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Randy Edelman lyrics
Genre: Rock
Outside In (1972) 01. Home Again [add]
02. Go Baby Go! (Chase) [add]
03. Leaving [add]
04. T-Shirts 'N Jeans And Epilogue [add]
05. Outside In [add]
06. Chris [add]
07. Signs [add]
08. Give a Little Laughter [add]
09. Outside In [add]
10. Home Again Reprise [add]

Randy Edelman (1972) 01. Farmer [add]
02. My Cabin [add]
03. Make a Time for Lovin' [add]
04. Seventh Avenue [add]
05. Just Somebody [add]
06. Give a Little Laughter [add]
07. Sunny Days [add]
08. Piano Picker [add]
09. Wouldn't It Be Nice [add]
10. Please Don't Send Them Anymore [add]

Laughter & Tears (1973) 01. I Can't Make Music [add]
02. Mexico [add]
03. Waterfall [add]
04. On Sunday Afternoon [add]
05. Laughter and the Tears [add]
06. Lost [add]
07. Paris [add]
08. Kentucky Blue [add]
09. End of December [add]
10. It's Nice to Have Something to Believe In [add]

Prime Cuts (1975) 01. Bluebird [add]
02. Pistol Packin' Melody [add]
03. I Am a Dancer [add]
04. Where Did We Go Wrong? [add]
05. Stan, the Pantsman [add]
06. You Are the Sunlight-I Am the Moon [add]
07. Woman on Your Arm [add]
08. Isn't It a Shame [add]
09. Everybody Wants to Call You Sweetheart [add]
10. June Lullaby [add]

Fairwell Fairbanks (1976) 01. Concrete and Clay [add]
02. Blue Street [add]
03. The Uptown, Uptempo Woman (And the Downtown Downbeat Guy) [add]
04. Highway Affair [add]
05. Farewell Fairbanks [add]
06. You [add]
07. Let the Sailors Dance [add]
08. Fresh Out of Love [add]
09. Bring the Baby in With the Bacon [add]
10. A Weekend in New England [add]

If Love Is Real (1977) 01. Take My Hand [add]
02. Slippin' Away [add]
03. Autumn Days With You [add]
04. Today (June Song) [add]
05. Can't It All Be Love [add]
06. If Love Is Real [add]
07. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes [add]
08. Looking up at Mars [add]
09. It's Hard to Say Goodbye [add]
10. Sentimental Fools [add]

Uptown Uptempo (1979) 01. Concrete and Clay [add]
02. Fresh Out'a Love [add]
03. You're the One [add]
04. Slippin' Away [add]
05. The Woman on Your Arm [add]
06. Don't Let Go to Me [add]
07. Can't It All Be Love [add]
08. Uptown, Uptempo Woman [add]
09. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes [add]
10. You [add]
11. A Weekend in New England [add]
12. Take My Hand [add]
13. Pistol Packin' Melody [add]
14. Blue Street [add]

You're the One (1979) 01. Potato in the Rain [add]
02. My Heart Got in the Way [add]
03. All Along the Rhine [add]
04. Don't Let Go of Me [add]
05. You Can Always Buy Her Pearls [add]
06. If This Is Love [add]
07. Thirty Years Old (Mom) [add]
08. Night Music [add]
09. You're the One [add]
10. Time Changes People [add]

Kindergarten Cop [Original Soundtrack] (1990) 01. Astoria School Theme [add]
02. Children's Montage [add]
03. Love Theme (Joyce) [add]
04. Stalking Crisp [add]
05. Dominic's Theme/A Rough Day [add]
06. The Line Up/Fireside Chat [add]
07. Rain Ride [add]
08. The Kindergarten Cop [add]
09. Poor Cindy/Gettysburg Address [add]
10. A Dinner Invitation [add]
11. Love Theme Reprise [add]
12. A Magic Place [add]
13. Kimball Reveals the Truth [add]
14. The Tower/Everything Is OK [add]
15. Fire at the School [add]
16. Closing [add]

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) 01. Dragon Theme/A Father's Nightmare [add]
02. Yip Man's Kwoon [add]
03. Lee Hoi Chuen's Love [add]
04. Bruce and Linda [add]
05. The Challenge Fight Warm-Up [add]
06. Sailing on the South China Sea [add]
07. Fists of Fury [add]
08. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do [add]
09. Victory at Ed Parker's [add]
10. Chopsaki [add]
11. Brandon [add]
12. The Mountain of Gold [add]
13. The Premiere of the Big Boss [add]
14. Fighting Demons [add]
15. The Dragon's Heartbeat [add]
16. First Date [add]
17. The Hong Kong Cha-Cha [add]

Gettysburg (1993) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Men of Honor [add]
03. Battle of Little Round Top [add]
04. Fire and Gun [add]
05. General Lee at Twilight [add]
06. The First Battle [add]
07. Dawn [add]
08. From History to Legend [add]
09. Over the Fence [add]
10. We Are the Flank [add]
11. Charging up the Hill [add]
12. Dixie [add]
13. General Lee's Solitude [add]
14. Battle at Devils Den [add]
15. Killer Angel [add]
16. March to Mortality (Pickett's Charge) [add]
17. Kathleen Mavourneen [add]
18. Reunion and Finale [add]

The Mask [Original Score] (1994) 01. Opening: The Origin of the Mask [add]
02. Tina [add]
03. Carnival [add]
04. Transformation [add]
05. Tango in the Park [add]
06. Love Birds [add]
07. Out of the Line of Fire [add]
08. A Dark Night [add]
09. The Man Behind the Mask [add]
10. Dorian Gets a New Face [add]
11. Looking for a Way Out [add]
12. The Search [add]
13. Forked Tongue [add]
14. Milo to the Rescue [add]
15. The Mask Is Back [add]
16. Finale [add]

Citizen X (1995) 01. A Heavy Burden [add]
02. Forrest of Death [add]
03. Leaving the Station [add]
04. Two Comrades Embrace [add]
05. Crossed Paths [add]
06. The Strain Begins to Show [add]
07. Tracking Chikatilo [add]
08. Arrest [add]
09. Finally a Clue [add]
10. Finale [add]

The Quest (1996) 01. Opening/Dream [add]
02. Chris Beats Germany [add]
03. Old New York [add]
04. Invitation [add]
05. Khan Kills Phang [add]
06. Flashback [add]
07. To the City of Battle [add]
08. Drums on the Beach [add]
09. Smile Please [add]
10. The Greatest Fighters [add]
11. Sentenced to Death [add]
12. Brazil Accompaniment [add]
13. Monkey Boy and Snake Eyes [add]
14. The Wire [add]
15. American Theme [add]
16. Finale/Fulfillment of the Quest [add]

Dragonheart [Original Score] (1996) 01. World of the Heart (Main Title) [add]
02. To the Stars [add]
03. Wonders of an Ancient Glory [add]
04. Einon [add]
05. The Last Dragon Slayer [add]
06. Bowen's Ride [add]
07. Mexican Standoff [add]
08. Draco [add]
09. A Refreshing Swim [add]
10. Re-Baptism [add]
11. Bowen's Decoy [add]
12. Kyle, the Wheat Boy [add]
13. The Connection [add]
14. Flight to Avalon [add]
15. Finale [add]

Passion of Mind (2000) 01. Main Title [add]
02. A Mother's Lullaby [add]
03. Guitarelle [add]
04. 40 Central Park South [add]
05. A Manhattan Farewell [add]
06. Waking Alone [add]
07. Snapshots [add]
08. A City View [add]
09. Down River [add]
10. Marty and Aaron [add]
11. Reverie [add]
12. Chance Meeting at the Marketplace [add]
13. Sailing on the Hudson [add]
14. Arriving at the Truth [add]
15. Offering [add]
16. Passion of Mind [add]
17. Bedtime [add]
18. Psychescape [add]

The Ten Commandments (2006) 01. The Ten Commandments, Main Title [add]
02. Desert Passage [add]
03. The Greatest Sorrow [add]
04. Return to Egypt [add]
05. Moses Starts a New Life [add]
06. Chosen Ones [add]
07. The Burning Bush [add]
08. Lost and Found [add]
09. Call to War at the Red Sea [add]
10. Destruction of the Calf [add]
11. Purification [add]
12. Palace Farewell [add]
13. Becoming a Family [add]
14. A Bond That Never Breaks [add]
15. The Secret Prince Is Born [add]
16. No Miracles Today [add]
17. Nothing Stays the Same [add]
18. Passover [add]
19. Murder and Escape [add]
20. The Promised Land [add]
21. Trouble in the Old City [add]
22. Ascending the Heights [add]
23. In Front of the Pyramids [add]
24. A True Gift (Shaya) [add]

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