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George Dalaras lyrics
Genre: World
Greek Voice (1991) 01. Don't Talk, Greece Is in Danger [add]
02. A Stranger to You [add]
03. In the Magical Islands [add]
04. Manuella [live] [add]
05. Greece, My Mother [live] [add]
06. At Thoma's Place [live] [add]
07. The Free and the Fair [add]
08. Ballad of Sentiments and... [live] [add]
09. Voyage to Cythera [add]
10. Grieving Words [add]
11. A Mournful Mouth-Organ [live] [add]
12. What Did I Do to Make You Leave? [add]
13. A Song from Algeria [add]
14. You Are Making Mistakes [add]
15. Don't Be Angry with Me, Darling [add]
16. Good Luck [live] [add]

A Portrait (1998) 01. Monahoyos O Konstandis (Konstandis the Only Son) [add]
02. Klirothika (I Was Chosen) [add]
03. Issoun Theos (You Were a God) [add]
04. Xenos (Stranger) [add]
05. Tin Zoi Mou Mi Diavazis (Don't Read My Life) [add]
06. Ya Pare Gifto Sphiri Ke Amoni (Take, Gypsy, Your Hammer and Bellows) [add]
07. Tou Harou (Deaths) [add]
08. Kir' Kostaki Ela Konda (Mr. Kostaki, Join Us) [add]
09. O Ouranos Fevgi Varis (The Sky Darkens) [add]
10. Taxidi Sta Kithira (A Trip to Cytheria) [add]
11. Manouella (Manuella) [add]
12. Me Teliosses (You Finished Me) [add]
13. O Zorikos (The Tough One) [add]
14. Avgoustos/To Pollaplo Sou Idollo (August/Your Many Faces) [add]
15. Pente Hronia Dikasmenos/I Phoni Tou Arguille (Five Year Conviction/The [add]
16. Osso Varoun Ta Sidera (As Long as the Shutting Door Echoes) [add]
17. In'arrostia Ta Tragoudia (Songs Are Illness) [add]
18. Stou Thoma (To Thomas' Place) [add]

Live & Unplugged (1998) 01. Tribute To G. Zambetas [add]
02. Enas Kompos I Hara Mou [add]
03. An Yparchi Logos [add]
04. Logia Klidomena [add]
05. Agrigento [add]
06. Taxidi Sta Kythira [add]
07. Idolo [add]
08. Karanti [add]
09. Ta Vegalika Sou Matia [add]
10. I Balada Ton Esthiseon Ke Ton Paresthiseon [add]
11. Limani [add]
12. To Pepromeno [add]
13. Klirothika [add]
14. Ta Matoklada Sou Lamboun (Your Eye-Lashes Are Shining) [add]
15. Arapia [add]
16. Dui Dui [add]
17. Una Moneda Le Di [add]
18. Voices [add]
19. Wooden Horse/Periplanisi [add]

Latin (2000) 01. Los Garceros [add]
02. El Cascabel lyrics
03. Cancion del Mimb? [add]
04. El Preso Numero Nueve lyrics
05. Alma, Corazon y Vida [add]
06. Una Moneda le Di [add]
07. Al Bohio lyrics
08. Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir [add]
09. Fado Corrido de Coimbra [add]
10. La Malague?a [add]
11. La Bamba [add]
12. On Magical Island [add]
13. Never Cry [add]
14. What Did I Do to Make You Go Away [add]
15. I Don't Want You Back [add]
16. Manuella [add]
17. Mambo Brazileiro [add]
18. Love's from the Past [add]
19. My Joy [add]
20. For Ever, My Little One [add]
21. Laugh, Love and Sing [add]

Thessaloniki Giannena Me Dio Papoutsia Panina (Yannena with Two Canvas Shoes) (2001) 01. You Deserved a Better Love (Sou Axize Mia Kaliteri Agalia) [add]
02. What If I Want You (Ki an Se Thelo) [add]
03. My Name Is Popie (Me Lene Popi) [add]
04. A Song Dedicated to Eleni F. (Ena Tragoudi Gia Tin Eleni F.) [add]
05. Night (Nihta) [add]
06. The Song of the Rain (To Tragoudi Tis Vrohis) [add]
07. Your Love's Risk (Tis Agapis Sou to Risko) [add]
08. Treat Us (Belgrade - Chania) [Kerna Mas (Veligradi - Hania)] [add]
09. Don't Give Up, Anna (Kane Kouragio Anna) [add]
10. Confess (Martira Ta) [add]

The Running Roads (2001) 01. Mad About You [add]
02. I'll Seek You Out [add]
03. The Overcoat [add]
04. The Old Soldier [add]
05. Flying Carpet [add]
06. I've Never Seen You [add]
07. One Night at Alliniko [add]
08. And It's Raining Out There [add]
09. Drunken Boat [add]
10. Hidden Keys [add]
11. The Ghosts [add]
12. Flower [add]
13. Brown Eyes [add]
14. In a Stranger's Dream [add]
15. The Running Roads [add]
16. Hasta Siempre [add]

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