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Genre: Jazz
New York Rock (1973) 01. Everything That Touches You [add]
02. Hot as the Sun [add]
03. Carry Me Up [add]
04. All My Trials [add]
05. I Love You Too [add]
06. Anthem for a Court Jester [add]
07. Indian Summer [add]
08. Christophene [add]
09. Winter Child [add]
10. 1984 [add]
11. Credit Card [add]
12. I Love You [add]

Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) 01. Town (In the Theatre): The Statue in the Square/The Land of Cheese/WH [add]
02. Sultan: The Torturer's Apprentice/A Eunuch's Life Is Hard/Play up And lyrics
03. War Begins: The Gang Gets the Treasure/The Baron Starts the War/Sally [add]
04. The Wednesday: Cannonball Ride/Twinkling of an Eye [add]
05. Balloon: Escape in the Balloon/Tattletale/Ascending on Bloomers/On TH [add]
06. On the Moon: The Sea of Tranquility/Moon King Chase/Leaving the Moon [add]
07. Vulcan and Venus: A Little Fodder?/Venus Rising/The Munchausen Waltz [add]
08. In the Belly of the Whale (The Gang Together Again): What Will Become [add]
09. Final Battle: To the Sultan's Tent/The Battle Begins/Gustavus Blows/T [add]
10. The Baron Dies and Lives Again: The Baron Shot/Requiem [add]
11. Victory: Forward the Players/Open the Gates/Baron Rides off into The [add]

Let Him Have It (1992) 01. The Job [add]
02. You Belong to Me [add]
03. As I Live and Bop [add]
04. Stoned [add]
05. Birdland Jump [add]
06. Bicycle Blues [add]
07. Guitar Blues [add]
08. Wheel of Fortune [add]
09. Let Him Have It [add]
10. Derek [add]
11. Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 [add]
12. The Roof [add]
13. The Petition [add]
14. Let Him Have It [add]

Hudson Hawk [Original Score] (1992) 01. Hudson Hawk Theme [add]
02. Swinging on a Star [add]
03. Side by Side [add]
04. Leonardo [add]
05. Welcome to Rome [add]
06. Stealing the Codex [add]
07. Igg and Ook [add]
08. Cartoon Fight [add]
09. Gold Room [add]
10. Hawk Swing [add]
11. Hudson Hawk Theme [instrumental] [add]

Last Action Hero [Original Score] (1993) 01. Jack the Ripper [add]
02. Danny [add]
03. Jack Hamlet [add]
04. River Chase [add]
05. Benedict [add]
06. Practice [add]
07. Leo the Fart [add]
08. Benedict Gets the Ticket [add]
09. The Real World [add]
10. Premiere [add]
11. Saving Danny [add]
12. Big Mistake [add]

The Three Musketeers [Original Sountrack] (1993) 01. All for Love [add]
02. The Cavern of Cardinal Richelieu [add]
03. D'Artagnan [add]
04. Athos, Porthos and Aramis [add]
05. Sword Fight [add]
06. King Louis Xiii, Queen Anne and Constance-Lady in Waiting [add]
07. The Cardinal's Coach [add]
08. Cannonballs [add]
09. M' Lady de Winter [add]
10. The Fourth Musketeer [add]

101 Dalmations (Live Action) (1996) 01. Cruella de Ville [add]
02. One Hundred and One Dalmatians /Good Morning, Pongo/Walk [Main Titles] [add]
03. House of de Vil (Cruella's Catwalk) /Love at First Sight/Roger Goes SW [add]
04. Daisy, Daisy (Anita Goes Swimming) [add]
05. The Wedding (Cup of Marriage) /Horace and Jasper/Skinner [add]
06. Going to Have a Puppy/I Adore Puppies [add]
07. The Birth (15 Puppies) /Heist [add]
08. Kipper the Die Hard Dog [add]
09. Woof on a Roof [add]
10. Rescue [add]
11. Kipper Finds the Puppies [add]
12. Pup, Pup, Pup, Pup, Puppies [add]
13. Reunion in the Barn [add]
14. Puppies in the Mist [add]
15. Home-One Big Happy Family [add]

Event Horizon [Original Soundtrack] (1997) 01. The Forward Decks: Lewis and Clark/Neptune/Clare/First Containment/Core [add]
02. The Main Access Corridor: Singularity/Ducts/Turbulence/Medical/Gravity ... [add]
03. Engineering: Tomb/Blood/Countdown/Outer Door/Bio Scan [add]
04. The Event Horizon: Weir/Event Horizon [add]

Michael Kamen's Opus (1998) 01. Overture [Robin Hood Prince of Thieves] [add]
02. Maid Marian at the Waterfall/(Everything I Do) I Do for You [add]
03. Rowena [Mr. Holland's Opus] [add]
04. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? [Dona Ana {Don Juan DeMarco}] [add]
05. You're the One [Circle of Friends] [add]
06. Marooned [Crusoe] [add]
07. There Can Be Only One [Highlander] [add]
08. Magic City (The Next Man) [add]
09. Stromness (The Winter Guest) [add]
10. Tagaki Dies [Die Hard] [add]
11. Nuclear Train [Edge of Darkenss] [add]
12. Brazil [Ary Baroso Brazil] [add]

The Iron Giant [Score] (1999) 01. The Eye of the Storm [add]
02. Hogarth Hughes [add]
03. Into the Forest [add]
04. The Giant Wakes [add]
05. Come and Get It [add]
06. Cat and Mouse [add]
07. Train Wreck [add]
08. You Can Fix Yourself? [add]
09. Hand Underfoot [add]
10. Bedtime Stories [add]
11. We Gotta Hide [add]
12. His Name Is Dean [add]
13. Eating Art [add]
14. Space Car [add]
15. Souls Don't Die [add]
16. Contest of Wills [add]
17. The Army Arrives [add]
18. Annie and Dean [add]
19. He's a Weapon [add]
20. The Giant Discovered [add]
21. Trance-Former [add]
22. No Following [add]
23. The Last Giant Piece [add]

Brazil (2006) 01. Central Services/The Office [add]
02. Sam Lowry's 1st Dream/Brazil [add]
03. Ducts [add]
04. Waiting for Daddy/Sam Lowry's Wetter Dream "The Monoliths Erupt" [add]
05. Truck Drive [add]
06. The Restaurant (You've Got to Say the Number) [add]
07. Mr Helpmann [add]
08. The Elevator [add]
09. Jill Brazil/Power Station [add]
10. The Party Pt. 1/Plastic Surgery [add]
11. Ducting Dream [add]
12. Brazil/Geoff Muldaur [add]
13. Days & Nights in Kyoto/The Party Pt. 2 [add]
14. The Morning After [add]
15. Escape [add]
16. The Battle [add]
17. Harry Tuttle: A Man Consumed by Paperwork [add]
18. Mothers Funeral/Forces of Darkness [add]
19. Escape ! No Escape ! [add]
20. Bachianos Brazil Samba [add]
21. Terry Gilliam Interview [add]

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