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Elkie Brooks lyrics
Genre: Rock
Rich Man's Woman (1975) 01. Where Do We Go from Here? [add]
02. Take Cover [add]
03. Jigsaw Baby [add]
04. Roll Me Over [add]
05. He's a Rebel [add]
06. One Step on the Ladder [add]
07. Rock & Roll Circus [add]
08. Try a Little Love [add]
09. Tomorrow [add]

Live & Learn (1979) 01. Viva la Money [add]
02. On the Horizon [add]
03. He Could Have Been an Army [add]
04. The Rising Cost of Love [add]
05. Dream Dealer [add]
06. Who's Making Love? [add]
07. If You Can't Beat Me Rocking [add]
08. The Heartache Is On [add]
09. Not Enough Lovin' Yet [add]
10. Falling Star [add]

Pearls (1981) 01. Superstar [add]
02. Fool If You Think It's Over [add]
03. Giving It up for Your Love [add]
04. Sunshine After the Rain [add]
05. Warm and Tender Love [add]
06. Lilac Wine [add]
07. Pearl's a Singer [add]
08. Don't Cry Out Loud [add]
09. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby [add]
10. If You Leave Me Now [add]
11. Paint Your Pretty Picture [add]
12. Dance Away [add]

Pearls II (1982) 01. Goin' Back [add]
02. Our Love [add]
03. Gasoline Alley [add]
04. I Just Can't Go On [add]
05. Too Much Between Us [add]
06. Giving Us Hope [add]
07. Money [add]
08. Nights in White Satin [add]
09. Loving Arms [add]
10. Will You Write Me a Song? [add]

Minutes (1984) 01. Minutes [add]
02. Driftin' [add]
03. Night Run [add]
04. Take Your Freedom [add]
05. Growing Tired [add]
06. Born Lucky [add]
07. I've Been in Love Before [add]
08. Too Heavy, Too Strong [add]
09. Crossfire [add]
10. Work Pay [add]

Screen Gems (1984) 01. Am I Blue [add]
02. Me and My Shadow [add]
03. Some of These Days [add]
04. You'll Never Know [add]
05. My Foolish Heart [add]
06. 3 O'Clock in the Morning [add]
07. Once in a While [add]
08. That Old Feeling [add]
09. Blue Moon [add]
10. Ain't Misbehavin' [add]
11. What'll I Do? [add]
12. Love Me or Leave Me [add]

Inspiration (1993) 01. Hard Habit to Break [add]
02. Shame [add]
03. Broken Wings [add]
04. 1,000 Years [add]
05. Touch of Paradise [add]
06. Tear It Down [add]
07. Don't Cry to Me [add]
08. Three Wishes [add]
09. I'll Never Love This Way Again [add]
10. Every Little Bit Hurts [add]
11. Is This Love [add]
12. Black Smoke from the Culumet [add]
13. Maybe I'm Amazed [add]
14. The Ki [add]
15. In It for the Same Thing [add]
16. You're the Inspiration [add]

Bookbinders's Kid (1994) 01. Sail On [add]
02. Stairway to Heaven [add]
03. You Ain't Leavin' [add]
04. Keep It a Secret [add]
05. When the Hero Walks Alone [add]
06. Only Love Will Set You Free [add]
07. What's the Matter Baby [add]
08. Can't Wait All Night [add]
09. Kiss Me for the Last Time [add]
10. Love Is Love [add]
11. Foolish Games [add]
12. I Can Dream, Can't I [add]

Nothin' But the Blues (1996) 01. I Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues [add]
02. Baby Get Lost [add]
03. Blues for Mama [add]
04. Baby What You Want Me to Do [add]
05. Tell Me More and More and Then Some [add]
06. I'd Rather Go Blind [add]
07. I Wonder Who [add]
08. Ain't No Use [add]
09. Nobody But You [add]
10. I Love Your Lovin' Ways [add]
11. Bad Bad Whiskey [add]
12. Fine and Mellow [add]
13. Me and My Gin [add]
14. Mean and Evil Blues [add]
15. Trouble in Mind [add]
16. Please Send Me Someone to Love [add]

Round Midnight (1996) 01. All Night Long [add]
02. What Kind of Man Are You [add]
03. Since I Fell for You [add]
04. Cry Me a River [add]
05. Don't Explain [add]
06. Just for a Thrill [add]
07. 'Round Midnight [add]
08. Hard Times [add]
09. Black Coffee [add]
10. Travellin' Light [add]
11. Drinking Again [add]
12. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
13. Save Your Love for Me [add]
14. Don't Smoke in Bed [add]
15. Crazy He Calls Me [add]
16. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most [add]

Songs of Love (1999) 01. No More the Fool [add]
02. We've Got Tonight [add]
03. Break the Chain [add]
04. All Night Long [add]
05. 'Round Midnight [add]
06. Trouble in Mind [add]
07. I'd Rather Go Blind [add]
08. Travellin' Light [add]
09. I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues [add]
10. Foolish Games [add]
11. Only Love Will Set You Free [add]
12. Drinkin' Again [add]
13. Black Coffee [add]
14. I Can Dream Can't I [add]
15. All or Nothing [add]

Pearls Concert [live] (1999) 01. Butterfly Blue [add]
02. Love Potion No. 9 [add]
03. Do Right Woman [add]
04. I Think I Am Going Back [add]
05. I Just Can't Go On [add]
06. Fool If You Think It's Over [add]
07. Our Love [add]
08. Gasoline Alley [add]
09. Too Much Between Us [add]
10. To Hold the Deam [add]
11. Seagull [add]
12. Can't Find My Way Home [add]
13. Pearl's a Singer [add]
14. Blues for Mama [add]
15. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
16. Once in a While [add]
17. What'll I Do? [add]
18. Lilac Wine [add]
19. Nights in White Satin [add]
20. Only Women Bleed [add]
21. No More the Fool [add]
22. We've Got Tonight [add]

We've Got Tonight (2000) 01. No More the Fool [add]
02. Sail On [add]
03. Don't Want to Cry No More [add]
04. Break the Chain [add]
05. Love Is Lost [add]
06. Kiss Me for the Last Time [add]
07. We've Got Tonight [add]
08. All or Nothing [add]
09. Only Love Will Set You Free [add]
10. When the Hero Walks Alone [add]
11. Blue Jay [add]
12. No Secrets (Call of the Wild) [add]
13. You Ain't Leavin' [add]
14. What's the Matter, Baby [add]
15. Hiding Inside Yourself [add]
16. Can't Wait All Night [add]
17. Keep It a Secret [add]
18. Foolish Games [add]

Electric Lady (2005) 01. Electric Lady [add]
02. So Good Looking [add]
03. Try Harder [add]
04. Road House Blues [add]
05. White Girl Lost in the Blues [add]
06. The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar [add]
07. Back Away [add]
08. Muddy Water Blues [add]
09. The Brighter Side [add]
10. Out of the Rain [add]
11. Trailer Trash [add]

Shangri La (2005) 01. Morello [add]
02. Naked in September [add]
03. Eliyahu [add]
04. Don't Be Stupid [add]
05. Set Me Free [add]
06. Avinu Malkenu [add]
07. Strange Fruit [add]
08. The Last Goodnight [add]
09. Got to Do It Right Away [add]
10. Never Known [add]
11. Shangri-La [add]
12. I Wanna Be (With You) [add]
13. Modern Slaves [add]

Don't Cry Out Loud [live] (2005) 01. I Think I'm Goin' Back [add]
02. Superstar [add]
03. The Rose [add]
04. Sunshine After Rain [add]
05. Fool If You Think It's Over [add]
06. The Runaway [add]
07. No More the Fool [add]
08. Don't Cry Out Loud [add]
09. Lilae Wine [add]
10. Gasoline Alley [add]
11. Nights in White Satin [add]
12. Red House [add]
13. Back Away [add]
14. Muddy Waters Blues [add]
15. Pearl's a Singer [add]
16. Shooting Star [add]
17. Roadhouse Blues [add]
18. Groom Still Waiting at the Alter [add]
19. Baby What You Want Me to Do [add]
20. Out of the Rain [add]
21. We've Got Tonight [add]

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