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Gary P. Nunn lyrics
Genre: Country
Live: at Poor David's P (0000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Cutting a Rug [add]
03. If You Don't Believe I Love You [add]
04. Cut and Putt [add]
05. The Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning [add]
06. Rita Ballou [add]
07. The Money's No Good lyrics
08. Reggae Armadillo [add]
09. Town and Country Taverns [add]
10. Angel Eyes [add]
11. Born Yesterday [add]
12. The Chili Song [add]
13. Jaded Lover [add]
14. Can't Get the Hell Out of Texas [add]
15. For Old Times Sake [add]
16. Couldn't Do Nothin' Right [add]

Home with the Armadillo: Live at Austin City Limits (1984) 01. The Nights Never Get Lonely [add]
02. The Last Thing Thing I Needed, the First Thing This Morning [add]
03. Tennessee Road lyrics
04. Born Yesterday [add]
05. Give Me Some Money [add]
06. Austin Pickers lyrics
07. Kara Lee lyrics
08. Public Domain [add]
09. What I Like About Texas [add]
10. Come and Get It (While It's Not) [add]
11. When the Night Comes [add]
12. Since You've Been Gone [add]
13. London Homesick Blues [add]

Borderstates (1987) 01. What I Like About Texas [add]
02. I Taught Her Everything She Knows lyrics
03. Too Many Nights in a Roadhouse [add]
04. The Money's No Good lyrics
05. Lesson to Be Learned from Love [add]
06. Think I'll Go to Mexico [add]
07. Town and Country Taverns [add]
08. Old Fashioned Loce [add]
09. Alamogordo [add]
10. The Old Home Place [add]
11. The Farm [add]

For Old Times' Sake (1989) 01. Cuttin' a Rug (Til the Cows Come Home) [add]
02. If You Don't Believe I Love You (Ask My Wife) [add]
03. Cut and Putt [add]
04. Nine Cents Change [add]
05. The Chili Song [add]
06. Pickup Truck, Texas [add]
07. For Old Times Sake [add]
08. The Domino Song [add]
09. I Feel a Party Coming On [add]
10. Garcias Por Esse [add]
11. Uncle Bud [add]
12. The Raggae Armadillo [add]

Totally Guacamole (1993) 01. San Antonio [add]
02. Why Don't You Meet Me Down in Corpus [add]
03. My Kind of Day in Padre [add]
04. Macho Man from Taco Land [add]
05. Standing on a Piece of the Ryman [add]
06. Picking and Grinning [add]
07. Bunkhouse Boogie [add]
08. Purty Boys [add]
09. You Can't Get the Hell Out of Texas [add]
10. I Don't Live Here Anymore [add]
11. Nobody But Me lyrics
12. The Old Rocking Chair (A Song of Inspiration) [add]

Roadtrip (1994) 01. Guadalupe Days [add]
02. Roadtrip [add]
03. Back into the Swing of Things [add]
04. If You Had a Mind To [add]
05. Terlingua Sky [add]
06. Brooksmith, Texas [add]
07. Siesta Sunday [add]
08. If Not Us Who, If Not Not Now When? [add]
09. Corona con Lima [add]
10. San Antone Homesick [add]

Under My Hat (1996) 01. Under Your Hat [add]
02. Way Out in the Country [add]
03. Relationship Wrecking Machine [add]
04. Friends for Life [add]
05. Texas Moon [add]
06. Jack of All Trades [add]
07. Brother Tumbleweed [add]
08. Find Another Fool [add]
09. Something Monumental [add]
10. Take the A-O Train [instrumental] [add]
11. A (I've Got) A Long, Long Way to Go [add]
12. Folk Life [add]

Nobody But Me (1999) 01. Austin Pickers lyrics
02. Nobody But Me lyrics
03. Pour Beer in My Face lyrics
04. You Wouldn't Know Me lyrics
05. There's Just Tonight lyrics
06. Georgia Rose lyrics
07. Kara Lee lyrics
08. Colorado River lyrics
09. Texas Lonesome lyrics
10. Tennessee Road lyrics
11. You Can't Get There from Here lyrics
12. Darling I'll Love You Always lyrics
13. The Money's No Good lyrics

It's a Texas Thing (2000) 01. Taking Bob Back to Tulsa [add]
02. Red Neck Riviera [add]
03. It's a Texas Thing [add]
04. Tonight I Just Wanna Have Fun [add]
05. First Things First [add]
06. It's About to Get Western [add]
07. He Never Came Back from Mexico [add]
08. Dear John Letter Lounge [add]
09. First Forget [add]
10. Honking Out Some Hank [add]
11. Cow Pasture Pool [add]
12. Hands on the Wheel [add]
13. Here's to Horses [add]

Something for the Trail (2004) 01. Perfectly Normal [add]
02. Waltz with the Devil [add]
03. Hard Partyin' Country Darlin' [add]
04. Second Thoughts [add]
05. Hillbilly, Hog-Ridin', Road-Runnin' Man [add]
06. Don't Get Me Started [add]
07. West Texas Swang Thang [add]
08. Two-Steppin' Time of Night [add]
09. Going Nowhere Fast [add]
10. King of the World [add]
11. One Night Stand [add]
12. A Little Piece of Mind [add]
13. Cowboy at Heart [add]
14. Something for the Trail [add]

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