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Carter Burwell lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Miller's Crossing (1985) 01. Opening Titles [add]
02. Caspar Laid Out [add]
03. A Man and His Hat [add]
04. King Porter Stomp [add]
05. The Long Way Around [add]
06. Miller's Crossing [add]
07. After Miller's Crossing [add]
08. Runnin' Wild [add]
09. Rage of the Dane [add]
10. All a You Whores [add]
11. Nightmare in the Trophy Room [add]
12. He Didn't Like His Friends [add]
13. Danny Boy [add]
14. What Heart? [add]
15. End Titles [add]
16. Goodnight Sweetheart [add]

Psycho III (1986) 01. Scream of Love (Theme from Psycho III) [add]
02. Maureen in the Desert [add]
03. Dirty Street [add]
04. Before and After Shower [add]
05. Warm as a Cry for Help [add]
06. Sisters/Catherine Mary [add]
07. Mother? [add]
08. Bad Boys and Body Bags [add]
09. Revenge of a Thankless Child [add]
10. Electroshock Waiting Room [add]

Doc Hollywood (1991) 01. The Lady in the Lake [add]
02. Speedster [add]
03. Stones Rounds [add]
04. Kije's Wedding [add]
05. Meat Is Murder [add]
06. Down Ten Dollars [add]
07. Jasmine Strut [add]
08. Chant [add]
09. Slow Squash Love [add]
10. Pee Zydeco [add]
11. Voices Across a Lake [add]
12. The Millwood Stomp [add]
13. Crazy [add]
14. Polegnala E Todora [add]
15. Fireflies and Night Shade [add]
16. Stone Walks Alone [add]
17. Escape from Grady [add]
18. Breech Birth [add]
19. Remembrance of Things Past [add]
20. A Shooting Star [add]
21. Back to the Interstate, Ben Stone [add]
22. Life Sentence [add]

And the Band Played On (1993) 01. Africa [add]
02. Burning Bodies [add]
03. Dead Doctors [add]
04. The Party's Over [add]
05. Lymph [add]
06. Three Sixes [add]
07. They're Scared [add]
08. The French Fail [add]
09. His Other Life [add]
10. One of Your Donors [add]
11. The French Succeed [add]
12. How Long to Sink In [add]
13. Tell That to Gallo [add]
14. Gallo Press Conference [add]
15. Rain [add]
16. Krause Collapses [add]
17. Blood Meeting [add]
18. He's Gone Too Far [add]
19. Tongues [add]
20. Sexual Transmission [add]
21. Paris Meeting [add]
22. And the Band Played On [add]

Hudsucker Proxy (1994) 01. Proluge [add]
02. Norville Suite [add]
03. Waring's Descent [add]
04. Hud Sleeps [add]
05. Light Lunch [add]
06. Wheel Turns [add]
07. Hula Hoop [add]
08. Useful [add]
09. Walk of Shame [add]
10. Blue Letter [add]
11. A Long Way Down [add]
12. Chase [add]
13. Norville's End [add]
14. Epilogue [add]
15. Norville's Reprise [add]

Rob Roy (1995) 01. Overture: Rob Roy/The Rieving Party [add]
02. Home from the Hills [add]
03. Hard Earth [add]
04. Procession for the Ill-Used [add]
05. Blood Sport [add]
06. The Gaelic Reels [add]
07. Ailein Duinn [add]
08. The Last Peaceful Night [add]
09. Troops in the Mist [add]
10. Honor Inflamed [add]
11. Dispossessed, the: Cave/Hard Home on the Moor [add]
12. The Blunt Reels [add]
13. Highland Justice: Call of the Claymore/Assize of the Gregorach [add]
14. A Standing Stone, a Silk Purse [add]
15. Theid Mi Dhacaigh (I'll Go Home) [add]
16. Rannoch Moore Suite: Scorched Earth/Rannoch Moor Retreat/The Mists/Rob [add]
17. Morag's Lament [add]
18. Born by Rapids [add]
19. Love and Death Suite: My Beloved/A Matter of Honor/Cunningham's End [add]
20. Robert and Mary [add]

The Chamber (1996) 01. We Leapfrog to Our Death [add]
02. Two Small Bodies [add]
03. Dark Roots of the Tree [add]
04. Parchman Farm, By Car [add]
05. Teddy Meeks' Execution [add]
06. Hall of Records [add]
07. Cowards [add]
08. Tale of the Laurel Tree [add]
09. Mitigating Circumstances [add]
10. Klan Teaching [add]
11. Ripples [add]
12. Lady Justice [add]
13. The Goodbye [add]
14. The Walk [add]
15. The Chamber [add]
16. The End [add]

Gods and Monsters (1998) 01. Arise, Clay [add]
02. Dripping [add]
03. Ashes [add]
04. Refreshments [add]
05. Unshrouding [add]
06. Love in the Trenches [add]
07. The Bride [add]
08. Lucky Man [add]
09. Watch Me Dive [add]
10. Gas Masks On [add]
11. Frankenwhale [add]
12. Soldier in the Rain [add]
13. Barnett on the Wire [add]
14. Return to the Trenches [add]
15. Wrestling the Monster [add]
16. Last Swim [add]
17. Friend? [add]

Corruptor [Original Score] (1999) 01. The Corruptor [add]
02. Beneath the Streets [add]
03. Lamp Store Shootout [add]
04. Panty Raid [add]
05. Ginza Shooting [add]
06. The Old Man [add]
07. Drug Raid [add]
08. Dumpster [add]
09. Death Drives Through Chinatown [add]
10. He Takes the Hook [add]
11. A Plum [add]
12. Chen Betrayed [add]
13. To the Ship [add]
14. Human Cargo [add]
15. Chen Shoot [add]
16. Funeral in Chinatown [add]
17. Oud Happy [add]
18. Corruptoid [add]

The General's Daughter (1999) 01. She Began to Lie [add]
02. Mighty Good Road [add]
03. Rachel Rocket [add]
04. Gonna Rise and Fly [add]
05. Exercise in Darkness [add]
06. Epiphytic Shuffle [add]
07. The Body [add]
08. West Point [add]
09. The General's Story [add]
10. Congratulations [add]
11. Footprints [add]
12. The Tape? [add]
13. The Conspiracy [add]
14. Kent's Story [add]
15. The Hurt Locker [add]
16. Out of Her Misery [add]
17. The General's End [add]
18. O Fortuna [add]
19. All Through the Night [add]
20. She Began to Lie (Not from Film) [Remix] [add]

Being John Malkovich (1999) 01. Amphibian [Mark Bell Mix] [add]
02. Malkovich [Materpiece Remix] [add]
03. Puppet Love [add]
04. Momentary Introspection [add]
05. You Should Know [add]
06. Craig Plots [add]
07. Malkovich Shrine [add]
08. Embarcation [add]
09. Subcon Chase [add]
10. The Truth [add]
11. Love on the Phone [add]
12. To Lester's [add]
13. Maxine Kidnapped [add]
14. To Be John M [add]
15. Craig's Overture [add]
16. Allegro from Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste, Sz106 [add]
17. Carter Explains Scene 71 to Orchestra [add]
18. Lotte Makes Love [add]
19. Monkey Memories [add]
20. Future Vessel [add]
21. Amphibian [Film Mix] [add]

Hamlet [Varese Original Soundtrack] (2000) 01. Too Too Solid Flesh [add]
02. Murder Most Foul [add]
03. Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead [add]
04. Dark Room [add]
05. To Be or Not to Be [add]
06. Wiring Ophelia [add]
07. The Funeral [add]
08. Claudius Prayer [add]
09. Hamlet Walks the Plane [add]
10. Leates and Ophelia at the Guggenheim [add]
11. Claudius Incites Leartes [add]
12. The Duel [add]
13. The End [add]

Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows [Original Score] (2000) 01. Rock Water Wind [add]
02. Funny Farm [add]
03. Stream Dream [add]
04. Red Snow [add]
05. Wrong [add]
06. Still in the Hills [add]
07. Marked [add]
08. Barely [add]
09. Beasts [add]
10. Rain [add]
11. Hanging [add]
12. Shadow Dance [add]
13. The Truth? [add]

A Knight's Tale [Original Score] (2001) 01. Nemesis [add]
02. Cooked Patents [add]
03. A New Worship [add]
04. Apprenticed [add]
05. A Lance Without Target [add]
06. St. Vitus' Dance [Smithy Mix] [add]
07. To Run or Not to Run [add]
08. Modo Niger [add]
09. Dark Watch [add]
10. Guinevere Come to Lancelot [add]
11. Cheapside Promenade [add]
12. Follow Your Feet [add]
13. Love Reflects [add]
14. The Showdown [add]
15. St. Vitus' Dance [Grog Mix] [add]

The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) 01. Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor Op. 13 (Birdy's "Path?tique") [add]
02. "Che Soave Zeffiretto" [The Marriage of Figaro] [add]
03. Piano Sonata No. 25 in G Major Op. 72 (Bringing Doris Home) [add]
04. I Met Doris Blind [add]
05. Ed Visits Dave [add]
06. Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor Op. 57 "Appassionata" (Ed Returns Home) [add]
07. I Love You Birdy Abundasl [add]
08. Nirdlinger's Swing [add]
09. Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor Op. 27 "Moonlight" [add]
10. The Fight [add]
11. The Bank [add]
12. Adagio Cantabile from Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor Op. 13 "Path?tique" [add]
13. The Trial of Ed Crane [add]
14. Andante Cantabile from Piano Trio No. 7 in B Flat Op. 97 "Archduke" [add]

Simone (2002) 01. Nicola Walks [add]
02. The Perfect Marriage [add]
03. Sorry [add]
04. Not Him [add]
05. Welcome to Simone [add]
06. Dark (Very) [add]
07. Captive [add]
08. Hollywood Love [add]
09. Enomis [add]
10. Presidential Suite [add]
11. No One to Kill [add]
12. Splendid Decay [add]
13. $$$Imone [add]
14. No Thanks [add]
15. Off the Record [add]
16. Virtually Forever [add]
17. Surprise Visit [add]
18. I Am Simone [add]
19. Killing Simone [add]
20. Simone Two [add]

Adaptation (2002) 01. Adaptation [Fatboy Slim Remix] [add]
02. The Evolution of the Screenwriter [add]
03. The Writer and the Crazy White Man [add]
04. An Unashamed Passion [add]
05. The Evolution of Evolution [add]
06. On Judgement, Human and Otherwise [add]
07. Whittle the World Down [add]
08. On the Similarity of Human and Orchid Forms [add]
09. The Screenwriter's Nightmare [add]
10. Approaching the Object of Desire [add]
11. Shinier Than Any Ant [add]
12. The Slough Pit of Creation [add]
13. Adaptation Versus Immutability [add]
14. Effects of Sibling Pressure [add]
15. Evasion and Escape [add]
16. The Unexpressed Expressed [add]
17. The Screenwriter's Nightmare [Zeno Remix] [add]
18. Happy Together [add]

The Alamo [2004 Original Score] (2004) 01. Flesh and Honor [add]
02. 300 Miles of Snow [add]
03. What We're Defending [add]
04. El Bexareno [add]
05. La Zandunga [add]
06. Who Took Their Loved Ones [add]
07. Listen to the Mockingbird Sing [add]
08. The Evacuation of Bexar [add]
09. The Calm After the Storm [add]
10. The Visitation of Saint Ursula [add]
11. Quiet Mountain [add]
12. They Ain't Bear [add]
13. Bonham's Ride [add]
14. Sell Our Lives Dearly [add]
15. Night Falls on the Alamo [add]
16. Deguello de Crockett [add]
17. The Last Night [add]
18. The Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 1 [add]
19. The Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 2 [add]
20. The Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 3 [add]
21. The Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 4 [add]
22. The Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 5 [add]
23. The Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 6 [add]
24. The Death of Crockett [add]
25. Runaway Scrape [add]
26. Blood, or Texas [add]

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