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Georgie Fame lyrics
Genre: Rock
Fame at Last (1964) 01. Get on the Right Track, Baby [add]
02. Let the Sunshine In [add]
03. Monkey Time [add]
04. All About My Girl [add]
05. Point of No Return [add]
06. Gimme That Wine [add]
07. Pink Champagne [add]
08. Monkeying Around [add]
09. Pride and Joy [add]
10. Green Onions [add]
11. I Love the Life I Live, I Live the Life I Love [add]
12. I'm in the Mood for Love [add]

Sound Venture (1966) 01. Many Happy Returns [add]
02. Down for the Count [add]
03. It's for Love the Petals Fall [add]
04. I Am Missing You [add]
05. Funny How Time Slips Away [add]
06. Lil' Pony [add]
07. Lovey Dovey [add]
08. Lil' Darlin' [add]
09. Three Blind Mice [add]
10. Dawn Yawn [add]
11. Feed Me [add]
12. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag [add]

Sweet Thing (1966) 01. Sweet Thing [add]
02. See Saw [add]
03. Ride Your Pony [add]
04. Funny How Time Slips Away [add]
05. Sitting in the Park [add]
06. Dr. Kitch [add]
07. My Girl [add]
08. Music Talk [add]
09. The "In" Crowd [add]
10. The World Is Round [add]
11. The Whole World's Shaking [add]
12. Last Night [add]

Two Faces of Fame (1967) 01. Greenback Dollar [add]
02. Things Ain't What They Used to Be [add]
03. River's Invitation [add]
04. Bluesology [add]
05. Don't Try [add]
06. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [add]
07. You're Driving Me Crazy [add]
08. C'Est la Vie [add]
09. El Pussy Cat [add]
10. It Could Happen to You [add]
11. Do It the Hard Way [add]

The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde (1968) 01. The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde [add]
02. Peaceful [add]
03. I'm a Drifter [add]
04. It Could Happen to You [add]
05. Somebody Stole My Thunder [add]
06. Going Home [add]
07. Stormy [add]
08. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
09. Tequila lyrics
10. When I'm Sixty-Four [add]
11. You're Driving Me Crazy [add]
12. Seventh Son [add]

Third Face of Fame (1968) 01. The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde [add]
02. When I'm Sixty-Four [add]
03. Ask Me Nice [add]
04. Exactly Like You [add]
05. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
06. Blue Prelude [add]
07. Bullets Laverne [add]
08. This Is Always [add]
09. Side by Side [add]
10. St. James Infirmary [add]
11. Mellow Yellow [add]

Seventh Son (1969) 01. Seventh Son [add]
02. Blossom [add]
03. Inside Story [add]
04. Am I Wasting My Time [add]
05. Is It Really the Same? [add]
06. Somebody Stole My Thunder [add]
07. Ho Ho Ho lyrics
08. Bird in a World of People [add]
09. Fully Booked [add]
10. Tequila lyrics

Does His Own Thing with Strings (1970) 01. And I Love Her [add]
02. Maybe in the Spring Again [add]
03. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning [add]
04. What's New? [add]
05. Woe Is Me [add]
06. A House Is Not a Home [add]
07. This Guy's in Love With You [add]
08. Girl Talk [add]
09. Who's Kissing You Blues [add]
10. Everything Happens to Me [add]
11. Guess Who I Saw Today [add]
12. Need Your Love So Bad [add]

Going Home (1971) 01. Believe in Love [add]
02. It Won't Hurt to Try It [add]
03. Going Home [add]
04. Easy Lovin', Easy Livin' [add]
05. Sister Jane [add]
06. Peaceful [add]
07. Happiness [add]
08. Children of My Mind [add]
09. Lay Me Down [add]
10. Pass It Around [add]
11. Foolish Child [add]
12. Stormy [add]

Together (1971) 01. Rosetta lyrics
02. Yellow Man [add]
03. The Dole Song lyrics
04. Time I Moved On lyrics
05. John and Mary lyrics
06. Here and Now [add]
07. Home Is Where Your Heart Is lyrics
08. Ballad of Billy Joe [add]
09. That's How Strong My Love Is [add]
10. Blue Condition [add]
11. I Can't Take It Much Longer [add]

Georgie Fame (1974) 01. Everlovin' Woman [add]
02. Don't "B" Movie Me [add]
03. Donut Man [add]
04. Ozone [add]
05. Leaving the City Behind [add]
06. Country Morning [add]
07. Johnny Too Bad [add]
08. That Ol' Rock & Roll [add]
09. Survival [add]

Right Now (1979) 01. Different Dream [add]
02. Funny How Time Slips Away [add]
03. Little Samba lyrics
04. I'm in Love With Ya Baby [add]
05. Ollie's Party [add]
06. Eros Hotel [add]
07. Across a Lazy Afternoon [add]
08. Country Girl [add]
09. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing [add]
10. Too Shy to Say [add]
11. Zulu [add]
12. The Last Song [add]

In Hoagland (1981) 01. The Old Music Master [add]
02. Hing Kong Blues [add]
03. Georgia on My Mind [add]
04. One Morning in May [add]
05. My Resistance Is Low [add]
06. I Get Alone Without You Very Well [add]
07. Rockin' Chair [Final Recording] [add]
08. Drip Drop [add]
09. Stardust [add]
10. Lazy River [add]
11. Small Fry [add]
12. Two Sleepy People [add]
13. Hoagy's Help [Spoken] [add]
14. Hoagland [add]

Cool Cat Blues (1991) 01. Cool Cat Blues [add]
02. Every Knock Is a Boost [add]
03. Moondance [add]
04. It Should Have Been Me [add]
05. Yeah Yeah [add]
06. I Love the Life I Live, I Live the Life I Love [add]
07. Big Brother [add]
08. Georgia on My Mind [add]
09. Cat's Eyes [add]
10. You Came a Long Way from St. Louis [add]
11. Survival [add]
12. Little Pony [add]
13. Rocking Chair [add]

Three Line Whip (1995) 01. It Happened to Me [add]
02. Kan Tsukete [add]
03. Vinyl [add]
04. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/Vanlose Stairway [add]
05. Since I Fell for You [add]
06. Zavolo [add]
07. You Are There [add]
08. A Declaration of Love [add]
09. Will Carling [add]
10. It Happened to Me (Reprise) [add]

Blues and Me (1996) 01. The Blues and Me [add]
02. I Want to Know [add]
03. Maybe It's Because of Love [add]
04. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
05. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid [add]
06. Roll With My Baby [add]
07. The Woodshed [add]
08. Bluesology [add]
09. Everybody Cryin' Mercy [add]
10. Blues for Ann-Marie [add]
11. I Almost Lost My Mind [add]
12. Passed Me By [add]
13. I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues [add]

Walking Wounded [live] (1999) 01. Eros Hotel [add]
02. If You Live [add]
03. Yeh Yeh [add]
04. Moondance/Blue Moon [add]
05. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
06. Cape Cuckoo [add]
07. Abide with Me [add]
08. The Woodshed Intro [add]
09. The Woodshed [add]
10. It Happened to Me/My Buddy [add]
11. Zavolo [add]

Name Droppin' [live] (1999) 01. Jimmy McGroove [add]
02. Cool Cat Blues [add]
03. Tell Me How Do You Feel [add]
04. Zulu [add]
05. Was [add]
06. Vinyl [add]
07. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/Vanlose Stairway [add]
08. Blues Medley: Groove's Groove/Red Top/Centerpiece/Don't Getz Scared [add]

Poet in New York (2000) 01. Turned to You [add]
02. But Not for Me [add]
03. Doodlin' [add]
04. Declaration of My Love [add]
05. Symphony Sid [add]
06. On a Misty Night [add]
07. That's the Way It Goes [add]
08. Do It the Hard Way [add]
09. Girl Talk [add]
10. It Could Happen to You [add]
11. Accentuate the Bass [add]
12. Lush Life [add]

Relationships (2001) 01. Rhythm King [add]
02. Everybody's Guessin' [add]
03. F.N.G. [add]
04. Mars & Venus [add]
05. There's No More Blue Time/Breezin' All the Way [add]
06. It [add]
07. You [add]
08. Say When [add]
09. The Wolf Gang [add]
10. The Keeper of the Blues [add]
11. City Life [add]
12. This Is a Gas [add]

Charlestons (2003) 01. Anthem for a Band [add]
02. Charleston Walk [add]
03. Preach 'N' Teach [add]
04. How Blue [add]
05. Flamingo Allnighter [add]
06. Wide-Eyed and Legless [add]
07. Your Face [add]
08. Medley: Skiing Blues/I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City [add]
09. Wogan's Air [add]
10. Charleston Proposition Including the Charleston [add]
11. Hymn for Him [add]

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