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The Embrooks lyrics
Genre: Rock
Our New Day (2000) 01. Standing Upside Down [add]
02. Say Those Magic Words [add]
03. Helen [add]
04. No Matter What You Say [add]
05. Seeing Her [add]
06. I'm Still Trying [add]
07. Bad Flight [add]
08. (For) Another Man [add]
09. Spring Time [add]
10. You've Been Unfair [add]
11. Not a Priority [add]
12. Eyes of Love [add]

Separations (2000) 01. Where Were You? [add]
02. Things Come Back to You [add]
03. How You Want It To [add]
04. You Take Me for Rides [add]
05. Venus at Night [add]
06. Seperations [add]
07. Fight Fire [add]
08. But I Didn't Know Him [add]
09. Sun's Going Down [add]
10. You Will Never Change [add]
11. You're Mine [add]
12. Love Is a Beautiful Thing [add]
13. (I Don't Like) What You Do [add]
14. I Was Alone [add]

Yellow Glass Perspections (2004) 01. Happy Fickle Girl [add]
02. Francis [add]
03. Back in My Mind [add]
04. The Twisted Musings of Sir Dempster P. Orbitron (Deceased) [add]
05. Riding a Wave [add]
06. Nothing's Gonna Work [add]
07. Emilia Burrows [add]
08. Feel Like Flying [add]
09. A Note in My Drawer [add]
10. Show Me a Little Smile [add]
11. Children of Tomorrow [add]
12. The Time Was Wrong [add]

45S and High Times (2006) 01. But I Didn't Know Him [add]
02. Fight Fire [add]
03. Where Were You? [add]
04. Things Come Back to You [add]
05. Natasha [add]
06. Don't Ask Me Anymore [add]
07. If You Let Me Go [add]
08. Please Don't Worry [add]
09. Keep It Quiet [add]
10. More Than Ever [add]
11. You Can Be My Baby [add]
12. No No No No [add]
13. Think About It [add]
14. Jack [add]
15. Dawn Breaks Through [add]
16. Back in My Mind [add]
17. A Note in My Drawer [add]
18. The Time Was Wrong [add]
19. Children of Tomorrow [add]
20. Francis [add]
21. Standing Upside Down [add]
22. Feel Like Flying [add]
23. Happy Fickle Girl [add]
24. Nothing's Gonna Work [add]
25. Helen [add]
26. Jack [add]
27. A Note in My Drawer [add]
28. Not a Priority [add]
29. Happy Fickle Girl [add]
30. Nothing's Gonna Work [add]
31. Emilia Burrows [add]
32. Me, You and Us Too [add]

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