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Rachel Portman lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
The Joy Luck Club [Original Soundtrack] (1993) 01. The Story of the Swan [add]
02. Escape from Guilin [add]
03. Lindo's Story [add]
04. Best Quality Heart [add]
05. Upturned Chairs [add]
06. June Meets Her Twin Sisters [add]
07. His Little Spirit Had Flown Away [add]
08. An-Mei's Mother Returns [add]
09. Most Important Sacrifice [add]
10. Tiger in the Trees [add]
11. Lindo's Last Night [add]
12. The Babies [add]
13. An-Mei's New Home [add]
14. Swan Feather [add]
15. End Titles [add]

Emma [Original Score] (1996) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. Harriet's Portrait [add]
03. Sewing & Archery [add]
04. Frank Churchill Arrives [add]
05. Celery Root [add]
06. Mr. Elton's Rejection [add]
07. Emma Tells Harriet About Mr. Elton [add]
08. The Coles' Party [add]
09. Mrs. Elton's Visit [add]
10. Emma Dreams of Frank Churchill [add]
11. The Dance [add]
12. Gypsies [add]
13. The Picnic [add]
14. Emma Insults Miss Bates [add]
15. Emma Writes in Her Diary [add]
16. Mr. Knightley Returns [add]
17. Proposal [add]
18. End Titles [add]

Addicted to Love [Original Score] (1997) 01. Walk Away Renee [add]
02. Ma Fianc?e, Elle Est Partie [add]
03. Zoom [add]
04. Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus [add]
05. Comme Toujours [add]
06. S? Tinha de Ser Com Voc? [add]
07. Soukora [add]
08. Autumn Leaves [add]
09. Observatory [add]
10. Water Pistol Attack [add]
11. Sam's Chart [add]
12. Painting the Wall [add]
13. Maggie Enters Loft [add]
14. Rotten Strawberries [add]
15. Sam and Maggie Make Love [add]
16. Back to the Plan [add]
17. Cockroaches [add]
18. Back from Hospital [add]
19. Common Interests [add]
20. Fight [add]
21. We're Even [add]
22. Walk Across the Street [add]
23. Sam Comes Home [add]

Soundtracks (2001) 01. The Cider House Rules (Main Titles) [add]
02. Good-Night, You Kings of New England [From the Cider House Rules] [add]
03. Denver Goes out Yonder [From Beloved] [add]
04. Uhuru [From Beloved] [add]
05. The Picnic [From Emma] [add]
06. Emma (End Titles) [add]
07. The Closer You Get (Main Titles) [add]
08. Ratcatcher [add]
09. Sirens [add]
10. Marvin's Room (Main Titles) [add]
11. Tall Tales [From Marvin's Room] [add]
12. The Wig [From Marvin's Room] [add]
13. Benny and Joon [add]
14. Where Angels Fear to Tread [add]
15. The Story of the Swan [From the Joy Luck Club] [add]
16. Ethan Frome (End Titles) [add]
17. Augie's Photos [From Smoke] [add]
18. Venice [From Only You] [add]
19. Life Is Sweet (Main Titles) [add]
20. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (Main Titles) [add]
21. Great Moments of Aviation (End Titles) [add]
22. Chasing the Fox [From War of the Buttons] [add]
23. War of the Buttons (End Titles) [add]

Little Prince (2005) 01. The Pilot [add]
02. The Little Prince [add]
03. The Stars [add]
04. The Pilot Meets the Prince [add]
05. Sunsets [add]
06. The Prince's Planet [add]
07. The Baobabs [add]
08. On My Planet [add]
09. The Rose [add]
10. The Cranes Are Flying [add]
11. The King [add]
12. The Vain Man [add]
13. The Drunkard [add]
14. The Businessman [add]
15. The Lamplighter [add]
16. We Light Our Lamps [add]
17. The Snake [add]
18. The Rose Garden [add]
19. The Hunters [add]
20. The Fox [add]
21. The Taming [add]
22. Here's My Secret [add]
23. If We Don't Find a Well [add]
24. The Walk to the Well [add]
25. The Well [add]
26. The Time Has Come [add]
27. The Snake Returns [add]
28. It Is the Place [add]
29. Look at the Stars [add]
30. The Little Prince Song [add]

Oliver Twist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2005) 01. Streets of London [add]
02. Road to the Workhouse [add]
03. Kind Old Woman [add]
04. Oliver Runs Away [add]
05. Artful Dodger [add]
06. Fagin's Loot [add]
07. Game [add]
08. Oliver Learns the Hard Way [add]
09. Watching Mr. Brownlow's House [add]
10. Escape from Fagin [add]
11. Prelude to a Robbery [add]
12. Robbery [add]
13. Toby and the Wounded Oliver [add]
14. Nancy's Secret Journey [add]
15. Murder [add]
16. Wanted: Bill Sykes & A Fierce Dog [add]
17. Death of Bill Sykes [add]
18. Newgate Prison [add]

The Lake House [Original Soundtrack] (2006) 01. This Never Happened Before [add]
02. (I Can't Seem To) Make You Mine [add]
03. Time Has Told Me [add]
04. Ant Farm [add]
05. It's Too Late [add]
06. The Lakehouse [add]
07. Pawprints [add]
08. Tough Week [add]
09. Mailbox [add]
10. Sunsets [add]
11. Alex's Father [add]
12. Il Mare [add]
13. Tell Me More [add]
14. She's Gone [add]
15. Wait for Me [add]
16. You Waited [add]
17. I Waited [add]

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