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Emergence lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Laughing Medusa Theme Series, Vol. 1 (1993) 01. Nu Kua: The Great Woman Snail of Ancient China [Storytelling] [add]
02. Thaw (Poetry) [add]
03. The Dance [add]
04. The Sunday Afternoon Theater Club [add]
05. Breakaway [instrumental] [add]
06. Still Life (Poetry) [add]
07. How We've Come This Far [add]
08. Coming Out, Spade (Poetry) [add]
09. The Invisible Boy (Poetry) [add]
10. Day Dream [instrumental] [add]
11. Witness (Poetry) [add]
12. Keeper of the Dream [add]
13. Stopping With Nana (Poetry) [add]
14. Back to Serenity [instrumental] [add]
15. Grackle Nest (Poetry) [add]
16. The Deer Are Calling Us (Poetry) [add]
17. Unspoken Language [Vocal Instrumental] [add]
18. Blues Man [add]
19. And the Walls Come Tumblin' Down [Choral] [add]

The Science of Suffering (2003) 01. Recursion (In) [add]
02. Scarred [add]
03. Demagog [add]
04. Blue Muse [add]
05. The Tower [add]
06. Human Anthem [add]
07. Shahada [add]
08. Ashes in Winter [add]
09. Blackened Earth [add]
10. The Vigil [add]
11. Blue Muse (Rib Remix) [add]
12. Recursion (Out) [add]

Eschaton (2004) 01. Slow Burn [add]
02. Turnabout [add]
03. Eschaton (Oblivion) [add]
04. Parasite [add]
05. Orouboros [add]
06. Clouds on the Horizon [add]
07. Defenestration [add]
08. Faithless [add]
09. Serpentine [add]
10. The Creeping Hours [add]
11. Eschaton (Entropy) [add]

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