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Lil' O lyrics
Genre: Rap
Blood Money (1999) 01. Blood Money [add]
02. Victory N' Gold [Featuring C-Note/Will-Lean] [add]
03. Playas Get Chose (!) [Featuring 3-2/Hawk/Big Moe/Slikk Breaze] [add]
04. Thug Nigg*z [Featuring Big Pokey/Lil Flip] [add]
05. Seven [add]
06. Friends Turns Foes [Featuring ESG/Al-D/Enjoli] [add]
07. Try [Featuring Ronnie Spencer/Bad Actaz] [add]
08. Rags to Riches [Featuring DJ Screw/Fat Pat/Yungstar] [add]
09. Lay Down da Law [add]
10. Supposed Playa [add]
11. Bar None Boys [Featuring Bad Actaz] [add]
12. When God Made You [Featuring Dana Jackson] [add]
13. Bleed [Featuring Big Pokey] [add]
14. Who's Snitching [Featuring UGK] [add]
15. The Truth [Featuring Billy Cook] [add]

Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze (2000) 01. Dat Fat Wit da Cheeze [add]
02. The Throwdest [Feat. Poppy, Chris Ward, Big Moe, And Carmen Sania] [add]
03. Thug Nigg*z, Pt. 2 [Feat. Big Pokey] [add]
04. Ay Yo [Feat. Drama] [add]
05. Beg, Steal, and Borrow [Feat. Papa Reu] [add]
06. I'm Ready [Feat. Poppy] [add]
07. Ooh Wee [Feat. Zero] [add]
08. Slow Down [Feat. Big Moe] [add]
09. Back Back [Feat. Hawk] [add]
10. We Ain't Broke No Mo [Feat. Slim Thug, Big T] [add]
11. After the Club (Skit) [add]
12. Choo Choo [Feat. Hawk, 3-2, Mike D] [add]
13. Bend Ya Knees, Touch Ya Toes (Do Ya Thang) [Feat. Esg, Carmen Santiago] [add]
14. Can't Tell Em Nothing (Skit) [add]
15. I Wonder Why [Feat. Bad Actaz, Chad] [add]
16. Hold It Down [Feat. BFK, Zero] [add]
17. Playas Get Chose [Feat. 3-2, Hawk, Big Moe, Slikk Breeze] [add]
18. Revenge [Feat. Poppy, Godfather] [add]
19. My Loves Ones [Feat. Billy Cook] [add]

Food on Tha Table (2003) 01. Food on the Table, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Don't Plex [add]
03. If I Could Then I Would [add]
04. He's So Gangsta [add]
05. He Ain't Got to Know [add]
06. The Real Ni**a Rules [add]
07. My 3 Wives [add]
08. Do You Think About Me [add]
09. That Day's Today [add]
10. It Can't Rain 4 Ever [add]
11. Playas Still Get Chose [add]
12. Let's Get F*cked Up [add]
13. I'm Pulling Out [add]
14. What's It Gonna Be [add]
15. Red Beans N' Rice [add]
16. Food on the Table, Pt. 2 [add]
17. Thankful [add]

Jealous Got Me Strapped: Neva Lay Down, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Jealous Got Me Strapped [add]
02. Dem Boys in da Hood [add]
03. Young, Black, Rich, N' Fly [add]
04. I Don't Need Your Love [add]
05. How Can I Chill [add]
06. Nuthin' Gonna Stop Me [add]
07. Rather Be with a Hoe [add]
08. Eyes and Ears [add]
09. I'm a Hustla [add]
10. I Can Feel It [add]
11. Streets Tryin to Kill Mes [add]
12. My Last Request [add]
13. I Do [add]
14. I Can't Stop [Remix] [add]
15. Don't Hate the Playa [add]
16. Food on da Table [add]
17. I'm Pulling Out [add]
18. Do U Think About M [add]
19. My 3 Wives [add]
20. Jealous Got Me Strapped [Remix] [add]
21. Dem Boys on da H - [Remix] [add]
22. Young, Black, Rich, N' Fly [Remix] [add]
23. I Don't Need Your Love [Remix] [add]
24. How Can I Chill [Remix] [add]
25. Nuthin' Gonna Stop Me [Remix] [add]
26. Rather Be a Hoe [Remix] [add]
27. Eyes and Ears [Remix] [add]
28. I'm a Hustla [Remix] [add]
29. I Can Feel It [Remix] [add]
30. Streets Tryin to Kill Me [Remix] [add]
31. My Last Request [Remix] [add]
32. I Do [Remix] [add]
33. Can't Stop [Remix] [add]
34. Don't Hate the Playa [add]
35. Food on da Table [Remix] [add]
36. I'm Pulling Out [Remix] [add]
37. Do U Think About Me [Remix] [add]

Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze [Chopped and Screwed] (2006) 01. Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze [add]
02. Thowdest [add]
03. What Fo [add]
04. Thug Nigg*z, Pt. 2 [add]
05. Beg. Steal, And Barrow [add]
06. Ooh Wee [add]
07. Slow Down [add]
08. Back Back lyrics
09. We Aint' Broke No Mo [add]
10. Choo Choo [add]
11. I Wonder Why [add]
12. Hold It Down [add]
13. Playas Get Chose [add]
14. Revenge [add]
15. My Loved Ones [add]

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