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Laurie Lewis lyrics
Genre: Country
Restless Rambling Heart (1986) 01. Bowling Green [add]
02. The Cowgirl's Song [add]
03. Restless Rambling Heart [add]
04. Cry, Cry Darling [add]
05. Stealin' Chickens [add]
06. The Maple's Lament [add]
07. Here We Go Again [add]
08. Green Fields [add]
09. Hold to a Dream [add]
10. I'm Gonna Be the Wind [add]
11. Haven of Mercy [add]

Love Chooses You (1989) 01. Old Friend lyrics
02. The Hills of My Home [add]
03. The Point of No Return [add]
04. I Don't Know Why [add]
05. I'd Be Lost Without You [add]
06. When the Night Bird Sings [add]
07. The Women of Ireland/Ryestraw [add]
08. The Light [add]
09. Texas Bluebonnets [add]
10. Love Chooses You [add]

Singin' My Troubles Away (1990) 01. Diamond Joe [add]
02. Don't Get Too Close [add]
03. The Rope [add]
04. Beautiful Bouquet [add]
05. Overdrive [add]
06. Heartache [add]
07. When the Cactus Is in Bloom [add]
08. I Wish It Had Been a Dream [add]
09. New Day [add]
10. Singin' My Troubles Away [add]
11. Hell Among the Yearlings [add]
12. Raleigh and Spencer [*] [add]
13. I Miss the Mississippi and You [add]

Together (1991) 01. Going Up on the Mountain [add]
02. Just Like Rain [add]
03. Is the Blue Moon Still Shining? [add]
04. Don't You See That Train? [add]
05. Hideaway [add]
06. The Touch of the Master's Hand [add]
07. Lost John [add]
08. Maverick [add]
09. That Dawn the Day You Left Me [add]
10. Count Your Blessings [add]
11. Little Annie [add]
12. Don't Leave Your Little Girl All Alone [add]
13. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar [add]

True Stories (1993) 01. Singing Bird [add]
02. Val's Cabin [add]
03. Knocking on Your Door Again [add]
04. Swept Away [add]
05. Sand, Water, Waves [add]
06. Who Will Watch the Home Place? [add]
07. You'll Be Leaveing Me [add]
08. Still a Fool [add]
09. The Long Way Round [add]
10. So Beautiful [add]
11. The Mill lyrics
12. Slow Learner [add]
13. Here Comes the Rain [add]

The Oak and the Laurel (1995) 01. My Dixie Darling [add]
02. The Oak and the Laurel [add]
03. Texas Girl [add]
04. My Baby Came Back [add]
05. Sleepy Eyes [add]
06. Millionaire [add]
07. Teardrops Falling in the Snow [add]
08. The Lighthouse [add]
09. Sleepy-Eyed John/Tom and Jerry [add]
10. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) [add]
11. Clark and Hazel [add]
12. Poor Country Boy [add]
13. Dream of a Home [add]

Seeing Things (1998) 01. Blue Days, Sleepless Nights [add]
02. The Refugee [add]
03. Visualize [add]
04. Kiss Me Before I Die [add]
05. Let the Bird Go Free [add]
06. Bane and Balm [add]
07. I'll Take Back My Heart [add]
08. Tattoo [add]
09. Angel on His Shoulder [add]
10. Manzanar [add]
11. The Blackest Crow [add]

Laurie Lewis & Her Bluegrass Pals (1999) 01. Tall Pines [add]
02. Steppin' Stones [add]
03. Blow, Big Wind [add]
04. Going to the West [add]
05. When I Get Home [add]
06. Black Waters [add]
07. Big Eddy [add]
08. Acony Bell [add]
09. Wind at Play [add]
10. Weevily Wheat [add]
11. Hard Luck and Trouble [add]
12. The Wood Thrush's Song [add]
13. Beyond the River Bend [add]

Winter's Grace (1999) 01. The Messenger [add]
02. The Snowy Road [add]
03. If We Make It Through December [add]
04. Earth Moves in a Mysterious Way [add]
05. Wassail Song lyrics
06. The Gift [add]
07. Christmas Time's A-Coming [add]
08. Hot Buttered Rum [add]
09. Heiligste Nacht [add]
10. Wintergrace lyrics
11. Cold Frosty Morning [add]

Guest House (2004) 01. Willie Poor Boy [add]
02. Since You Went Away [add]
03. Bad Seed [add]
04. Tramps and Hawkers [add]
05. Alaska [add]
06. O My Malissa/How Old Are You? [add]
07. My Heart's Own Love [add]
08. Old Dan Tucker [add]
09. Scars from an Old Love [add]
10. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes [add]
11. Quiet Hills [add]
12. Just a Lie [add]
13. Wild Rose of the Mountain/The Devil Chased Me Around the ... [add]

The Golden West (2006) 01. Your Eyes [add]
02. Burley Coulter's Song for Kate Helen Branch [add]
03. 99 Years Blues [add]
04. Before the Sun Goes Down [add]
05. Live Forever [add]
06. Rank Stranger [add]
07. Bury Me in Bluegrass [add]
08. The Golden West [add]
09. A Hand to Hold [add]
10. River Under the Road [add]
11. Hard Luck in Heaven [add]
12. The Mourning Clock [add]
13. Goodbye Waltz [add]

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