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NRBQ lyrics
Genre: Country
NRBQ [1969] (1969) 01. C'mon Everybody lyrics
02. Rocket Number Nine [add]
03. Kentucky Slop Song [add]
04. Ida [add]
05. C'mon If You're Comin' [add]
06. You Can't Hide [add]
07. I Didn't Know Myself [add]
08. Stomp [add]
09. Fergie's Prayer [add]
10. Mama Get Down Those Rock & Roll Shoes [add]
11. Hymn Number 5 [add]
12. Hey! Baby [add]
13. Liza Jane [add]
14. Stay With Me [add]

Scraps (1972) 01. Howard Johnson's Got His Ho-Jo Working [add]
02. Magnet [add]
03. Don't Knock at My Door [add]
04. Tragic Magic [add]
05. Only You [add]
06. Who Put the Garlic in the Glue? [add]
07. Get a Grip [add]
08. Boys in the City [add]
09. New Tune [add]
10. Scraps [add]
11. It's Not So Hard [add]
12. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive/Things Are Getting Better lyrics
13. Do You Feel It [add]
14. Ain't It All Right [add]
15. Just Close Your Eyes and Be Mine Ruby [#/*] [add]
16. Hymn #9 [#/*] [add]
17. Trouble at the Henhouse [#/*] [add]

Workshop (1973) 01. C'mon If You're Comin' [add]
02. RC Cola and a Moon Pie [add]
03. Blues Stay Away from Me [add]
04. Mona [add]
05. Just to Hold My Hand [add]
06. Get That Gasoline Blues [add]
07. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind [add]
08. Miss Moses [add]
09. I Got a Little Sevret [add]
10. Hearts of Stone [add]
11. Misunderstanding [add]
12. Four Million B.C. [add]

All Hopped Up (1977) 01. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket [add]
02. It Feels Good [add]
03. Cecilia [add]
04. Honey Hush [add]
05. Call Him Off, Rogers [add]
06. Doctor's Wind [add]
07. Ridin' In My Car [add]
08. Things To You [add]
09. Still In School [add]
10. Help Me Somebody [add]
11. Queen Talk [add]
12. That's Alright [add]
13. Bonanza [add]

NRBQ at Yankee Stadium (1978) 01. Green Lights [add]
02. Just Ain't Fair [add]
03. I Love Her, She Loves Me lyrics
04. Get Rhythm [add]
05. That's Neat, That's Nice [add]
06. Ain't No Free [add]
07. I Want You Bad [add]
08. The Same Old Thing [add]
09. Yes, Yes, Yes [add]
10. It Comes to Me Naturally [add]
11. Talk to Me [add]
12. Shake, Rattle and Roll [add]

Kick Me Hard (1979) 01. Wacky Tobacky [add]
02. Don't She Look Good [add]
03. It Was a Accident [add]
04. Mercy Mild [*] [add]
05. All Night Long [add]
06. Things We Like to Do [add]
07. This Old House [add]
08. Barbara Carr [*] [add]
09. It Don't Take But a Few Minutes [*] [add]
10. Katie Loves Bobby [*] [add]
11. What Can I Say [*] [add]
12. Throw Out the Lifeline [*] [add]
13. Hot Biscuits and Sweet Marie [add]
14. I Want to Show You [add]
15. Electric Train [add]
16. Don't You Know [add]
17. Chores [live] [add]
18. Tenderly [live] [add]
19. Welcome to Orlando [live/*] [add]
20. North to Alaska [live] [add]
21. Spinning Wheel [live/*] [add]

Tiddlywinks (1980) 01. Feel You Around Me [add]
02. Me and the Boys lyrics
03. The Music Goes 'Round and Around [add]
04. Beverly [add]
05. That I Get Back Home [add]
06. Roll Call [add]
07. Want You to Feel Good Too [add]
08. Never Take the Place of You [add]
09. You Can't Hide [add]
10. Definition of Love [add]
11. Hobbies [add]

Grooves in Orbit (1983) 01. Rain at the Drive-In [add]
02. Some Kind of Blues [#] [add]
03. How Can I Make You Love Me [add]
04. 12 Bar Blues lyrics
05. A Girl Like That lyrics
06. My Girlfriend's Pretty [add]
07. When Things Was Cheap [add]
08. Smackaroo [add]
09. I Like That Girl [add]
10. Daddy-"O" [add]
11. Get Rhythm [add]
12. Hit the Hay [add]
13. Tonight You Belong to Me [#] [add]

Tapdancin' Bats (1983) 01. Captain Lou [add]
02. I Don't Think Of... [add]
03. Proctor's Gamble [#] [add]
04. You Got It [Remixed, Unedited Version] [add]
05. Rats in My Room [add]
06. Big Goodbyes [add]
07. Tex [live] [add]
08. Boardin' House Pie [*] [add]
09. Trouble at the Henhouse [add]
10. Ain't It All Right [add]
11. Pretty Thing [add]
12. Dry Up and Blow Away [add]
13. Come on and Ride [#] [add]
14. Capriccio [#] [add]
15. The Dough Got Low [add]
16. Tapdancin' Bats [add]

She Sings, They Play (1985) 01. Things to You [add]
02. Everybody Wants a Cowboy [add]
03. I Can't Stop Loving You Now [add]
04. Heart to Heart [add]
05. Ain't Nice to Talk Like That [add]
06. Everybody's Clown [add]
07. Someday My Prince Will Come [add]
08. How Many Tears [add]
09. You Don't Know What You Got Til You Lose It [add]
10. Roses on My Shoulder [add]
11. Temporarily Out of Order [add]
12. May You Never Be Alone [add]

God Bless Us All [live] (1987) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Crazy Like a Fox lyrics
03. Here Comes Terry [add]
04. Every Boy, Every Girl [add]
05. In the Mood [add]
06. Sitting in the Park [add]
07. She Got the House [add]
08. Down at the Zoo [add]
09. Me and the Boys lyrics
10. Mouthwaterin' [add]
11. Success [add]
12. 12 Bar Blues lyrics
13. God Bless Us All [add]
14. Get Rhythm [add]
15. They Loved It [add]
16. Shake, Rattle & Roll [add]
17. I Gotta Go, Babe [add]

Diggin' Uncle Q (Live) (1988) 01. It Comes to Me Naturally [add]
02. What a Nice Way to Go [add]
03. That's Neat, That's Nice [add]
04. Won't You Come over to My House? [add]
05. Daddy Loves Mommy-O/Who Does Daddy-O Love [add]
06. My Hometown [add]
07. Just the Way You Are [Karaoke Version] [add]
08. You're So Beautiful [add]
09. I Got a Rocket in My Pocket [add]
10. Macho Maria [add]
11. Some Kind of Blues [add]
12. Crazy Eight [add]
13. Trouble at the Henhouse [add]
14. Scarlet Ribbons [add]

Wild Weekend (1989) 01. It's a Wild Weekend [add]
02. Little Floater [add]
03. Fireworks [add]
04. Boy's Life [add]
05. If I Don't Have You lyrics
06. Boozoo, That's Who! [add]
07. Poppin' Circumstance [add]
08. The One & Only [add]
09. Immortal for a While [add]
10. Fraction of Action [add]
11. This Love Is True lyrics
12. Like a Locomotive [add]

Honest Dollar [live] (1992) 01. Ridin' in My Car [add]
02. Batman Theme [add]
03. That I Get Back Home [add]
04. Ain't It Good [add]
05. Amy's Theme [add]
06. Tennessee [add]
07. Deep in the Heart of Texas [add]
08. Green Lights [add]
09. Wacky Tobacky [add]
10. New Tune [add]
11. Lucille [add]
12. 1-2-3 lyrics
13. I Love Air Conditioning [add]
14. Never Take the Place of You [add]
15. The Dummy Song [add]
16. The Dummy Song [add]
17. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie [add]

Message for the Mess Age (1994) 01. Over Your Head [add]
02. A Little Bit of Bad lyrics
03. Don't Bite the Head [add]
04. Big Dumb Jukebox [add]
05. Designated Driver [add]
06. Ramona [add]
07. Everybody Thinks I'm Crazy [add]
08. Nothin' Wrong with Me [add]
09. Spampinato [add]
10. A Better Word for Love lyrics
11. Advice for Teenagers lyrics
12. Girl Scout Cookies [add]
13. Everybody's Smokin' [add]

Christmas Wish (1997) 01. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
02. Christmas Wish [add]
03. Electric Train [add]
04. Here Comes Santa Claus [add]
05. Jolly Old St. Nicholas [add]
06. Jingle Bells [add]
07. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [add]
08. Christmas Wish [add]

Tokyo: Recorded Live at on Air West Tokyo (1997) 01. I Want You Bad [add]
02. Rain at the Drive-In [add]
03. Crazy Girl [add]
04. Just Ain't Fair [add]
05. Ramona [add]
06. Green Lights [add]
07. Ain't It All Right [add]
08. Everybody Thinks I'm Crazy [add]
09. Blues Stay Away from Me [add]
10. Miracles [add]
11. Little Floater [add]
12. I Love Her, She Loves Me lyrics
13. RC Cola and a Moon Pie [add]
14. If I Don't Have You lyrics
15. Me and the Boys lyrics
16. You and I and George [add]
17. Want You to Feel Good Too [add]

You're Nice People You Are (1997) 01. You're Nice People You Are [add]
02. Encyclopedia [add]
03. Always Safety First [add]
04. The Music Lesson [add]
05. There's a Girl, There's a Boy [add]
06. Next Stop Brattleboro [add]
07. Spider [add]
08. Keep Lookin' for Tumbleweeds Danny [add]
09. It's St. Patrick's Day [add]
10. We're Walking [add]
11. Plenty of Somethin' [add]
12. You're Nice People You Are (Reprise) [add]
13. Sleep [add]

You Gotta Be Loose: Recorded Live in U.S.A. (1998) 01. I Got a Rocket in My Pocket [add]
02. Be Here Now [add]
03. Girl Scout Cookies [add]
04. If I Don't Have You lyrics
05. Wacky Tobacky [add]
06. Out the Windo [add]
07. Over Your Head [add]
08. Paris [add]
09. Ain't No Free [add]
10. The One and Only [add]
11. Jump Man Jump [add]
12. It's a Wild Weekend [add]
13. Mule in the Corn [add]
14. Time to Put That Guitar Down [add]
15. You Gotta Be Loose [add]

NRBQ [1999] (1999) 01. Ain't No Horse lyrics
02. Sail On Sail On [add]
03. Pain [add]
04. Housekeeping [add]
05. Breakaway to My Dreams [add]
06. Puddin' Truck [add]
07. CM Pups [add]
08. Take Me to Your Secret [add]
09. Blame It on the World lyrics
10. Birdman [add]
11. I Want My Mommy lyrics
12. Careful What You Ask For [add]
13. Tire of Your Permanent [add]
14. Love Came to Me [add]
15. Termites lyrics

Live from Mountain Stage (2002) 01. Introduction No. 3 (From the Book of Introductions)/Don't She Look ... [add]
02. Tennessee [add]
03. Let's Make Love [add]
04. Yes, Yes, Yes [add]
05. Crazy Like a Fox lyrics
06. Little Floater [add]
07. I Got a Rocket in My Pocket [add]
08. Pretty Thing [add]
09. What a Nice Way to Go [add]
10. Mule in the Corn [add]
11. Christmas Time Is Here [add]
12. Our Day Will Come [add]
13. 11 Bar Blues [add]

Atsa My Band (2002) 01. Norma [add]
02. Come Softly to Me [add]
03. Terry Got a Muffin [add]
04. Party in My Head [add]
05. Love Is Waiting [add]
06. White Horse [add]
07. You Were the One [add]
08. Beautiful Sunday [add]
09. Kingston Town [add]
10. Goodbye [add]
11. 21-50 to Headquarters lyrics
12. Rip It Up [add]
13. Wand'rin Star [add]
14. See You Soon [add]

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