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Unto Ashes lyrics
Genre: Rock
Moon Oppose Moon (2000) 01. Teach Me How to Drown [add]
02. Quid Videos? [add]
03. Sourge [add]
04. Der Letzte Ritter [add]
05. Viper Song [add]
06. Swarm [add]
07. Duration of Emptiness [add]
08. Sojourner [add]
09. Estuans Interius [add]
10. Tre Fontage [add]
11. Sonnet Macabre [add]
12. Kozepkorbacs [add]
13. Conjuration to Lilith [add]

Saturn Return (2001) 01. Mor Te O Merce [add]
02. Sonnet 87 (When as Man' Life) [add]
03. Ein Fluch (Curse) [add]
04. Serve Me [add]
05. They Killed Three Little Maids [add]
06. Glass [add]
07. Invisible [add]
08. 1st Lunar Runic Calendar [add]
09. Ostia (The Death of Pasolini) [add]
10. 2nd Lunar Runic Calendar [add]
11. Regret [add]
12. A Sa Maitresse [add]
13. You Say You're Happy Now [add]
14. A Hymn to Pain [add]
15. Witches Ruin [add]

Empty into White (2003) 01. C'Y Commence le Jeu [add]
02. Spider Song [add]
03. I Cover You With Blood [add]
04. Witches' Rune [add]
05. Allu Mari [add]
06. Beauty Queen [add]
07. Bathsheba Writhing [add]
08. Flayed By Frost [add]
09. Persephone, Queen of the Underworld [add]
10. I Am Blind [add]
11. Empty into White [add]
12. Heralds of War [add]
13. 1914 [add]
14. De Store Smerte [add]
15. Go Tell Aunt Rhody [add]
16. Ah Sunflower! [add]
17. Exeunt Omnia [add]
18. (Don't Fear) The Reaper [add]

Grave Blessings (2005) 01. Tous Esforciez [add]
02. Winter Born [add]
03. Tortured by Rose Thorns [add]
04. In Memory of d'Drennan [add]
05. Emptiness [add]
06. The Turning [add]
07. Three Haiku [add]
08. The Drowning Man [add]
09. If I Come to You [add]
10. Lesson [add]
11. Four More Years [add]
12. Four Loom Weaver [add]
13. Way of the World [add]
14. Fr?hling [add]
15. Banishment Spell [add]

Songs for a Widow (2006) 01. One World (Funeral) [add]
02. My Lord Is Born [add]
03. Convivio [add]
04. Intacta Sum [add]
05. The Snow Leopard [add]
06. You Will Never Know [add]
07. Dream of the Rood [add]
08. The Life of This World [add]
09. Intermezzo [add]
10. Drei Todesarten [add]
11. Song for a Widow [add]
12. Occupying Force [add]
13. I Am Untouched [add]
14. In Memoriam Robert Luscombe [add]
15. One World One Sky [add]

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