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Chicken Shack lyrics
Genre: Rock
40 Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed and Ready to ... (1968) 01. The Letter [add]
02. Lonesome Whistle Train Blues [add]
03. When the Train Comes Back [add]
04. San-Ho-Zay [add]
05. King of the World [add]
06. See See Baby [add]
07. First Time I Met the Blues [add]
08. Webbed Feet [add]
09. You Ain't No Good [add]
10. What You Did Last Night [add]

100 Ton Chicken (1969) 01. The Road of Love [add]
02. Look Ma, I'm Crying [add]
03. Evelyn [add]
04. Reconsider Baby [add]
05. Weekend Love [add]
06. Midnight Hour [add]
07. Tears in the Wind [add]
08. Horse and Cart [add]
09. The Way It Is [add]
10. Still Worried About My Woman [add]
11. Anji [add]

O.K. Ken? (1969) 01. Baby's Got Me Crying [add]
02. The Right Way Is My Way [add]
03. Get Like I Used to Be [add]
04. Pony and Trap [add]
05. Tell Me [add]
06. A Woman Is the Blues [add]
07. I Wanna See My Baby [add]
08. Remington Ride [add]
09. Fishing in Your River [add]
10. Mean Old World [add]
11. Sweet Sixteen [add]

Accept Chicken Shack (1970) 01. Diary of Your Life [add]
02. Pocket [add]
03. Never Ever [add]
04. Sad Clown [add]
05. Maudie [add]
06. Telling Your Fortune [add]
07. Tired Eyes [add]
08. Some Other Time [add]
09. Going Round [add]
10. Andalucian Blues [add]
11. You Know You Did You Did [add]
12. She Didn't Use Her Loaf [add]
13. Apple Tart [add]

Imagination Lady (1972) 01. Crying Won't Help You Now [add]
02. Daughter of the Hillside [add]
03. If I Were a Carpenter [add]
04. Going Down [add]
05. Poor Boy [add]
06. Telling Your Fortune [add]
07. The Loser [add]

Unlucky Boy (1973) 01. You Know You Could Be Right [add]
02. Revelation [add]
03. Prudence's Party [add]
04. Too Late to Cry [add]
05. Stan the Man [add]
06. Unlucky Boy [add]
07. As Time Goes Passing By [add]
08. Jammin' with the Ash [add]
09. He Knows the Rules [add]
10. As Time Goes Passing By [45 RPM Single Version] [add]
11. Hear Me Cry [*] [add]
12. Think [*] [add]
13. It's Easy [*] [add]
14. Doctor Brown [*] [add]

The Creeper (1978) 01. The Creeper [add]
02. Delilah [add]
03. Riding With the Devil [add]
04. Think [add]
05. Stop Knocking My Door [add]
06. Blue Vein [add]
07. It's Easy If You're Lonely [add]
08. The Guitar Playing Derelict [add]
09. Dr. Brown [add]
10. Red Haired Lady [add]

In the Can (1980) 01. See See Baby [add]
02. When the Train Comes Back [add]
03. Webbed Feet [add]
04. You Ain't No Good [add]
05. The Letter [add]
06. A Woman Is the Blues [add]
07. The Way It Is [add]
08. Tears in the Wind [add]
09. I'd Rather Go Blind [add]
10. San-Ho-Zay [add]
11. Get Like You Used to Be [add]
12. Fishing in Your River [add]
13. Pocket [add]
14. I Wanna See My Baby [add]
15. Andalucian Blues [add]
16. Sad Clown [add]

Roadies Concerto [live] (1981) 01. Tell Me [add]
02. Why I Sing the Blues [add]
03. Back Door Man [add]
04. Black Night [add]
05. So Far Back [add]
06. The End [add]
07. Poor Boy [add]
08. Shake Your Moneymaker [add]
09. Hideaway [add]

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