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Jimmy LaFave lyrics
Genre: Folk
Austin Skyline (1992) 01. Thru the Neon Night [add]
02. Girl from the North Country [add]
03. Desperate Men Do Desperate Things [add]
04. When It Starts to Rain [add]
05. Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues [add]
06. Walk Away Renee [add]
07. Measuring Words [add]
08. You're a Big Girl Now [add]
09. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [add]
10. Only One Angel [add]
11. Everytime [add]
12. Rocket in My Pocket [add]
13. Darkest Side of Midnight [add]
14. Restless Spirits [add]
15. Trouble Free [add]
16. Shelter from the Storm [add]

Highway Trance (1994) 01. Shakin' Your Hips [add]
02. When the Tears Fall [add]
03. Leslie, Talk to Me [add]
04. Cafe in the Rain [add]
05. Austin After Midnight [add]
06. Give Your Sweet Love to Me [add]
07. The Open Road [add]
08. Early Summer Rain [add]
09. Minstrel Boy Howling at the Moon [add]
10. I've Got Your Picture [add]
11. The Perfect Combination [add]
12. Dark Dancing Eyes [add]
13. Get It, Got It, Good [add]
14. Prayer for You [add]
15. When I See You Again lyrics
16. Route 66 Revisited [add]

Buffalo Return to the Plains (1995) 01. Burden to Bear [add]
02. Last Train [add]
03. Sweetheart Like You [add]
04. Amsterdam [add]
05. I'm Thinking of You [add]
06. Never Be Mine [add]
07. Buffalo Return to the Plains [add]
08. Going Home lyrics
09. Foolish Pride [add]
10. That I Can't Control [add]
11. I Walk Along With You [add]
12. Rock & Roll Land [add]
13. Worn Out American Dream [add]
14. Last Train (Acoustic) [add]

Road Novel (1997) 01. You'll Never Know [add]
02. Hold On [add]
03. Vast Stretches of Broken Heart [add]
04. Into Your Life [add]
05. Ramblin' Sky [add]
06. Home Sweek Oklahoma [add]
07. Buckets of Rain [add]
08. Long Ago With Miles Between [add]
09. Long Time Since the Last Time [add]
10. Never Put the Blame [add]
11. The Open Space [add]
12. You've Got That Right [add]
13. The Big Wheels [add]
14. Heart of a Woman [add]
15. The Great Night [add]

Texoma (2001) 01. Bad Bad Girl [add]
02. San Francisco [add]
03. Never Is a Moment [add]
04. This Glorious Day lyrics
05. Poor Man's Dream [add]
06. On a Bus to St. Cloud lyrics
07. Rock and Roll Music to the World [add]
08. Red Dirt Song lyrics
09. Woody Guthrie [add]
10. Tears [add]
11. Love Can Find Its Own Way lyrics
12. Elvis Loved His Mama [add]
13. Emotionally Yours [add]
14. Patient Man [add]
15. On the Road to Rock and Roll lyrics
16. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress [add]

Blue Nightfall (2005) 01. Revival [add]
02. Sweet Sweet Love [add]
03. River Road [add]
04. Music from the Motor Court [add]
05. Blue Nightfall [add]
06. Shining On Through [add]
07. Rain Falling Down [add]
08. Bohemian Cowboy Blues [add]
09. It's Gone [add]
10. I Wish for You [add]
11. When You Were Mine [add]
12. Gotta Ramble [add]

Cimarron Manifesto (2007) 01. Car Outside [add]
02. Catch the Wind [add]
03. This Land [add]
04. Truth [add]
05. Lucky Man [add]
06. Hideaway Girl [add]
07. That's the Way It Goes [add]
08. Not Dark Yet [add]
09. Walk a Mile in My Shoes [add]
10. Don't Ask Me [add]
11. Home Once Again [add]
12. These Blues [add]

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