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Genre: Rock
Contact (1986) 01. Reaving Queen [add]
02. I Don't Want to Go [add]
03. Bolero lyrics
04. Feedback Feedback [add]
05. Save the Moment [add]
06. Lady of Ice [add]
07. Girls Don't Let Me Down [add]
08. Latin Fire lyrics
09. After Midnight [add]

All My Loving (1989) 01. Mirage [add]
02. Snowwhite Tigers [add]
03. Jingle Bells And Candy Canes [add]
04. The Diceman [add]
05. Snowflake [add]
06. (In This) Silent Night [add]
07. I'm Goin' Back [add]
08. Wish Upon A Star [add]
09. Can't Help Falling in Love [add]
10. Snowman [add]
11. Voices From Heaven [add]
12. Goodnite Las Vegas [add]

Deep in My Heart (1992) 01. Fools Cry/Whenever Fools Cry [add]
02. Deep in My Heart/In My Heart [add]
03. Flames of Love/Love Flames [add]
04. Running Man/The Man [add]
05. I'm Free/Freedom [add]
06. Slice Me Nice/S.L.I.C.E. [add]
07. Love in Japan [add]
08. No More Sin [add]
09. Cool Jerk [add]
10. Soul for Sale [add]
11. Promised Land [add]
12. Deep in My Heart/No More Sin/Love in Japan (Medley) [add]
13. It's the Same Old Song [add]
14. Push and Shove of Love [add]
15. Flames of Love/Love Flames [Karaoke-Party-Instrumental] [add]
16. Fools Cry/Whenever Fools Cry [Karaoke-Party-Instrumental] [add]
17. Running Man/The Man [Karaoke-Party-Instrumental] [add]

Flames of Love (1998) 01. Flames of Love [add]
02. Moscow Is Calling [add]
03. I Can't Live Without You (Lonely Nights) [add]
04. What's Your Name, What's Your Game [add]
05. Bodyguard [add]
06. Spy in the Night [add]
07. Tonight the Devil Wins My Soul [add]
08. Blue Eyed Lady [add]
09. China Blue lyrics
10. Turbo Dancer Remix: Lady of Ice/Slice Me Nice/Lady of Ice/Slic [medley] [add]

D.I.S.C.O. (1999) 01. D.I.S.C.O. (Lust for Life) [add]
02. How Do You Feel Right Now? [add]
03. Japanese Girl [add]
04. When Clowns Cry [add]
05. Try My Love Again [add]
06. Cirque de la Lune [add]
07. Come Back and Break My Heart [add]
08. On Fire [add]
09. Everylasting Dance [add]
10. When Fancy Is Crying [add]
11. Flames of Love [add]
12. Come Back and Break My Heart [Trance Version] [add]
13. D.I.S.C.O. (Lust for Life) [add]
14. How Do You Feel Right Now? [Extended Version] [add]

Strip Down (2000) 01. Gimme a Sign [add]
02. Senorita [add]
03. Strip Down [add]
04. Dreams Come True [add]
05. We Can Move a Mountain [add]
06. I Love You... What's Your Name? [add]
07. How Do I Feel? [add]
08. I Need You [add]
09. Rumble in the Jungle [add]
10. What Kinda Horny: Gimme a Sign/We Can Move a Mountain/How Do I Feel? [add]
11. I Can't Forget You [*] [add]
12. A Neverending Ride [*] [add]

Voices from Heaven (2004) 01. Voices from Heaven [add]
02. Snowwhite Tigers [add]
03. Still in the Mood for Christmas [add]
04. Jingle Bells and Candy Canes [add]
05. Snowflake [add]
06. Silent Night [add]
07. Snowman [add]
08. I'm Going Back [add]
09. Diceman [add]
10. Can't Help Falling in Love [add]
11. Mirage [add]
12. Voices from Heaven (Reprise) [add]

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