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James Horner lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [Original Score] (1982) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Surprise Attack [add]
03. Spock [add]
04. Kirk's Explosive Reply [add]
05. Khan's Pets [add]
06. Enterprise Clears Moorings [add]
07. Battle in the Mutara Nebula [add]
08. Genesis Countdown [add]
09. Epilogue/End Title [add]

Brainstorm (1983) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Lillian's Heart Attack [add]
03. Gaining Access to the Tapes [add]
04. Michael's Gift to Karen [From "Brainstorm"] [add]
05. First Playback [add]
06. Race for Time [add]
07. Final Playback/End Titles [add]

Brainstorm (1983) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Lillian's Heart Attack [add]
03. Gaining Access to the Tapes [add]
04. Michael's Gift to Karen [From "Brainstorm"] [add]
05. First Playback [add]
06. Race for Time [add]
07. Final Playback/End Titles [add]

Gorky Park [Original Score] (1983) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Following Kirwill [add]
03. Irina's Theme [add]
04. Following KGB [add]
05. Chase Through the Park [add]
06. Arkady and Irina [add]
07. Faceless Bodies [add]
08. Irina's Chase [add]
09. The Sable Shed [add]
10. Airport Farewell [add]
11. Releasing the Sables/End Titles [add]

Krull (1983) 01. Riding the Fire Mares [add]
02. Slayer's Attack [add]
03. Widow's Web [add]
04. Colwyn and Lyssa (Love Theme) [add]
05. Battle on the Parapets [add]
06. The Widow's Lullaby [add]
07. Destruction of the Black Fortress [add]
08. Epilogue and End Credits [add]

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock [Original Soundtrack] (1984) 01. Prologue and Main Title [add]
02. Klingons [add]
03. Stealing the Enterprise [add]
04. The Mind Meld [add]
05. Bird of Prey Decloaks [add]
06. Returning to Vulcan [add]
07. The Katra Ritual [add]
08. End Title [add]
09. The Search for Spock [add]

An American Tail (1986) 01. Main Title [add]
02. The Cossack Cats [add]
03. There Are No Cats in America [add]
04. The Storm [add]
05. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor [add]
06. Never Say Never [add]
07. The Market Place [add]
08. Somewhere Out There [add]
09. Somewhere Out There [add]
10. Releasing the Secret Weapon [add]
11. A Duo [add]
12. The Great Fire [add]
13. Reunited [add]
14. Flying Away and End Credits [add]

Aliens (1987) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Bad Dreams [add]
03. Dark Discovery/Newt's Horror [add]
04. LV-426 [add]
05. Combat Drop [add]
06. The Complex [add]
07. Atmosphere Station [add]
08. Med. Lab [add]
09. Newt [add]
10. Sub-Level 3 [add]
11. Ripley's Rescue [add]
12. Face Huggers [add]
13. Futile Escape [add]
14. Newt Is Taken [add]
15. Going After Newt [add]
16. The Queen [add]
17. Bishop's Countdown [add]
18. Queen to Bishop [add]
19. Resolution and Hyperspace [add]
20. Bad Dreams [alternate take] [add]
21. Ripley's Resuce [Percussion Only] [add]
22. LV-426 [Alternate Edit-Film Version] [add]
23. Combat Drop [Percission Only] [add]
24. Hyperspace [Alternate Ending] [add]

Glory [Original Score] (1988) 01. A Call to Arms [add]
02. After Antietam [add]
03. Lonely Christmas [add]
04. Forming the Regiment [add]
05. The Whipping [add]
06. Burning the Town of Darien [add]
07. Brave Words, Braver Deeds [add]
08. The Year of Jubilee [add]
09. Preparations for Battle [add]
10. Charging Fort Wagner [add]
11. An Epitaph to War [add]
12. Closing Credits [add]

The Land Before Time (1988) 01. The Great Migration [add]
02. Sharptooth and the Earthquake [add]
03. Whispering Winds [add]
04. If We Hold on Together [add]
05. Foraging for Food [add]
06. The Rescue/Discovery of the Great Valley [add]
07. End Credits [add]

Willow [Original Score] (1988) 01. Elora Danan [add]
02. Escape from the Tavern [add]
03. Willow's Journey Begins [add]
04. Canyon of Mazes [add]
05. Tir Asleen [add]
06. Willow's Theme [add]
07. Bavmorda's Spell Is Cast [add]
08. Willow the Sorcerer [add]

Field of Dreams (1989) 01. The Cornfield [add]
02. Deciding to Build the Field [add]
03. Shoeless Joe [add]
04. The Timeless Street [add]
05. Old Ball Players [add]
06. The Drive Home [add]
07. Field of Dreams [add]
08. The Library [add]
09. Moonlight Graham [add]
10. Night Mists [add]
11. Doc's Memories [add]
12. The Place Where Dreams Come True [add]
13. End Credits [add]

Once Around (1990) 01. Big Band on Ice [add]
02. The Apology [add]
03. Fly Me to the Moon [add]
04. Emperor Waltz [add]
05. The Arrival [add]
06. Sulu Kul? (Karsllama) [add]
07. Fly Me to the Moon [instrumental/version] [add]
08. The Glory of Love [add]
09. A Passage of Time [add]

Cocoon 2: The Return (1990) 01. Returning Home [add]
02. Taking Bernie to the Beach [add]
03. Joe's Gift [add]
04. Remembrances/The Break-In [add]
05. Basketball Swing [add]
06. Jack's Future [add]
07. Growing Old [add]
08. Good Friends [add]
09. Rescue/The Ascension [add]

American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West (1991) 01. Dreams to Dream [Finale Version] [add]
02. An American Tail Overture (Main Title) [add]
03. Cat Rumble [add]
04. Headin' Out West [add]
05. Way Out West [add]
06. Green River/Trek Through the Desert [add]
07. Dreams to Dream [Tanya's Version] [add]
08. Building a New Town [add]
09. Sacred Mountain [add]
10. Reminiscing [add]
11. The Girl You Left Behind [add]
12. In Training [add]
13. The Shoot-Out [add]
14. New Land (The Future) [add]

Class Action (1991) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Memories of Mom [add]
03. Do You Like Me [add]
04. The Deposition [add]
05. The More I See You [add]
06. Depth Charge [add]
07. Michael Revealed [add]
08. Iron Mountain [add]
09. Paper Blizzard [add]
10. Stolen Files [add]
11. The Trial [add]
12. Healing the Rift [add]
13. End Title [add]

The Rocketeer (1991) 01. Main Title/Takeoff [add]
02. The Flying Circus [add]
03. Jenny [add]
04. Begin the Beguine [add]
05. Neville Sinclair's House [add]
06. Jenny's Rescue [add]
07. Rendezvous at Griffith Park Observatory [add]
08. When Your Lover Has Gone [add]
09. The Zeppelin [add]
10. Rocketeer to the Rescue/End Title [add]

Thunderheart (1992) 01. Thunderheart [Main Titles] [add]
02. The Oglala Sioux [add]
03. Jimmy's Escape [add]
04. Proud Nation [add]
05. Evidence [add]
06. First Vision [add]
07. Ghost Dance [add]
08. The Goons [add]
09. Medicine Man [add]
10. My People, Wounded Knee [add]
11. Thunderheart [add]
12. Run for the Stronghold [add]
13. This Land Is Not for Sale/End Titles [add]

Patriot Games (1992) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Attempt on the Royals [add]
03. Harry's Game [add]
04. The Hit [add]
05. Putting the Pieces Together [add]
06. Highland's Execution [add]
07. Assult on Ryan's House [add]
08. Electonic Battlefield [add]
09. Boat Chase [add]
10. Closing Credits [add]

Unlawful Entry (1992) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Intruder [add]
03. Being Watched [add]
04. Leon's Death [add]
05. Drug Bust [add]
06. Bail Denied [add]
07. Pete's Passion [add]
08. End Credits [add]

Sneakers [Original Score] (1992) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Too Many Secrets [add]
03. The Sneakers Theme [add]
04. Cosmo...Old Friend [add]
05. The Hand-Off [add]
06. Planning the Sneak [add]
07. Playtronics Break-In [add]
08. The Escape/Whistler's Rescue [add]
09. Goodbye [add]
10. And the Blind Shall See [add]

Once Upon a Forest (1993) 01. Once Upon a Time with Me [add]
02. The Forest [add]
03. Cornelius's Nature Lesson [add]
04. The Accident [add]
05. Bedside Vigil [add]
06. Please Wake Up [add]
07. The Journey Begins [add]
08. He's Back [add]
09. Flying [add]
10. Escaping from the Yellow Dragons/The Meadow [add]
11. Flying Home to Michelle [add]
12. The Children/Maybe One Day, Maybe One Day [add]
13. Once Upon a Time with Me/End Credits [add]

The Man Without a Face (1993) 01. A Father's Legacy [add]
02. Chuck's First Lession [add]
03. Flying [add]
04. McLeod's Secret Life [add]
05. Nightmares and Revelations [add]
06. McLeod's Last Letter [add]
07. Lost Books [add]
08. The Merchant of Venice [add]
09. The Tutor [add]
10. No Compromise [add]
11. Ch'ella Mi Creda [add]
12. Lookout Point/End Credits [add]

We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story (1993) 01. Main Title: Primeval Times [add]
02. Flying Forward in Time [add]
03. Welcome to New York [add]
04. First Wish, First Flight [add]
05. A Hint of Trouble/The 'Contract' [add]
06. Roll Back the Rock (To the Dawn of Time) [add]
07. Grand Slam Demons [add]
08. Hot Pursuit [add]
09. Central Park [add]
10. Screweyes' Circus/Opening Act [add]
11. Circus [add]
12. Fright Radio/Rex's Sacrifice [add]
13. Grand Demon Parade [add]
14. The Kids Wake Up/A New Day [add]
15. The Transformation [add]
16. Special Visitors to the Museum of Natural History [add]
17. Roll Back the Rock (To the Dawn of Time) [add]

Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Early Victories [add]
03. Contempt [add]
04. The Castle [add]
05. Josh vs. Dad [add]
06. Josh's First Lesson [add]
07. Trip to Chicago [add]
08. Washington Square [add]
09. Start Your Clocks/Master Class Points [add]
10. Josh and Vinnie [add]
11. The Nationals [add]
12. Final Tournament [add]
13. Epilogue/End Credits [add]

Legends of the Fall (1994) 01. Legends of the Fall [add]
02. The Ludlows [add]
03. Off to War [add]
04. To the Boys... [add]
05. Samuel's Death [add]
06. Alfred Moves to Helena [add]
07. Farewell/Descent into Madness [add]
08. The Changing Seasons/Wild Horses/Tristan's Return [add]
09. The Wedding [add]
10. Isabel's Murder/Recollections of Samuel [add]
11. Revenge [add]
12. Goodbyes [add]
13. Alfred/Tristan/The Colonel/The Legend... [add]

The Pagemaster (1994) 01. Dream Away [add]
02. Whatever You Imagine [add]
03. Main Title [add]
04. A Stormy Ride to the Library [add]
05. The Library...The Pagemaster... [add]
06. Meeting Adventure and Fantasy [add]
07. Horror [add]
08. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [add]
09. A Narrow Escape [add]
10. Towards the Open Sea... [add]
11. Pirates! [add]
12. Loneliness [add]
13. The Flying Dragon [add]
14. Swallowed Alive!/The Wonder in Books [add]
15. New Courage/The Magic of Imagination [add]

Apollo 13 (1995) 01. Main Title [add]
02. One Small Step [add]
03. Night Train [add]
04. Groovin' [add]
05. Somebody to Love [add]
06. I Can See for Miles [add]
07. Purple Haze [add]
08. Launch Control [add]
09. All Systems Go -- The Launch [add]
10. Welcome to Apollo 13 [add]
11. Spirit in the Sky [add]
12. House Cleaning/Houston, We Have a Problem [add]
13. Master Alarm [add]
14. What's Going On? [add]
15. Into the LEM [add]
16. Out of Time/Shut Her Down [add]
17. Dark Side of the Moon [add]
18. Failure Is Not an Option [add]
19. Honky Tonkin' [add]
20. Blue Moon [add]
21. Waiting for Disaster/A Privilege [add]
22. Re-Entry and Splashdown [add]
23. A End Titles [add]

Jumanji (1995) 01. Prologue and Main Title [add]
02. First Move [add]
03. Monkey Mayhem [add]
04. A New World [add]
05. It's Sarah's Move [add]
06. The Hunter [add]
07. Rampage Through Town [add]
08. Alan Parrish [add]
09. Stampede! [add]
10. A Pelican Steals the Game [add]
11. The Monsoon [add]
12. Jumanji [add]
13. End Titles [add]

Braveheart [Original Score] (1995) 01. Main Title [add]
02. A Gift of a Thistle [add]
03. Wallace Courts Murron [add]
04. The Secret Wedding [add]
05. Attack on Murron [add]
06. Revenge [add]
07. Murron's Burial [add]
08. Making Plans/Gathering the Clans [add]
09. Sons of Scotland [add]
10. The Battle of Stirling [add]
11. For the Love of a Princess [add]
12. Falkirk [add]
13. Betrayal & Desolation [add]
14. Mornay's Dream [add]
15. The Legend Spreads [add]
16. The Princess Pleads for Wallace's Life [add]
17. Freedom/The Execution/Bannockburn [add]
18. End Credits [add]

Casper (1995) 01. "No Sign of Ghosts" [add]
02. Carrigan & Dibs [add]
03. Strangers in the House [add]
04. First Haunting/The Swordfight [add]
05. March of the Exorcists [add]
06. The Lighthouse -- Casper & Kat [add]
07. Casper Makes Breakfast [add]
08. Fond Memories [add]
09. "Dying" to Be a Ghost [add]
10. Casper's Lullaby [add]
11. Descent to Lazarus [add]
12. One Last Wish [add]
13. "Remember Me This Way" [add]
14. "Casper the Friendly Ghost" [add]
15. The Uncles Swing/End Credits [add]

Apollo 13 [Original Soundtrack Ultimate Masterdisc] (1995) 01. Main Title [add]
02. One Small Step [add]
03. Night Train [add]
04. Groovin' [add]
05. Somebody to Love [add]
06. I Can See for Miles [add]
07. Purple Haze [add]
08. Launch Control [add]
09. All Systems Go- The Launch [add]
10. Welcome to Apollo 13 [add]
11. Spirit in the Sky [add]
12. House Cleaning/Houston We Have a Problem [add]
13. Master Alarm [add]
14. What's Going On? [add]
15. Into the LEM [add]
16. Out of Time/Shut Her Down [add]
17. The Dark Side of the Moon [add]
18. Failure Is Not an Option [add]
19. Honky Tonkin' [add]
20. Blue Moon [add]
21. Waiting for Disaster/A Privilege [add]
22. Re-Entry & Splashdown [add]
23. End Titles [add]

Courage Under Fire (1996) 01. Hymn [add]
02. Al Bathra/Main Title [add]
03. Friendly Fire/Hario's Story [add]
04. The Elegy [add]
05. Courage Under Fire [add]
06. Monfriez's Suicide [add]
07. Night Mutiny [add]
08. The Betrayal [add]
09. Playing Back the Tape [add]
10. Medal of Honor/A Final Resting Place [add]

Spitfire Grill [1996 Soundtrack] (1996) 01. Uncertain Future (Main Title) [add]
02. Shelby & Percy [add]
03. Hannah's Fall [add]
04. The Mystery of Night [add]
05. Open for Business [add]
06. Remembering Eli [add]
07. The Trees [add]
08. A Gift from the Forest [add]
09. Reading the Letters [add]
10. A Healing Balm [add]
11. A New Life for Gilead [add]
12. Wrongful Blame [add]
13. A Desperate Decision [add]
14. Care of the Spitfire Grill [add]

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday (1996) 01. A Far Away Time/Main Title [add]
02. The Boating Accident [add]
03. Gillian [add]
04. The Lighthouse [add]
05. Fond Hopes...Distant Memories [add]
06. Rachel's Dream/Gillian's Visit [add]
07. Decision to Leave Home [add]
08. Saying Goodbye/End Title [add]

Ransom [Original Score] (1996) 01. The Kidnapping [add]
02. Delivering the Ransom [add]
03. The Quarry [add]
04. A Two Million Dollar Bounty [add]
05. Parallel Stories [add]
06. A Fatal Mistake [add]
07. A Dark Reunion [add]
08. The Payoff/End Credits [add]
09. Rats [add]
10. Worms [add]
11. Spiders [add]
12. Lizards [add]
13. Worms, Pt. 2 [add]
14. Squirrels with Tails [add]

The Devil's Own (1997) 01. Main Title [add]
02. God Be with You [add]
03. Ambush [add]
04. The Irish Republican Navy [add]
05. The New World [add]
06. Launching the Boat [add]
07. Secrets Untold [add]
08. The Pool Hall [add]
09. Rory's Arrest/Diaz Is Killed [add]
10. Quiet Goodbyes [add]
11. Rooftop Escape [add]
12. The Mortal Blow [add]
13. Going Home [add]

More Music from Braveheart (1997) 01. Prologue: "I Shall Tell You of William Wallace" [add]
02. Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes [#] [add]
03. The Royal Wedding [#] [add]
04. "The Trouble With Scotland" [add]
05. Scottish Wedding Music [#] [add]
06. Prima Noctes [#] [add]
07. The Proposal [add]
08. "Scotland Is Free! " [add]
09. Point of War/Johnny Cope/Up in the Morning Early [add]
10. Conversing With the Almighty [add]
11. The Road to the Isles/Glendaural Highlanders/The Old Rustic Bridge by ... [add]
12. Sons of Scotland! [add]
13. Vision of Murron [#] [add]
14. "Unite the Clans! " [add]
15. The Legend Spreads [add]
16. "Why Do You Help Me?" [add]
17. For the Love of a Princess [add]
18. "Not Every Man Really Lives" [add]
19. "The Prisoner Wishes to Say a Word" [add]
20. After the Beheading [add]
21. "You Have Bled With Wallace! " [add]
22. Warrior Poets [add]
23. Scotland the Brave [add]
24. Leaving the Glenhurqhart [add]
25. Kirkhill [add]

Titanic (1997) 01. Never an Absolution [add]
02. Distant Memories [add]
03. Southhampton [add]
04. Rose [add]
05. Leaving Port [add]
06. Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch [add]
07. Hard to Starboard [add]
08. Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave [add]
09. The Sinking [add]
10. Death of Titanic [add]
11. A Promise Kept [add]
12. A Life So Changed [add]
13. An Ocean of Memories [add]
14. My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from "Titanic") [add]
15. Hymn to the Sea [add]

Deep Impact (1998) 01. A Distant Discovery [add]
02. Crucial Rendezvous [add]
03. Our Best Hope... [add]
04. The Comet's Sunrise [add]
05. A National Lottery [add]
06. The Wedding [add]
07. The Long Return Home [add]
08. Sad News [add]
09. Leo's Decision [add]
10. The President's Speech [add]
11. Drawing Straws [add]
12. Goodbye and Godspeed [add]

Heart of the Ocean (1998) 01. My Heart Will Go On [From Titanic] [add]
02. Rocketeer to the Rescue/End Theme [The Rocketeer] [add]
03. Main Theme [Commando] [add]
04. Main Theme [Legends of the Fall] [add]
05. Re-Entry and Splashdown [Apollo 13] [add]
06. Main Theme from "Where the River Runs Black" [add]
07. Epilogue [Name of the Rose] [add]
08. The Journey Begins [Vibes] [add]
09. Epilogue (Finale) [Wolfen] [add]
10. End Credits [Cocoon] [add]
11. Suite [Field of Dreams] [add]
12. End Theme [Braveheart] [add]
13. Overture [From Star Trek II] [add]

The Mask of Zorro (1998) 01. The Plaza of Execution [add]
02. Elena and Esperanza [add]
03. The Ride [add]
04. Elena's Truth [add]
05. The Fencing Lesson [add]
06. Tornado in the Barracks [add]
07. The Confession [add]
08. Zorro's Theme [add]
09. The Mine (Montero's Vision) [add]
10. Stealing the Map [add]
11. Leave No Witnesses... [add]
12. Diego's Goodbye [add]
13. I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You [add]

Titanic: Film Scores of James Horner (1998) 01. Titantic: Distant Memories/ Southampton/Rose/Take Her to Sea, Mr. ... [add]
02. Apollo 13: The Launch [add]
03. Casper: Casper's Lullaby [add]
04. Courage Under Fire: Theme [add]
05. Once Around: A Passage of Time [add]
06. Cocoon - The Return: Returning Home [add]
07. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (End Credits) [add]
08. Aliens: Futile Escape [add]
09. Brainstorm: Michael's Gift to Karen [add]
10. Braveheart: End Credits [add]

Back to Titanic (1998) 01. Titanic Suite [add]
02. An Irish Party in Third Class [add]
03. Alexander's Ragtime Band [add]
04. The Portrait [add]
05. Jack Dawson's Luck [add]
06. A Building Panic [add]
07. Nearer My God to Thee [add]
08. Come Josephine in My Flying Machine [add]
09. Lament [add]
10. A Shore Never Reached [add]
11. My Heart Will Go On [add]
12. Nearer My God to Thee [add]
13. The Deep and Timeless Sea [add]

Mighty Joe Young (1998) 01. Sacred Guardian of the Mountain [add]
02. Poachers [add]
03. Attempted Capture [add]
04. The Trees [add]
05. Our Last Chance-A New World [add]
06. A Broken Promise [add]
07. Leaving by Night [add]
08. Hollywood Bouldvard [add]
09. Freeway Crossing [add]
10. The Carnival [add]
11. The Burning Ferris Wheel [add]
12. Dedication and Windsong [add]

Bicentennial Man (1999) 01. The Machine Age [add]
02. Special Delivery [add]
03. The Magic Spirit [add]
04. A Gift for Little Miss [add]
05. Mechanical Love [add]
06. Wearing Clothes for the First Time [add]
07. The Wedding [add]
08. The Passage of Time [add]
09. The Search for Another [add]
10. Transformed [add]
11. Emotions [add]
12. A New Nervous System [add]
13. A Truer Love [add]
14. Petition Denied [add]
15. Growing Old [add]
16. The Gift of Mortality [add]
17. Then You Look at Me [add]

Freedom Song [Original Television Soundtrack] (2000) 01. Born Angry [add]
02. Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Styed on Freedom [add]
03. Eyes on the Prize ("Hold On") [add]
04. "Welcome to S.N.C.C." [add]
05. This Little Light of Mine [add]
06. Making Progress Is Rough, ...And Slow [add]
07. Ain' Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round [add]
08. Hungry for Courage, the Movement Grows [add]
09. Jonah's Last Day [add]
10. Road of Meories [add]
11. We'll Never Turn Back [add]
12. I'm on My Way to Freedom Land [add]
13. Po' Pilgrim of Sorrow [add]
14. The Students of Quinlan [add]
15. This May Be the Last Time [add]
16. Oh, Freedom [add]
17. ...From One Generation to the Next [add]
18. Song of Freedom [add]

The Perfect Storm (2000) 01. Coming Home from the Sea [add]
02. The Fog's Just Lifting... [add]
03. Let's Go, Boys [add]
04. To the Flemish Cap [add]
05. The Decision to Turn Around [add]
06. Small Victories [add]
07. Coast Guard Rescue [add]
08. Rogue Wave [add]
09. There's No Goodbye.....Only Love [add]
10. Yours Forever [add]

The Grinch [Original Soundtrack] (2000) 01. Movie Dialogue: Kids Today [add]
02. Grinch 2000 [add]
03. Green Christmas [add]
04. Christmas of Love [add]
05. Lonely Christmas Eve [add]
06. Movie Dialogue: Grinch Schedule [add]
07. Better Do It Right [add]
08. Whoville Medley: Perfect Christmas Night/Grinch [add]
09. Movie Dialogue: Reindeer [add]
10. Christmas Is Going to the Dogs [add]
11. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch [add]
12. Movie Dialogue: Christmas Means More [add]
13. You Don't Have to Be Alone (On Christmas) [add]
14. Where Are You Christmas? [add]
15. The Shape of Things to Come [add]
16. Memories of a Green Childhood [add]
17. Christmas, Why Can't I Find You? [add]
18. Stealing Christmas [add]
19. The Big Heist [add]
20. Does Cindy Lou Really Ruin Christmas? [add]
21. A Change of the Heart [add]
22. The Sleigh of Presents [add]
23. He Carves the Roast Beast [add]

Enemy at the Gates (2001) 01. The River Crossing to Stalingrad [add]
02. The Hunter Becomes the Hunted [add]
03. Vassili's Fame Spreads [add]
04. Koulikov [add]
05. The Dream [add]
06. Bitter News [add]
07. The Tractor Factory [add]
08. A Sniper's War [add]
09. Sacha's Risk [add]
10. Betrayal [add]
11. Danilov's Confession [add]
12. Tania (End Credits) [add]

Battle Beyond the Stars/Humanoids from the Deep (2001) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Malmori Rear Guard [add]
03. The Battle Begins [add]
04. Nanelia and Shad [add]
05. Cowboy and the Jackers [add]
06. Nanelia's Capture [add]
07. The Maze Battle [add]
08. Shad's Pursuit [add]
09. Cowboy's Attack [add]
10. Love Theme [add]
11. The Hunter [add]
12. Gelt's Death [add]
13. Nanelia [add]
14. Heading for Sador [add]
15. Destruction of Hammerhead [add]
16. Epilogue/End Title [add]
17. Main Title [add]
18. The Buck-O [add]
19. Unwelcome Visitor [add]
20. Night Swim [add]
21. Jerry and Peggy [add]
22. Trip Upriver [add]
23. The Humanoids Attack [add]
24. Jerry's Death [add]
25. Search for Clues [add]
26. Strange Catch [add]
27. The Grotto [add]
28. Night Prowlers [add]
29. Final Confrontation [add]
30. Aftermath and New Birth [add]
31. End Title [add]

Clear and Present Danger [Original Score] (2001) 01. Main Title/A Clear and Present Danger [add]
02. Operation Reciprocity [add]
03. The Ambush [add]
04. The Laser-Guided Missile [add]
05. Looking for Clues [add]
06. Deleting the Evidence [add]
07. Greer's Funeral/Betrayal [add]
08. Escobedo's New Friend [add]
09. Second Hand Copter [add]
10. Truth Needs a Soldier/End Title [add]

A Beautiful Mind [Original Score] (2001) 01. A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics [add]
02. Playing a Game of "Go! " [add]
03. Looking for the Next Great Idea [add]
04. Creating "Governing Dynamics" [add]
05. Cracking the Russian Codes [add]
06. Nash Descends into Parcher's World [add]
07. First Drop-Off, First Kiss [add]
08. The Car Chase [add]
09. Alicia Discovers Nash's Dark World [add]
10. Real or Imagined? [add]
11. Of One Heart, of One Mind [add]
12. Saying Goodbye to Those You So Love [add]
13. Teaching Mathematics Again [add]
14. The Prize of One's Life... The Prize of One's Mind [add]
15. All Love Can Be [add]
16. Closing Credits [add]

Iris (2002) 01. Pt. 1 [add]
02. Pt. 2 [add]
03. Pt. 3 [add]
04. Pt. 4 [add]
05. Pt. 5 [add]
06. Pt. 6 [add]
07. Pt. 7 [add]
08. Pt. 8 [add]

Windtalkers (2002) 01. Navajo Dawn [add]
02. A New Assignment [add]
03. An Act of Heroism [add]
04. Taking the Beachhead [add]
05. 'First Blood' Ceremony [add]
06. The Night Before [add]
07. Marine Assault [add]
08. Losses Mounting [add]
09. Friends in War [add]
10. A Sacrifice Never Forgotten [add]
11. Calling to the Wind [add]

Four Fathers (2002) 01. The Makings of a Fine Soldier [add]
02. The Dance [add]
03. Harry's Resignation [add]
04. Sniper! [add]
05. To Abou Clea [add]
06. The Martyrs [add]
07. The Mahdi [add]
08. The Letters [add]
09. Poison from a Friend [add]
10. Escape [add]
11. Ethne's Feather [add]
12. Ghost of Serenity [add]
13. A Coward No Longer [add]

Beyond Borders [Original Score] (2003) 01. Ethiopia, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Ethiopia, Pt. 2 [add]
03. Ethiopia, Pt. 3 [add]
04. Ethiopia, Pt. 4 [add]
05. Cambodia, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Cambodia, Pt. 2 [add]
07. Cambodia, Pt. 3 [add]
08. Cambodia, Pt. 4 [add]
09. Chechnya, Pt. 1 [add]
10. Chechnya, Pt. 2 [add]
11. Chechnya, Pt. 3 [add]
12. Chechnya, Pt. 4 [add]

The Missing (2003) 01. New Mexico, 1885 [add]
02. The Stranger [add]
03. Dawn to Dusk; The Restless Horse [add]
04. A Dark and Restless Wind [add]
05. The Search Begins [add]
06. Lily's Fate Is in These Hands [add]
07. The Brujo's Storm -- A Loss of Innocence [add]
08. Setting the Trap -- Staying One Step Ahead... [add]
09. A Curse of Ghosts [add]
10. A Rescue Is Planned [add]
11. Kayitah's Death -- The Soaring Hawk [add]
12. Rescue and Breakout [add]
13. Profound Loss [add]
14. An Insurmountable Hurdle [add]
15. The Long Ride Home [add]

House of Sand and Fog (2003) 01. An Older Life [add]
02. The Waves of the Caspian Sea [add]
03. Old Photos, New Memories [add]
04. "This Is No Longer Your House" [add]
05. Two People [add]
06. Kathy's Night [add]
07. Parallel Lives, Parallel Loves [add]
08. Behrani's Thoughts - Long Ago [add]
09. Break-In [add]
10. The Dreams of Kings [add]
11. The Shooting, A Payment for Our Sins [add]
12. "We Have Travelled So Far, It Is Time to Return to Our Path" [add]
13. A Return to the Caspian, And to the Iran of Old [add]

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004) 01. St. Andrews [add]
02. Baby Strokes [add]
03. The First Lesson [add]
04. Not Just a Game Anymore [add]
05. Destined for Greatness [add]
06. The Painful Secert [add]
07. "A Win, Finally!" [add]
08. Playing the Odds [add]
09. "He's on a Roll Now" [add]
10. The Shot of a Lifetime [add]
11. Living the Dream [add]
12. End Credits [add]

Troy (2004) 01. 3200 Years Ago [add]
02. Troy [add]
03. Achilles Leads the Myrmidons [add]
04. The Temple of Poseidon [add]
05. The Night Before [add]
06. The Greek Army and Its Defeat [add]
07. Briseis and Achilles [add]
08. The Trojans Attack [add]
09. Hector's Death [add]
10. The Wooden Horse and the Sacking of Troy [add]
11. Through the Fires, Achilles...and Immortality [add]
12. Remember Me [add]

The Forgotten [Original Score] (2004) 01. An Unsettling Calm [add]
02. Remember [add]
03. In Memories Only, the Empty Page [add]
04. Containment of a Darker Purpose [add]
05. The Experiment on Innocence [add]
06. Confronting Forever [add]
07. Re-Assembling Shattered Pieces [add]
08. Profound Emptiness... The Hangar [add]
09. Erasing the Truth [add]
10. Children, the Unbroken Bond [add]
11. End Credits [add]

Flightplan (2005) 01. Leaving Berlin [add]
02. Missing Child [add]
03. The Search [add]
04. So Vulnerable [add]
05. Creating Panic [add]
06. Opening the Casket [add]
07. Carlson's Plan [add]
08. Mother and Child [add]

The Chumscrubber (2005) 01. Our House [add]
02. Bridge to Nowhere [add]
03. Run [add]
04. Pure Morning [add]
05. Oblivion [add]
06. Spreading Happiness All Around [add]
07. Kidnapping the Wrong Charlie [add]
08. Dolphins [add]
09. Pot Casserole [add]
10. Digging Montage [add]
11. Parental Rift/The Chumscrubber [add]
12. "Not Fun Anymore..." [add]
13. A Confluence of Families [add]
14. The End [add]

The Legend of Zorro [Sony] (2005) 01. Collecting the Ballots [add]
02. Stolen Votes [add]
03. To the Governor's... and Then Elena [add]
04. This Is Who I Am [add]
05. Classroom Justice [add]
06. The Cortez Ranch [add]
07. A Proposal with Pearls/Perilous Times [add]
08. Joaquin's Capture and Zorro's Rescue [add]
09. Jailbreak/Reunited [add]
10. A Dinner of Pigeon/Setting the Explosives [add]
11. Mad Dash/Zorro Unmasked [add]
12. Just One Drop of Nitro [add]
13. The Train [add]
14. Statehood Proclaimed [add]
15. My Family Is My Life... [add]

The New World [Original Score] (2006) 01. The New World [add]
02. First Landing [add]
03. A Flame Within [add]
04. An Apparition in the Fields... [add]
05. Journey Upriver [add]
06. Of the Forest [add]
07. Pocahontas and Smith [add]
08. Forbidden Corn [add]
09. Rolfe Proposes [add]
10. Winter - Battle [add]
11. All Is Lost [add]
12. A Dark Cloud Is Forever Lifted [add]
13. Listen to the Wind (As Used in the Film the New World) [add]

Film Music Masterworks: Original Soundtracks (2006) 01. My Heart Will Go On [From Titanic] [add]
02. Remember [From Troy] [add]
03. Braveheart End Titles [From Braveheart] [add]
04. Legends of the Fall [From Legends of the Fall] [add]
05. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan End Titles [From Star Trek II: The ...] [add]
06. Cocoon [From Cocoon] [add]
07. Apollo 13 [From Apollo 13] [add]
08. The Mask of Zorro [From the Mask of Zorro] [add]
09. The Wedding [From Deep Impact] [add]
10. Willow (Theme) [From Willow] [add]

All the King's Men [Original Score] (2006) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Time Brings All Things to Light. [add]
03. Give Me the Hammer and I'll Nail 'em Up! [add]
04. Bring Down the Lion and the Rest of the Jungle Will Quake in Fear. [add]
05. Conjuring the "Hick" Vote [add]
06. Anne's Memories [add]
07. Adam's World [add]
08. Jack's Childhood [add]
09. The Rise to Power [add]
10. Love's Betrayal [add]
11. Only Faded Pictures [add]
12. As We Were Children Once [add]
13. Verdict and Punishment [add]
14. All Our Lives Collide [add]
15. Time Brings All Things to Light... I Trust It So. [add]

Apocalypto [Original Score] (2006) 01. From the Forest... [add]
02. Tapir Hunt [add]
03. The Storyteller's Dreams [add]
04. Holcane Attack [add]
05. Captives [add]
06. Entering the City with a Future Foretold [add]
07. Sacrificial Procession [add]
08. Words Through the Sky -- The Eclipse [add]
09. The Games and Escape [add]
10. An Elusive Quarry [add]
11. Frog Darts [add]
12. No Longer the Hunted [add]
13. Civilisations Brought by Sea [add]
14. To the Forest... [add]

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