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Genre: Country
How Green Was My Valley (1941) 01. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare [add]
02. Main Title/Huw's Theme [add]
03. The Family and Bronwen [add]
04. Strike/Mother and Huw in Broken Ice [add]
05. Treasure Island/The Spring Birds [add]
06. Angharad and Mister Gruffydd [add]
07. Command from the Queen [add]
08. Huw Walks Among the Daffodils [add]
09. Angharad With the Minister [add]
10. Love Denied [add]
11. School [add]
12. Huw's Lesson/The Mine Tragedy [add]
13. Two More Brothers Leave [add]
14. House on the Hill/Gossip [add]
15. Goodbyes [add]
16. Huw Finds His Father [add]
17. Finale/End Title [add]

Anastasia [Varese] (1956) 01. Fox Fanfare: Anastasia/Paris/Russian Easter [add]
02. Valse [add]
03. Self Destruction [add]
04. Who Am I/The Troika [add]
05. The Beginning [add]
06. The Tivoli/The Sleeping Princess [add]
07. Anastasia Waltz [add]
08. The Meeting [add]
09. The Wildfeuer Polka [add]
10. Recognition [add]
11. Riberhaus Marsch/Marche de Bataille [add]
12. Frustration [add]
13. End Title/Anastasia [add]
14. Anastasia [add]

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) 01. Jesus of Nazareth [add]
02. A Prophecy [add]
03. A Voice in the Wilderness [add]
04. Come Unto Me [add]
05. The Great Journey [add]
06. A Time of Wonders [add]
07. There Shall Come a Time to Enter [add]
08. A New Commandment [add]
09. The Hour Has Come [add]
10. Into Thy Hands [add]
11. The Triumph of the Spirit (Handel's Messiah) [add]
12. Overture - Main Title [#] [add]
13. And the Word Was God/Trumpets Announce the Dawn/The Three Magi [#] [add]
14. The Nativity/The Infant Massacre [#] [add]
15. Flight into Egypt [#] [add]
16. Ophel Quarters [#] [add]
17. Hosanna [#] [add]
18. I Will Make You Fishers of Men [#] [add]
19. Lilies of the Field [#] [add]
20. Jerusalem, Jerusalem/Jesus on Lazarus' Porch/Matthew the Tax Collector [add]
21. Rise and You Shall Walk [#] [add]
22. Misty Night/Trimuphant Return to Capernaum [#] [add]
23. Who Do Men Say That I Am? [#] [add]
24. Jesus and His Mother [#] [add]
25. Jesus Leaves Nazareth [#] [add]
26. Prayer by the Jordan [#] [add]
27. Lazarus Come Forth [#] [add]
28. Entr'acte [add]
29. Judas and Caiaphas/Judas Leaves Caiaphas [#] [add]
30. Garden of Gethsemane/Aram, The First Witness [#] [add]
31. I Am the Son of God/Jesus Before Pilate/Crown of Thorns [#] [add]
32. Via Dolorosa [#] [add]
33. Resurrection and Acension [#] [add]
34. Exit Music [#] [add]

The Egyptian [Varese] (1990) 01. Prelude/The Ruins/The Red Sea and Childhood/The Nile and the Temple [add]
02. Her Name Was Merit [add]
03. The Pharaoh, Akhnaton [add]
04. Nefer-Nefer-Nefer [From "The Egyptian"] [add]
05. The Lotus Pool [add]
06. The Valley of the Kings [add]
07. At the Tomb of Amenhotep [add]
08. The Martyrdom of Merit [add]
09. The Death of Akhnaton [add]
10. Horemheb, the New Pharaoh [add]
11. Exile and Death [add]

The Robe [Fox] (1993) 01. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare [add]
02. Prelude/Main Title [add]
03. The Slave Market [add]
04. Caligula's Arrival [add]
05. Caligula's Departure [add]
06. The Map of Jerusalem [add]
07. Palm Sunday [add]
08. The Carriage of the Cross [add]
09. Marcellus Returns to Capri [add]
10. Attempted Suicide [add]
11. Tiberius' Palace [add]
12. The Market Place [add]
13. Elegy [add]
14. Marcellus' Redemption [Chorus Only] [add]
15. Justus' Death [add]
16. Hymn for the Dead [add]
17. In His Service [add]
18. The Catacombs [add]
19. Room in the Catacombs [add]
20. Hope [add]
21. Demetrius' Rescue, Pts. 1-2 [add]
22. Gallio's House [add]
23. Peter Heals Demetrius [add]
24. Marcellus' Farewell [add]
25. Interior Dungeon [add]
26. Finale/Hallelujah [add]

Airport (1994) 01. Airport (Main Title) [add]
02. Airport Love Theme [add]
03. Inez' Theme [add]
04. Guerreo's Goodbye [add]
05. Ada Quonsett Stowaway [add]
06. Mel and Tanya [add]
07. Airport Love Theme #2 [add]
08. Joe Patroni Plane or Plows? [add]
09. Triangle! [add]
10. Inez-Lost Forever [add]
11. Emergency Landing! [add]
12. Airport (End Title) [add]

How the West Was Won [Rhino] (1997) 01. Overture [medley] [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. This Is the West [add]
04. The Erie Canal [add]
05. Two Hearts on a Tree [add]
06. Shenandoah [add]
07. First Meeting [add]
08. First Kiss [add]
09. The Morning After [add]
10. River Pirates/Stalking and Killing [medley] [add]
11. Godspeed Eve/The Rapids [add]
12. Burial (Bereavement/Rock of Ages/Fulfillment) [add]
13. Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train/War with Mexico/Banks of the Sacrament [medley] [add]
14. Sit Down Sister [add]
15. Wanderin' [add]
16. The Jump-Off Point [add]
17. Cleve Van Valen (Cleve Van Valen/Wagon Train/Morgan, Lilith and Aggie/C [medley/version] [add]
18. Poor Wayfarin' Stranger [add]
19. Raise a Ruckus Tonight [add]
20. Come Share My Life [add]
21. Cheyennes [medley] [add]
22. Careless Love [add]
23. Gold Claim [add]
24. What Was Your Name in the States? [Extended Version] [add]
25. He's Gone Away [outtake] [add]
26. A Home in the Meadow [add]
27. Marriage Proposal [add]
28. Entr'acte [medley] [add]
29. Mr. Lincoln [add]
30. He's Linus' Boy [add]
31. I'm Sad and I'm Lonely [outtake] [add]
32. When Johnny Comes Marching Home [add]
33. Zeb's Return [add]
34. The Pony Express [add]
35. A Railroader's Bride I'll Be [add]
36. Workin' [add]
37. The Jugglers [add]
38. No Goodbye [outtake] [add]
39. Zeb and Jethro [add]
40. Buffalo Stampede/Aftermath [add]
41. Climb a Higher Hill [Extended Version] [add]
42. The Van Valen Auction [add]
43. Gant (Desperado) [add]
44. No Goodbye [add]
45. Celebration [add]
46. Finale [add]
47. Finale Ultimo [add]
48. Exit Music [medley] [add]
49. Miss Bailey's Ghost [Playback Version] [add]
50. Home in the Meadow [Playback Version] [add]

The Keys of the Kingdom (1997) 01. Prelude/Return to Scotland [add]
02. The Journal/Childhood [add]
03. The Kiss at the Station [add]
04. The Fish [add]
05. Nora's Death/The Decision [add]
06. To China/The Mandarin [add]
07. The Mission [add]
08. The Medicine-Box [add]
09. The Operation [add]
10. The Hills of Jade [add]
11. Mother Veronica/The Schoolroom [add]
12. The Bombardment/Hospital/Burning City [add]
13. The Burning Church/Friend's Death [add]
14. The Unexpected Attack [add]
15. The Confession [add]
16. The Journal/Last Entry [add]
17. The Departure/Blessing [add]

The Diary of Anne Frank (1999) 01. Overture [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Families in Hiding (The Secret Annex) [add]
04. The First Day [add]
05. The Captives [add]
06. Exit Music I [add]
07. Intermission [add]
08. Ericka [add]
09. Date with Peter [add]
10. The First Kiss [add]
11. The Dearness of You, Peter [add]
12. Epilogue: I Still Believe, People Are Really Good at Heart [add]
13. Exit Music II [add]

The Song of Bernadette [Tsunami] (2000) 01. Main Theme [add]
02. Poor Man's Life [add]
03. Fetching Wood [add]
04. Virgin Mary [1] [add]
05. Talking About the Vision [add]
06. Gratitude/New Hope [add]
07. Collapse/My Child [add]
08. Virgin Mary [2] [add]
09. The Doctor's Report [add]
10. Talks at the Dean's Home [add]
11. Under Arrest [add]
12. Suffering/Message [add]
13. Waiting for the Miracle/Spring [add]
14. The Dying Child/Healing/Pilgrimage [add]
15. The Immaculate Conception [add]
16. The Warning [add]
17. At the Hospital [add]
18. The Commission [add]
19. Farewell/Eternal Love [add]
20. Entering the Convent [add]
21. The Evidence [add]
22. The Spring Is Not for Me [add]
23. The Procession/Sceptic [add]
24. Bernadette's Death/End [add]
25. Virgin Mary [1] [add]
26. Virgin Mary [Alternate Version] [add]
27. Church Choir [add]
28. The End [Alternate Version] [add]

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