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Genre: Soundtrack
King Kong [Label X] (1993) 01. Rko Radio Beacon/Original Main Title [add]
02. Main Title from "A Boat in the Fog" [add]
03. Forgotten Island/Jungle Dance [add]
04. Sea at Night [add]
05. Aboriginal Sacrifice Dance [add]
06. Entrance of Kong [add]
07. The Bronte/Log Sequence [add]
08. Cryptic Shadows [add]
09. Kong! /The Cave [add]
10. Sailors Waiting [add]
11. Return of Kong [add]
12. King Kong Theatre March [add]
13. Kong Escapers/Aeroplanes/Finale [add]

King Kong [Marco Polo] (1997) 01. Main Title [add]
02. A Boat in the Fog [add]
03. The Island - The Railing [add]
04. Jungle Dance [add]
05. Meeting With the Black Men [Punia! Casco!!] [add]
06. The Little Monkey Escapes [add]
07. Sea at Night - Forgotten Island Steiner, Max [add]
08. Aboriginal Sacrificial Dance [add]
09. Entrance of Kong - The Sailors - Stegosaurus [add]
10. The Bronte [add]
11. Log Sequence [add]
12. Cryptic Shadows [add]
13. Stolen Love - The Cave [add]
14. The Snake - The Bird - The Swimmers [add]
15. The Return [add]
16. "Hey Look Out! It's Kong, Kong's Coming!" [add]
17. King Kong March [add]
18. Fanfares 1, 2, 3 [add]
19. Kong Escapes [add]
20. Elevated Train Sequence [add]
21. Aeroplanes [add]
22. Finale [version] [add]

Flame & The Arrow (1998) 01. Main Title Theme [From Spencer's Mountain] [add]
02. Warner Bros. Fanfare/Main Title & Opening/Patriots/Entering Lombardy [add]
03. Mountain Attack [From The Flame & the Arrow (Suite)] [add]
04. Dardo & The Lady Anne [From The Flame & the Arrow (Suite)] [add]
05. Finale & End Title [From The Flame & the Arrow (Suite)] [add]
06. Main Title & Opening [From the Dark At the Top of the Stairs (suite)] [add]
07. Rubin/Young Love Scene [From The Flame & the Arrow (Suite)] [add]
08. Rubin & Reenie/The Dark at the Top of the Stairs [From the Flame & the] [add]
09. Warner Bros. Fanfare/Main Title [From Mildred Pierce] [add]
10. Main Title & "Alaska" [From Ice Palace (Suite)] [add]
11. Dorothy [From Ice Palace (Suite)] [add]
12. Thor's Flight (Dogteam/Snowblind/Eskimo Rescue) [From Ice Palace] [add]
13. Thor's Recovery (Una) [From Ice Palace (Suite)] [add]
14. Bridie [From Ice Palace (Suite)] [add]
15. Warner Bros. Fanfare/Main Title [From Life with Father] [add]
16. First Love Scene [From Now Voyager] [add]
17. Main Title [From the Fbi Story] [add]
18. Overture [From Sergeant York] [add]
19. Arrival of Dr. Joe Frail & The Mining Camp [From the Hanging Tree ...] [add]
20. The Squaw/Sluice Robber/Chasing Rune/Removing the Bandages (The Pads) [add]
21. Main Title [From Parrish] [add]
22. Warner Bros. Fanfare/Main Title & Opening [From Johnny Belinda (Suite)] [add]
23. "You're Going to Have a Baby" [From Johnny Belinda (Suite)] [add]
24. The Lord's Prayer/Finale & End Title [From Johnny Belinda (Suite)] [add]

They Died with Their Boots On (1999) 01. Main Title - West Point [add]
02. Custer Arrives - Trick [add]
03. West Point Montage [add]
04. West Point Graduation - Punishment Guard - Haste - Escort [add]
05. Libby - Civil War Montage [add]
06. Polka Mazurka [add]
07. First Battle Sequence [add]
08. Meeting Father [add]
09. Mystic Teapot - Owl [add]
10. Haste - Civil War [add]
11. Sharpe - Troops - Battle #2 - Band Medley [add]
12. Wedding [add]
13. The Letter [add]
14. Indians [add]
15. Mysterioso [add]
16. Grazioso - On the Train [add]
17. The 7th Cavalry [add]
18. Sharpe - Gold [add]
19. The Final Goodbye [add]
20. March-Out - Sioux [add]
21. Camp at Night [add]
22. Little Big Horn [add]
23. Dying Declaration - Finale [add]
24. End Cast (Gary Owen) [add]
25. Original Theatrical Trailer [add]

King Kong [Rhino] (1999) 01. The Adventure Begins: King Kong/Jungle Dance [add]
02. Aboard Ship [add]
03. Arrival at Skull Island: A Boat in the Frog/The Railing/The ... [add]
04. The Ship at Night: Sea at Night/Stolen Love/Forgotten Island [add]
05. A Bride for Kong: Jungle Dance/King Kong/Stolen Love/The Sailors [add]
06. The Log Sequence: The Sailors/Log Sequence/Cryptic Shadows [add]
07. Deham's Escape: The Sailors/King Kong/Stolen Love [add]
08. Kong Attacks the Village: The Escape/Stolen Love/King Kong/Return ... [add]
09. Kong in New York: King Kong March/Fanfare No. 1/Fanfare No. 2 [add]
10. Kong Escapes: King Kong/Stolen Love/Agitato/Elevated Sequence [add]
11. Death of King King: The Aeroplane/King Kong/Stolen Love [add]
12. Main Title [#] [add]
13. A Boat in the Fog [#] [add]
14. The Forgotten Island I [#] [add]
15. The Forgotten Island II [#] [add]
16. Jungle Dance [#] [add]
17. The Sailors [#] [add]
18. The Bronte [#] [add]
19. Stolen Love/Humorous Ape [#] [add]
20. The Aeroplane/Finale [#] [add]

Helen of Troy (2000) 01. Prelude/The Storm [add]
02. Helen of Troy/The Fight/Helen and Paris [add]
03. The Escape [add]
04. Love Theme [add]
05. The Orgy [add]
06. The Sailing/Arrival in Troy [add]
07. The Gathering of Forces [add]
08. The Battle/Lovers [add]
09. The Rescue/Helen's Decision [add]
10. Achilles and Hector/The Wooden Horse [add]
11. The Myth of Troy [add]

Adventures of Mark Twain (2004) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Pirates [add]
03. Young Samuel Clemens Finds His Place [add]
04. The River Pilot [add]
05. Riverboat in Fog [add]
06. The Mule/Digging/Cave In [add]
07. Frogs [add]
08. Gold Rush [add]
09. Mark Twain Is Discovered [add]
10. Theater Scene [add]
11. The Squirrel/Livy [add]
12. Toy Shop [add]
13. Inspiration [add]
14. Appreciation [add]
15. Darn Coat Tails [add]
16. More Squirrels [add]
17. Neck Tie Troubles [add]
18. Public Shame [add]
19. Buggy Ride [add]
20. Typesetter [add]
21. Meeting General Grant [add]
22. Bedtime Story [add]
23. World Tour Begins [add]
24. World Tour Continues [add]
25. The Call [add]
26. Sorrow [add]
27. Oxford [add]
28. Comet's Return [add]
29. Finale [add]

The Searchers (2007) 01. Main Title/The Searchers [add]
02. Ethan Returns [add]
03. Meet Martin [add]
04. Locket for Debbie [add]
05. Ethan and Aaron/The Searchers [add]
06. Goodbye Ethan [add]
07. Posse Rides [add]
08. Comanches/Edwards' Ranch at Sundown [add]
09. Debbie at the Tombstone [add]
10. Martin Dragging His Saddle/Burning Ranch [add]
11. The Searchers/Indian's Grave [add]
12. Ethan Joins the Posse [add]
13. The Searchers/Indians Surround the Posse/Death Chant/Indians Charge into th [add]
14. Saddle Up/The Searchers [add]
15. No Bonfires [add]
16. Ethan Returns from Scouting [add]
17. Brad Dies/The Searchers [add]
18. Laurie and Martin [add]
19. Laurie and Martin Argue [add]
20. Ethan's Dummy Ruse [add]
21. News of Debbie [add]
22. Camp by the Lake [add]
23. Buffalo Herd/Buffalo Drums [add]
24. Assembly [add]
25. The Searchers/Cavalry Crosses the Snowfield [add]
26. Mose [add]
27. Cicatriz [add]
28. Scar's Tepee [add]
29. Debbie Refuses to Leave [add]
30. Arrow Hits Ethan/The Searchers [add]
31. Laurie Warns Martin [add]
32. Martin to the Rescue [add]
33. The Searchers/Martin Shoots Scar [add]
34. Attack on the Indian Village [add]
35. Reunion of Ethan and Debbie [add]
36. End Title/The Searchers [add]
37. The Searchers [add]
38. The Searchers (Ride Away) [add]

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