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Erich Korngold lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
The Sea Hawk (1971) 01. The Sea Hawk : Main Title; the Albatross; the Throne [New Extended Version] [add]
02. Of Human Bondage : Main Title; Christmas; Sally; [New Extended Version] [add]
03. Between Two Worlds : Main Title; Mother and Son; [New Extended Version] [add]
04. The Sea Wolf : Main Title; Escape in the Fog; Love Scene; Finale [add]
05. The Contant Nymph: Tomorrow-Tone Poem [add]
06. Kings Row: Main Title [add]
07. Anthony Adverse: No Father, No Mother, No Name; in the Forest [add]
08. Deception: Main Title [add]
09. Devotion: The Death of Emily Bront? [add]
10. Escape Me Never: Main Title; Venice; March; Love Scene; Finale [add]

Robin Hood [Score] (1990) 01. Prologue (Main Title) [add]
02. Banquet at Nottingham Castle [add]
03. Robin Enters the Great Hall [add]
04. Escape from the Castle [add]
05. Robin Meets Little John [add]
06. The Oath and the Black Arrow [add]
07. Robin and Friar Tuck [add]
08. Ambush in Sherwood [add]
09. Feast in the Forest [add]
10. Robin and Marian [add]
11. The Archery Tournament [add]
12. Escape from the Gallows [add]
13. Love Scene [add]
14. Dagger Fight: King Richard in Sherwood [add]
15. Coronation Procession [add]
16. Duel, Victory and Epilogue [add]

Erich Korngold: Adventures of Robin Hood (2000) 01. Main Title from "The Adventures of Robin Hood" [add]
02. Banquet in the Castle [From The Adventures of Robin Hood] [add]
03. Marian and Robin [From The Adventures of Robin Hood] [add]
04. Epilogue [From The Adventures of Robin Hood] [add]
05. End Title (The Adventures of Robin Hood) [add]
06. Main Title from "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" [add]
07. Essex Fanfares [The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex] [add]
08. Essex March [The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex] [add]
09. Elizabeth [The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex] [add]
10. End Title (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex) [add]
11. The Creation [The Green Pastures] [add]
12. The Flood [The Green Pastures] [add]
13. Main Title from "Anthony Adverse" [add]
14. To the Spa [Anthony Adverse] [add]
15. Bonnyfeather [Anthony Adverse] [add]
16. Anthony and Angela [Anthony Adverse] [add]
17. Branwell in the Tavern (Devotion) [add]
18. Crossing the Dolomites [Escape Me Never] [add]
19. Prelude [The Constant Nymph] [add]
20. At the Chalet [The Constant Nymph] [add]
21. Talk About Love [The Constant Nymph] [add]
22. Tomorrow [The Constant Nymph] [add]
23. Sanger's Death/The Hill [The Constant Nymph] [add]
24. I'm Going to Marry Her/Uncle Charles [The Constant Nymph] [add]
25. Loouis and Florence [The Constant Nymph] [add]
26. Forbidden Love/Farewell [The Constant Nymph] [add]
27. Tessa [The Constant Nymph] [add]
28. Tomorrow [The Constant Nymph, Reprise] [add]
29. End Title (The Constant Nymph) [add]

Adventures Of Robin Hood (2003) 01. Main Title - Muted Fanfare [add]
02. Sir Guy and Robin Hood [add]
03. The Meeting [add]
04. The Banquet [add]
05. Robin Hood Outside/Robin Hood's Entrance/The Fight/The Chase of ... [add]
06. Robin Hood Meets Little John/Robin Hood Fights With Little ... [add]
07. The Oath and the Black Arrow [add]
08. The Fish/Robin Hood's Fight With Friar Tuck [add]
09. A New Companion (Friar Tuck) [add]
10. Robin Hood Attacks Sir Guy's Party/The Attack [add]
11. Flirt/Feast/Poor People's Feast/Gold [add]
12. The Poor People [add]
13. The Tournament/Robin Hood's Appearance at the Archery ... [add]
14. Arrest of Robin Hood [add]
15. Tribunal/The Jail [add]
16. The Gallows/The Flight of Robin Hood [add]
17. Love Scene [add]
18. Arrest of Lady Marian [add]
19. Much: The Knife Fight [add]
20. Richard Meets Robin Hood/Richard the Lion-Heart [add]
21. The Procession [add]
22. Prince John [add]
23. The Battle/The Duel/The Victory [add]
24. Epilogue [add]
25. End Cast [add]
26. Original Theatrical Trailer Music [add]

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