalayas [add]
06. Inventing Reality [add]
07. Fiddlers/Pilgrimage to Wirikuta [add]
08. The Shock of the Other [add]
09. Race of the Initiates [add]
10. The Art of Living [add]
11. Geerewol Celebrations [add]
12. Song for the Dead [add]
13. Pilgrim's Chant/In the Land of the Ancestors [add]
14. An Ecology of Mind [add]
15. Well Song/A Desert Home [add]
16. Initation Chant/Rites of Passage [add]
17. The Journey Continues [add]
18. Millennium Theme [add]

Music Inspired by the film K2 (1992) 01. The Ascent [add]
02. The Descent [add]

Radio Flyer [Original Soundtrack] (1992) 01. Radio Flyer, Pt. 1: Building the Flyer/On the Road to ... [add]
02. Radio Flyer, Pt. 2: Expeditioning/Mix the Potion/Four Discoveries [add]
03. Radio Flyer, Pt. 3: Sampson and Shane/Fisher's Legend/The Big Idea [add]
04. The Name Game [add]

The House of the Spirits (1993) 01. The House of the Spirits [add]
02. Clara [add]
03. Coup [add]
04. Pedro and Blanca [add]
05. Clara's Ghost/La Paloma/Closing Titles [add]

I'll Do Anything [Original Soundtrack] (1994) 01. Matt [add]
02. Burke [add]
03. Cathy [add]
04. Jeannie [add]
05. You Are the Best [add]

Renaissance Man [Original Score] (1994) 01. Welcome to the Army [add]
02. Letter from Home [add]
03. Serving Your Country [add]
04. To Thine Own Self... [add]
05. Stay with Me [add]
06. Victory Starts Here [add]
07. Benitez Does Henry [add]
08. Everyone Is a Hero [add]
09. To Be or Not to Be [add]

Drop Zone [Original Soundtrack] (1994) 01. Drop Zone [add]
02. Hyphopera [add]
03. Hijack [add]
04. Terry's Dropped Out [add]
05. Flashback/Fries [add]
06. Miami Jump [add]
07. Too Many Notes-Not Enough Rest [add]
08. After the Dub [add]

Beyond Rangoon [Original Soundtrack] (1995) 01. Waters of Irrawaddy [add]
02. Memories of the Dead [add]
03. I Dreamt I Woke Up [add]
04. Freedom from Fear [add]
05. Brother Morphine [add]
06. Our Ways Will Part [add]
07. Village Under Siege [add]
08. Beyond Rangoon [add]

Crimson Tide (1995) 01. Mutiny [add]
02. Alabama [add]
03. Little Ducks [add]
04. 1SQ [add]
05. Roll Tide/Hymn: Father Strong to Save [add]

Nine Months (1995) 01. The Time of Your Life [add]
02. Let's Get It On [add]
03. Turn Back the Hands of Time [add]
04. Baby, Baby [add]
05. It's a Boy [add]
06. Voodoo Woman [add]
07. Baby's Room [add]
08. From Russia... [add]
09. We Can Work It Out [add]
10. Open Your Eyes [add]

Broken Arrow (1996) 01. Brothers [add]
02. Secure [add]
03. Stealth [add]
04. Mine [add]
05. Nuke [add]
06. Greed [add]
07. Hammerhead [add]
08. Broken Arrow [add]

The Rock [Original Soundtrack] (1996) 01. Hummell Gets the Rockets [add]
02. Rock House Jail [add]
03. Jade [add]
04. In the Tunnels [add]
05. Mason's Walk -- First Launch [add]
06. Rocket Away [add]
07. Fort Walton -- Kansas [add]
08. The Chase [add]

Smilla's Sense of Snow (1997) 01. Greenland: Anno 1859 [add]
02. Isaiah's Theme [add]
03. Smilla Learns More [add]
04. Threatened with Jail [add]
05. Who Is the Mechanic? [add]
06. Secrets of the Ship [add]
07. Chase at Sea [add]
08. Greenland Revisited [add]
09. The Truth Revealed [add]
10. End Titles [add]

Peacemaker (1997) 01. Trains [add]
02. Devoe's Revenge [add]
03. Sarajevo [add]
04. Chase [add]
05. Peacemaker [add]

As Good as It Gets (1998) 01. As Good as It Gets [add]
02. A Better Man [add]
03. Humanity [add]
04. Too Much Reality [add]
05. [add]
06. Greatest Woman on Earth [add]
07. Everything My Heart Desires [add]
08. Under Stars [#] [add]
09. My Only lyrics
10. For Sentimental Reasons (I Love You) [add]
11. Hand on My Heart [add]
12. Climb on (A Back That's Strong) [add]
13. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life [add]

The Thin Red Line (1999) 01. The Coral Atoll [add]
02. The Lagoon [add]
03. Journey to the Line [add]
04. Light [add]
05. Beam [add]
06. Air [add]
07. Stone in My Heart [add]
08. The Village [add]
09. Silence [add]
10. God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi [add]
11. Sit Back and Relax [add]

Gladiator [2000 Original Score] (2000) 01. Progeny [add]
02. The Wheat [add]
03. The Battle [add]
04. Earth [add]
05. Sorrow [add]
06. To Zucchabar [add]
07. Patricide [add]
08. The Emperor Is Dead [add]
09. The Might of Rome [add]
10. Strength and Honor [add]
11. Reunion [add]
12. Slaves to Rome [add]
13. Barbarian Horde [add]
14. Am I Not Merciful? [add]
15. Elysium [add]
16. Honor Him [add]
17. Now We Are Free [add]

Mission Impossible 2 [Score] (2000) 01. Hijack [add]
02. Zap Mama Iko-Iko [add]
03. Seville [add]
04. Nyah [Film Version] [add]
05. Theme from Mission: Impossible [add]
06. The Heist [add]
07. Ambrose [add]
08. Bio-Techno [add]
09. Injection [add]
10. Bare Island [add]
11. Chimera [add]
12. The Bait [add]
13. Mano a Mano [add]
14. Mission: Accomplished [add]
15. Nyah and Ethan [add]

An Everlasting Piece (2000) 01. Repo Man [add]
02. The Demon Barber of Dublin [add]
03. One Hundred and Ninety [add]
04. Day Job [add]
05. You Gotta Lose to Win [add]
06. Toup?e [add]
07. The Rant [add]
08. Glass Slipper [add]
09. I'm a Dick [add]
10. It Takes a Woman [add]
11. The Piece Maker [add]
12. Piece on Earth [add]
13. The Piece People [add]
14. F**Kin' Genius [add]
15. Piece Offering [add]
16. Jiggy's Last Jam [add]

Hannibal (2001) 01. Dear Clarice [add]
02. Aria da Capo [add]
03. The Capponi Library [add]
04. Gourmet Valse Tartare [add]
05. Avarice [add]
06. For a Small Stipend [add]
07. Firenze Di Notte [add]
08. Virtue [add]
09. Let My Home Be My Gallows [add]
10. The Burning Heart [add]
11. To Every Captive Soul [add]
12. Vide Cor Meum [add]

Gladiator: More Music From the Motion Picture (2001) 01. Duduk of the North [add]
02. Now We Are Free [Juba's Mix] [add]
03. The Protector of Rome [add]
04. Homecoming [add]
05. The General Who Became a Slave [add]
06. The Slave Who Became a Gladiator [add]
07. Secrets [add]
08. Rome Is the Light [add]
09. All That Remains [add]
10. Maximus [add]
11. Marrakesh Marketplace [add]
12. The Gladiator Waltz [Original Synth Demo Version by Hans Zimmer] [add]
13. Figurines [add]
14. The Mob [add]
15. Busy Little Bee [add]
16. Death Smiles at Us All [add]
17. Not Yet [add]
18. Now We Are Free [Maximus Mix] [add]

Wings of Film: The Music of Hans Zimmer Live (2001) 01. Gladiator: Now We Are Free [add]
02. Gladiator: Am I Not Merciful [add]
03. Driving Miss Daisy: Driving [add]
04. Thelma & Louise: Thunderbird [add]
05. Thin Red Line: Journey To The Line [add]
06. Mission: Impossible 2: Nyah And Ethan [add]
07. Lion King: Lea Halalela [add]
08. Power Of One: Mother Africa [add]
09. Nine Months: Suite [add]
10. Rain Man: Main Theme [add]
11. True Romance: Main Theme [add]
12. Lion King: Busa [add]

The Pledge (2001) 01. The Angler [add]
02. Boogie Man [add]
03. Jerry and Lori [add]
04. Church Nightmare [add]
05. Revisit Crime Scene [add]
06. My Coat [add]
07. The Wizard [add]
08. Ex Cop [add]
09. He'd Rather Not [add]
10. Land of Christmas [add]
11. Reading Stories [add]
12. Turkeys [add]
13. The Pledge [add]
14. The Swing [add]
15. Ginny's Picture [add]
16. You're Crazy [add]

Black Hawk Down (2002) 01. Hunger [add]
02. Barra Barra [add]
03. Vale of Plenty [add]
04. Chant [add]
05. Still [add]
06. Mogadishu Blues [add]
07. Synchrotone [add]
08. Bakara [add]
09. Of the Earth [add]
10. Ashes to Ashes [add]
11. Gortoz a Ran "" J'Attends lyrics
12. Tribal War [add]
13. Leave No Man Behind [add]
14. Minstrel Boy (Film Version) [Film Version] [add]
15. Still (Reprise) [add]

Invincible [Milan] (2002) 01. The Journey [add]
02. Siegfried, the Iron King [add]
03. Master of the Occult [add]
04. The Prophecy [add]
05. Souls [add]
06. Martha Lifts the Elephant [add]
07. Visions [add]
08. The Unknown Just [add]
09. Benjamin Believes [add]
10. 3rd Piano Concerto, in C-Minor 2nd MVT. [add]
11. Ombra Mai F? [add]
12. Sweet & Lovely [add]
13. You're the Cream in My Coffee [add]

Tears of the Sun (2003) 01. Yekeleni, Pt. 1/Mia's Lullabye [add]
02. Heart of Darkeness [add]
03. Small Piece for Doumbek and Strings/Kopano, Pt. 1 [add]
04. Under the Forest Calm [add]
05. Yekeleni, Pt. 2/Carnage [add]
06. Kopano, Pt. 2 [add]
07. Night [add]
08. Cry in Silence [add]
09. The Jablonsky Variations on a Theme by Hz/Cameroon Border Post [add]
10. The Journey/Kopano, Pt. 3 [add]

Matchstick Men [Original Score] (2003) 01. The Good Life [add]
02. Flim Flam [add]
03. Ichi-Ni-San [add]
04. Matchstick Men [add]
05. Weird Is Good [add]
06. Lonely Bull [add]
07. Ticks & Twitches [add]
08. I Have a Daughter? [add]
09. Swedish Rhapsody [add]
10. Keep the Change [add]
11. Nosy Parker [add]
12. Leaning on a Lamp Post [add]
13. Pool Lights [add]
14. Pygmies! [add]
15. Charmaine [add]
16. Roy's Rules [add]
17. Carpeteria [add]
18. Shame on You [add]
19. Tuna Fish and Cigarettes [add]
20. No More Pills [add]
21. Tijuana Taxi [add]
22. The Banker's Waltz [add]

The Last Samurai (2003) 01. A Way of Life [add]
02. Spectres in the Fog [add]
03. Taken [add]
04. A Hard Teacher [add]
05. To Know My Enemy [add]
06. Idyll's End [add]
07. Safe Passage [add]
08. Ronin [add]
09. Red Warrior [add]
10. The Way of the Sword [add]
11. A Small Measure of Peace [add]

Thunderbirds [Film Soundtrack] (2004) 01. Thunderbirds Are Go! (Original TV Series Theme) [add]
02. International Rescue [add]
03. Lady Penelope: At Your Service [add]
04. The Hood [add]
05. You Need to Grow Up [add]
06. Can't Wait to Be a Thunderbird [add]
07. Galion Electrolyte Compound [add]
08. TB 3 Takeoff [add]
09. Tracy Island [add]
10. Junior Mission [add]
11. Fafafa...No Way! [add]
12. Thunderize! [add]
13. Lady Penelope to the Rescue [add]
14. Buggy Chase [add]
15. Major Disaster [add]
16. Bank of England [add]
17. F.A.B. [add]
18. Thunderbirds Are Go! [Busted Version] [add]

Spanglish [Original Soundtrack] (2005) 01. Spanglish [add]
02. The Beach [add]
03. Welcome to the Claskys [add]
04. Drunk and Disorderly [add]
05. John Comes Home [add]
06. Learning English [add]
07. No Left [add]
08. Malibu [add]
09. Cooking [add]
10. Bus Stop [add]
11. They Can't Take That Away from Me [add]

Batman Begins (2005) 01. Vespertilio [add]
02. Esptesicus [add]
03. My Otis [add]
04. Barbastella [add]
05. Artibeus [add]
06. Tadarida [add]
07. Macrotus [add]
08. Antrozous [add]
09. Nycteris [add]
10. Molossus [add]
11. Corynorhinus [add]
12. Lasiurus [add]

The Da Vinci Code [Original Soundtrack] (2006) 01. Dies Mercurii I Martius [add]
02. L' Esprit des Gabriel [add]
03. The Paschal Spiral [add]
04. Fructus Gravis [add]
05. Ad Arcana [add]
06. Malleus Maleficarum [add]
07. Salvete Virgines [add]
08. Daniel's 9th Cipher [add]
09. Poisoned Chalice [add]
10. The Citrine Cross [add]
11. Rose of Arimathea [add]
12. Beneath Alrischa [add]
13. Chevaliers de Sangreal [add]
14. Kyrie for the Magdalene [add]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) 01. Jack Sparrow [add]
02. The Kraken [add]
03. Davy Jones [add]
04. I've Got My Eye on You [add]
05. Dinner Is Served [add]
06. Tia Dalma [add]
07. Two Hornpipes (Tortuga) [add]
08. A Family Affair [add]
09. Wheel of Fortune [add]
10. You Look Good Jack [add]
11. Hello Beastie [add]
12. He's a Pirate [Ti?sto Remix] [add]

The Holiday (2006) 01. Maestro [add]
02. Iris and Jasper [add]
03. Kayak for One [add]
04. Zero [add]
05. Dream Kitchen [add]
06. Separate Vacations [add]
07. Anything Can Happen [add]
08. Light My Fire [add]
09. Definitely Expected [add]
10. If I Wanted to Call You [add]
11. Roadside Rhapsody [add]
12. Busy Guy [add]
13. For Nancy [add]
14. It's Complicated [add]
15. Kiss Goodbye [add]
16. Verso E Prosa [add]
17. Meu Passado [add]
18. The "Cowch" [add]
19. Three Musketeers [add]
20. Christmas Surprise [add]
21. Gumption [add]
22. Cry [add]

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