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Genre: Soundtrack
Ready When You Are, J.B. (0196) 01. Midnight Cowboy [add]
02. We Have All the Time in the World [add]
03. Romance for Guitar & Orchestra from "Deadfall" [add]
04. Who Will Buy My Yesterdays [add]
05. Fun City [add]
06. The Lion in Winter [add]
07. On Her Majesty's Secret Service [add]
08. The Appointment [add]
09. Try [add]
10. The More Things Change [add]
11. Afternoon [add]
12. Born Free [add]

The Ipcress File (1965) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Alone in Three-Quarter Time [add]
03. Meeting With Grantby and Fight [add]
04. Jazz Along Alone [add]
05. The Death of Carswell [add]
06. A Man Alone [add]
07. A Man Alone [add]
08. If You're Not Clean -- I'll Kill You [add]
09. Alone Blues [add]
10. Goodbye Harry [add]
11. Goodbye Harry (Continuation) [Continuation] [add]
12. A Man Alone [add]

Born Free (1966) 01. Born Free (Main Title) [add]
02. The Hunt [add]
03. Elsa at Play [add]
04. The Death of Pati [add]
05. Waiting for Joy [add]
06. Killing at Kiunga [add]
07. Born Free [Vocal Version] [add]
08. Holiday With Elsa [add]
09. Flirtation [add]
10. Warthog Hunt [add]
11. Fight of the Lioness [add]
12. Reunion/Born Free [add]

The Whisperers (1966) 01. Main Title- The Whisperers [add]
02. Listen to This [add]
03. Sticks and Stones [add]
04. The Three Attackers [add]
05. Nobody and Nothing [add]
06. Nothing Racy [add]
07. Nobody and Nothing [add]
08. The Letter [add]
09. Is the Wireless On? [add]
10. The Razor Attack [add]
11. We Danced Home Again [add]
12. You're on Your Own Again [add]
13. Looking for the Whisperers [add]
14. Are You There? - End Title [add]

You Only Live Twice (1967) 01. You Only Live Twice-Title Song [add]
02. Capsule in Space [add]
03. Fight at Kobe Dock-Helga [add]
04. Tanaka's World [add]
05. A Drop in the Ocean [add]
06. The Death of Aki [add]
07. Mountains and Sunsets [add]
08. The Wedding [add]
09. James Bond-Astronaut? [add]
10. Countdown for Blofeld [add]
11. Bond Averts World War Three [add]
12. You Only Live Twice-End Title [add]

The Lion in Winter [Varese Sarabande 1990] (1968) 01. Main Title-Lion in Winter [add]
02. Chinon/Eleanor's Arrival [add]
03. Allons Gai Gai Gai [add]
04. To the Chapel [add]
05. Christmas Wine [add]
06. God Damn You [add]
07. To Tome [add]
08. Herb Garden [add]
09. Eya, Eya, Nova Gaudia [add]
10. How Beautiful You Make Me [add]
11. Media Vita in Morte Sumus (In the Midst of Life We Are in Death) [add]
12. We're Jungle Creatures [add]

The Lion in Winter (1968) 01. Main Title [The Lion in Winter/Eleanor's Arrival at Chinon] [add]
02. Chinon/Eleanor's Arrival [add]
03. Allons Gai Gai Gai [add]
04. To the Chapel [add]
05. The Christmas Wine [add]
06. God Damn You [add]
07. To Rome [add]
08. The Herb Garden [add]
09. Eya, Eya, Nova Gaudia [add]
10. How Beautiful You Make Me [add]
11. Media Vita in Morte Sumus (In the Midst of Life We Are in Death) [add]
12. We're Jungle Creatures [add]

Diamonds Are Forever (1972) 01. Diamonds Are Forever (Main Title) [add]
02. Bond Meets Bambi and Thumper [add]
03. Moon Buggy Ride [add]
04. Circus, Circus [add]
05. Death at the Whyte House [add]
06. Diamonds Are Forever [add]
07. Diamonds Are Forever [add]
08. Bond Smells a Rat [add]
09. Tiffany Case [add]
10. 007 and Counting [add]
11. Q's Trick [add]
12. To Hell With Blofeld [add]

Zulu (1972) 01. Zulu Main Theme/Isandhiwana 1879 [add]
02. News of the Massacre/Rorke's Drift Threatened [add]
03. Bromhead's Safari/Wagons Over [add]
04. You're All Going to Die! [add]
05. First Zulu Appearance and Assault [add]
06. March of the Men of Harlech [add]
07. Durnford's Horses Arrive and Depart/The Third Assault [add]
08. Zulu's Final Appearance and Salute [add]
09. Men of Harlech/End Title [add]
10. The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair [add]
11. The Specialist [add]
12. The Cotton Club [add]
13. King Rat [add]
14. The Tamarind Seed [add]
15. The Last Valley [add]
16. Love Amonght the Ruins [add]
17. Mercury Rising [add]
18. Midnight Cowboy [add]
19. King Kong [add]
20. Frances [add]
21. My Sister's Keeper [add]
22. Hammett [add]
23. Dances with Wolves [add]
24. The Deep [add]
25. Mister Moses [add]

The Deep (1977) 01. Return to the Sea-2033 A.D. [add]
02. Theme from the Deep (Down, Deep Inside) [add]
03. Theme from the Deep (Down, Deep Inside) [instrumental] [add]
04. Disco Calypso [add]
05. Theme from "The Deep" (Down, Deep Inside) (A Love Song) [add]

Game of Death (1979) 01. Main Title: Bruce Lee Theme [add]
02. Will This Be the Song I'll Be Singing Tomorrow? [add]
03. Gathering Speed [add]
04. A Matter of Survival [add]
05. Will This Be the Song I'll Be Singing Tomorrow? [Vocal Version] [add]
06. Main Title: Bruce Lee Theme [add]
07. Everything at Hand [add]
08. The Game of Death [add]
09. Will This Be the Song I'll Be Singing Tomorrow? [add]
10. End Title/Final Justice [add]
11. Face off With Hakim [#/*] [add]
12. The Game of Death [Cantonese] [add]
13. The Game of Death [Mandarin] [add]
14. Alone in the Night [add]
15. Letter to My Brother [add]
16. Fallen Heroes [add]
17. Tower of Death [add]

The Black Hole (1979) 01. Overture [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Door Opens [add]
04. Zero Gravity [add]
05. Six Robots [add]
06. Durant Is Dead [add]
07. Start the Countdown [add]
08. Laser [add]
09. Into the Hole [add]
10. End Title [add]

Night Games (1980) 01. Descent into Decadence [add]
02. The Lesbian Tango [add]
03. The Wet Spot [add]
04. Water Sports/The Domanatrix's Waltz [add]
05. Phantom of the Orgasm [add]
06. Afterplay [add]

Somewhere in Time (1980) 01. Somewhere in Time [add]
02. The Old Woman [add]
03. The Journey Back in Time [add]
04. A Day Together [add]
05. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini [add]
06. Is He the One? [add]
07. The Man of My Dreams [add]
08. Return to the Present [add]
09. Theme from Somewhere in Time [add]

Stringbeat (1983) 01. It Doesn't Matter Anymore [add]
02. Sweet Talk [add]
03. Moody River [add]
04. There's Life in the Old Boy Yet [add]
05. Handful of Songs [add]
06. Like Waltz [add]
07. Rodeo [add]
08. Donna's Theme [add]
09. Starfire [add]
10. Baubles, Bangles and Beads [add]
11. Zapata [add]
12. Rum-De-Dum-De-Da [add]
13. Spanish Harlem [add]
14. Man from Madrid [add]
15. Challenge [add]

A View to a Kill [Original Score] (1985) 01. A View to a Kill (Main Titles) [add]
02. Snow Job [add]
03. May Day Jumps [add]
04. Bond Meets Stacey (A View to a Kill) [add]
05. Pegasus' Stable [add]
06. Tibbett Gets Washed Out [add]
07. Airship to Silicon Valley [add]
08. He's Dangerous [add]
09. Bond Underwater [add]
10. Wine with Stacey (A View to a Kill) [add]
11. Bond Escapes Roller [add]
12. Destroy Silicon Valley [add]
13. May Day Bombs Out [add]
14. Golden Gate Fight [add]
15. A View to a Kill (End Titles) [add]

Out of Africa [MCA Original Score] (1985) 01. I Had a Farm in Africa (Main Title from Out of Africa) [add]
02. I'm Better at Hello (Karen's Theme 1) [add]
03. Have You Got a Story for Me? [add]
04. Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A, K 622/2. Adagio [add]
05. Safari [add]
06. Karen's Journey/Siyawe (Trad. African) [add]
07. Flying Over America [add]
08. I Had a Compass from Denys (Karen's Theme II) [add]
09. Alone on the Farm [add]
10. Let the Rest of the World Go By [add]
11. If I Know a Song of Africa (Karen's Theme III) [add]
12. End Title (You Are Karen) [add]

The Cotton Club (1985) 01. The Mooche [add]
02. Cotton Club Stomp #2 [add]
03. Drop Me off in Harlem [add]
04. Creole Love Call [add]
05. Ring Dem Bells [add]
06. East St. Louis Toodle-Oo [add]
07. Truckin' [add]
08. Ill Wind [add]
09. Cotton Club Stomp #1 [add]
10. Mood Indigo [add]
11. Minnie the Moocher [add]
12. Copper Colored Gal [add]
13. Dixie Kidnaps Vera [add]
14. Depression Hits/Best Beats Sandman [add]
15. Daybreak Express [add]

Moonraker (1988) 01. Moonraker (Main Title) [add]
02. Space Lazer Battle [add]
03. Miss Goodhead Meets Bond [add]
04. Cable Car and Snake Fight [add]
05. Bond Lured to Pyramid [add]
06. Flight into Space [add]
07. Bond Arrives in Rio and Boat Chase [add]
08. Centrifuge and Corrinne Put Down [add]
09. Bond Smells a Rat [add]
10. Moonraker: End Title [add]

My Life (1993) 01. Main Title [add]
02. A Childhood Wish [add]
03. Pictures from the Past [add]
04. I'm Still in the Game [add]
05. My Life: Love Theme [add]
06. The Old Neighborhood [add]
07. I Used to Hide in There [add]
08. You're a Believer [add]
09. My Last Trip Home [add]
10. Moments [add]
11. D-Day [add]
12. Child's Play [add]
13. The Circus [add]
14. Nice to Meet You Brian [add]
15. The Roller Coaster [add]
16. End Title [add]

The Specialist [Original Score] (1994) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Bogota 1984 [add]
03. The Specialist in Miami [add]
04. May and Ray at the Cemetary/Did You Call Me? [add]
05. May Dances with Tomas/Did You Call Me? [add]
06. Ray Covers May/Did You Call Me? [add]
07. After Tomas [add]
08. The First Bomb/Ray's Place [add]
09. Explosive Trent [add]
10. The Parking Lot Bomb [add]
11. Don't Touch Me Ned/Bomb for Tomas [add]
12. The Death of Tomas [add]
13. May's Room/Did You Call Me? [add]
14. Ray Meets May at Her Funeral [add]
15. Let's See That Beautiful Face/Did You Call Me? [add]
16. Closing in on Ray [add]
17. There Goes the Hotel Room/The Fight [add]
18. May Meets Joe/I'm Not a Woman You Can Trust [add]
19. You Go in and Get Him/Did You Call Me? [add]
20. The Whole Place Is Wired/She's Hot Ray [add]
21. Get the Hell Out of Here [add]
22. You Bastard/How Do You Feel? Better!/Did You Call Me? [add]

King Rat (1995) 01. King Rat March [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Tuned in at Changi [add]
04. Just as You Were [add]
05. There Is a Radio in This Hut [add]
06. Just as You Were [add]
07. Touch and Go [add]
08. Grey's Day [add]
09. Just as You Were [add]
10. The Recovery of Marlowe [add]
11. The End Is at Hand [add]
12. King Rat March [add]

Scarlet Letter (1995) 01. Main Title/The Arrival/Search for Home [add]
02. Hester Rides to Town [add]
03. The Bird/The Swimmer [add]
04. A Very Exhilarating Read [add]
05. I'm Not the Man I Seem [add]
06. Agnus Dei [add]
07. I Can See What Others Cannot [add]
08. Love Scene [add]
09. Are You with Child [add]
10. A Small Act of Contrition [add]
11. The Birth [add]
12. I Baptize This Child - Pearl [add]
13. She Will Not Speak [add]
14. Dr. Rodger Prynne [add]
15. Hester Walks Through Town [add]
16. Poor Fatherless Child [add]
17. An Attempt at Rape [add]
18. The Savages Have Killed Him [add]
19. The Round-Up [add]
20. I Am the Father of Her Child [add]
21. The Indians Attack [add]
22. The Letter Has Served a Purpose [add]
23. End Title [add]

Cry the Beloved Country (1995) 01. The Letter (Main Title) [add]
02. The Beginning of the Journey [add]
03. The Train to Johannesburg [add]
04. You've Been Robbed [add]
05. Emaxambeni [add]
06. I've Been a Bad Woman! [add]
07. Is It My Son? [add]
08. He Was Our Only Child [add]
09. What Sort of Life Did They Lead [add]
10. Hamba Notsokolo [add]
11. Bastards -- Bloody Bastards [add]
12. Did It Seem Heavy? [add]
13. Cry, Cry the Beloved Country [add]
14. Christ, Forsake Me Not [add]
15. The Boys Club [add]
16. We Taught Him Nothing [add]
17. Amazing Grace [add]
18. Go Well Umfundisi [add]
19. Do Not Spoil My Pleasure [add]
20. It Is My Son -- That Killed Your Son [add]
21. The Marriage [add]
22. The Shadow of Death [add]
23. The Fifteenth Day [add]

King Kong [Mask] (1996) 01. The Opening [add]
02. Maybe My Luck Has Changed [add]
03. Arrival on the Island [add]
04. Sacrifice - Hail to the King [add]
05. Arthusa [add]
06. Full Moon Domain - Beauty Is a Beast [add]
07. Breakout to Captivity [add]
08. Incomprehensible Captivity [add]
09. Kong Hits the Big Apple [add]
10. Blackout in New York/How About Buying Me a Drink [add]
11. Climb to Skull Island [add]
12. The End Is a Hand [add]
13. The End [add]

Out of Africa [Varese Original Score] (1997) 01. I Had a Farm (Main Title) [add]
02. Alone on the Farm [add]
03. Karen and Denys [add]
04. Have You Got a Story for Me? [add]
05. I'm Better at Hello [add]
06. Clarinet Concerto in a Major, K662: Adagio [add]
07. Karen's Journey Starts [add]
08. Karen's Journey Ends [add]
09. Karen's Return from Border [add]
10. Karen Builds a School [add]
11. Harvest [add]
12. Safari [add]
13. Flight over Africa [add]
14. Beach at Night [add]
15. You'll Keep Me Then [add]
16. If I Knew a Song of Africa [add]
17. You Are Karen M'Sabu [add]
18. Out of Africa [End Credits] [add]

Body Heat (1998) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Ned [add]
03. Matty's Place [add]
04. I'm Weak [add]
05. I'm Burning Up [add]
06. Chapeau Gratis [add]
07. Heather [add]
08. Kill for Pussy [add]
09. I'm Frightened [add]
10. Surprise and Explosion [add]
11. Heather and Roz [add]
12. Gus and Oscar [add]
13. Glasses [add]
14. Better Get Him [add]
15. Matty Was Mary Ann [add]

Beyondness of Things (1999) 01. The Beyondness of Things [add]
02. Kissably Close [add]
03. The Heartlands [add]
04. Give Me a Smile [add]
05. A Childhood Memory [add]
06. Nocturnal New York [add]
07. Meadow of Delight and Sadness [add]
08. Gifts of Nature [add]
09. The Fictionist [add]
10. Dawn Chorus [add]
11. The Day the Earth Fell Silent [add]
12. Dance with Reality [add]

The Name Is Barry... John Barry (1999) 01. 007 [add]
02. From Russia with Love [add]
03. Lovers Tension [add]
04. Fancy Dance [add]
05. Kinky [add]
06. Monkey Feathers [add]
07. Big Shield [add]
08. High Grass [add]
09. Troubadour [add]
10. English Gardens [add]
11. Elizabeth Waltz [add]
12. Elizabeth Theme [add]
13. London Theme [add]
14. Fire of London [add]
15. Lovers Clasp [add]
16. Norman Leaves [add]
17. Zulu [add]
18. From Russia with Love (Film Title Music) [add]
19. Elizabeth in London [add]

Playing by Heart (2000) 01. Remembering Chet [add]
02. Playing by Heart [add]
03. Game of Hide and Seek [add]
04. Tenderly [add]
05. I Didn't Love You Less [add]
06. A Place Inside Alive and Well [add]
07. Remembering Chet [add]
08. Scene Unseen [add]
09. You Go to My Head [add]
10. I Want to Stay the Night [add]
11. Goodnight Moon [add]
12. Mark's Graveyard Site [add]
13. These Foolish Things [add]
14. Playing by Heart-Vows Renewed [add]

Robin and Marian (2001) 01. Main Title [add]
02. The Ride to Sherwood/The Rider to Nottingham [Film Version] [add]
03. Robin and Marian Meet/Fight and Recognition/"He Was My King" [add]
04. Dawn in Sherwood [add]
05. Over the Wall/Escape [add]
06. First Love Theme [add]
07. Trapped [add]
08. Nuns [add]
09. In the Church/This Way [add]
10. Second Love Theme [add]
11. The Ride to Sherwood/The Ride to Nottingham [Original Version] [add]
12. In Position/Preparation for Battle [add]
13. Third Love Theme [add]
14. The Fight Must Go On [add]
15. John Bursts In/The End [add]

Eternal Echoes (2002) 01. Eternal Echoes [add]
02. Returning Home [add]
03. Crazy Dog [add]
04. Slow Day [add]
05. Fred and Cyd [add]
06. Blessed Illusion [add]
07. Lullabying [add]
08. Winning [add]
09. Get Over It [add]
10. First Steps [add]
11. Elegy [add]

Very Best of John Barry [Sony BMG] (2007) 01. The James Bond Theme [From Dr. No] [add]
02. Goldfinger [add]
03. Midnight Cowboy [Main Theme] [add]
04. Out of Africa (I Had a Farm in Africa) [Main Theme] [add]
05. The John Dunbar Theme [add]
06. You Only Live Twice [add]
07. On Her Majesty's Secret Service [add]
08. The Ipcress File [add]
09. View to a Kill [add]
10. The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair [add]
11. 007 [add]
12. Zulu [Main Theme] [add]
13. The Knack [add]
14. Chaplin [Main Theme] [add]
15. The Lion in Winter [Main Title] [add]
16. Moviola [add]
17. The Persuaders [TV Theme] [add]
18. Seance on a Wet Afternoon [add]
19. Born Free [add]
20. Thunderball [add]
21. Somewhere in Time [Theme] [add]
22. The Beyondness of Things [add]
23. We Have All the Time in the World [add]
24. Diamonds Are Forever [add]

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