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The Downliners Sect lyrics
Genre: Rock
Cross Section (0000) 01. Little Egypt [add]
02. One Ugly Child [add]
03. Our Little Rendezvous [add]
04. Sect Appeal [add]
05. Baby What's on Your Mind [add]
06. Cops and Robbers [add]
07. Bloodhound [add]
08. Ballad of the Hounds [add]
09. Rocks in My Bed [add]
10. I Got Mine [add]
11. Bad Storm Coming lyrics
12. I Want My Baby Back Again [add]
13. Now She's Dead [add]
14. Everything I've Got to Give [add]
15. Comin' Home Baby [add]
16. Why Don't You Smile Now [add]
17. Outside [add]

Showbiz (1979) 01. Frustration [add]
02. Wild Time [add]
03. Red Hot Mama [add]
04. Mismanagement [add]
05. Richmond Rhythm & Blues [add]
06. Downloading [add]
07. Showbiz [add]
08. Break Up [add]
09. Out of School [add]
10. Playing My Guitar [add]
11. Blue Coup de Ville [add]
12. Loose Ends [add]
13. Blue Night [add]
14. Love Is Blind [add]
15. Let's Ride [add]

Birth of Suave (1991) 01. Little Egypt [add]
02. Find Out What's Happening [add]
03. Everything I've Got to Give [add]
04. Outside [add]
05. One Ugly Child [add]
06. Sect Appeal [add]
07. Glendora [add]
08. Why Don't You Smile Now [add]
09. Leader of the Sect [add]
10. Out Little Rendezvous [add]
11. I'll Find Out [add]
12. All Night Worker [add]
13. He Was a Square [add]
14. Baby What's Wrong [add]

Sectuality (2002) 01. Baby, What's Wrong [add]
02. Be a Sect Maniac [add]
03. Little [add]
04. Sect Appeal [add]
05. Find out What's Happening [add]
06. Insecticide [add]
07. Hurt by Love [add]
08. One Ugly Child [add]
09. Lonely and Blue [add]
10. Out Little Rendezvous [add]
11. Guitar Boogie [add]
12. Too Much Monkey Business [add]
13. Baby, What's on Your Mind [add]
14. Cops and Robbers [add]
15. Easy Rider [add]
16. Bloodhound [add]
17. Bright Lights [add]
18. I Wanna Put a Tiger in Your Tank [add]
19. I Want My Baby Back [add]
20. Midnight Hour [add]
21. Now She's Dead [add]
22. Wreck of the Old '97 [add]
23. Leader of the Sect [add]
24. I Got Mine [add]
25. Waiting in Heaven [add]
26. If I Could Just Go Back [add]
27. Rocks in My Bed [add]
28. Ballad of the Hounds [add]
29. Little Play Soldiers [add]
30. Hard Travellin' [add]
31. Wait for the Light to Shine [add]
32. Above and Beyond (the Call of Love) [add]
33. Bad Storm Coming lyrics
34. Midnight Special [add]
35. Wolverton Mountain [add]
36. All Night Worker [add]
37. He Was a Square [add]
38. Hang on Sloopy [add]
39. Fortune Teller [add]
40. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey [add]
41. Everything I've Got to Give [add]
42. Outside [add]
43. I'm Hooked on You [add]
44. Comin' Home Baby [add]
45. Why Don't You Smile Now [add]
46. Don't Lie to Me [add]
47. May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose [add]
48. I'm Looking for a Woman [add]
49. The Rock Sect's in Again [add]
50. Brand New Cadillac [add]

Burning Snow (2003) 01. Sect Appeal [add]
02. Got My Mojo Working [add]
03. Bloodhound [add]
04. Before You Accuse Me [add]
05. Baby Whats Wrong [add]
06. Little Eqypt [add]
07. Too Much Monkey Busines [add]
08. I Got Mine [add]
09. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter [add]
10. Dust My Broom Blues Medley [add]
11. Eel Pie Memories [add]
12. Love With No Strings [add]

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