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Genre: Country
Equal Scary People (1989) 01. Simply lyrics
02. Last Night Was a Big Rain [add]
03. 500x (The Train Song) [add]
04. Song for My Father [add]
05. Equal Scary People [add]
06. This Is a Man's World [add]
07. Meant to Be [add]
08. Why Don't You [add]
09. I Wish I Were a Princess [add]
10. Under the Sycamore Tree [add]

Shortstop (1990) 01. In the Fields [add]
02. Shortstop [add]
03. Aurora [add]
04. I Couldn't Help Myself [add]
05. If We Sent Our Hearts over Now [add]
06. The Very Thing [add]
07. Salvador [add]
08. Don't Give Up [add]
09. Too Fast [add]
10. Claim on My Heart [add]
11. Take It Like a Man [add]
12. Little Blue Man [add]

Necessary Angels (1994) 01. Pursuit of Happiness [add]
02. Shadowboxing [add]
03. The Best of Times [add]
04. Sister and Sam [add]
05. Time Will Tell [add]
06. Eye of the Storm [add]
07. Oh, Daddy [add]
08. Room of One's Own [add]
09. Tiger in a Teacup Town [add]
10. Slippery [add]
11. Joy [add]
12. The Place Where the Garage Used to Stand [add]

Misfits (1997) 01. Cesar Stasney Introduction [add]
02. Strong Woman [add]
03. Dump Truck [add]
04. Secrets of Love II [add]
05. Baby, It's Cold Outside [add]
06. Everyone's Gone to the Moon [add]
07. Nobody Goes to the Moon Anymore [add]
08. Satin Sheet for Alice [add]
09. Rosie's Theme [add]
10. Let Me Take Your Picture [add]
11. Hey! Where You Goin'? [add]
12. Grandma's Feather Bed [add]
13. False Pretenses [add]
14. I Want to Go Swimming in Your Eyes [add]
15. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [add]
16. I Think I Love You [add]
17. Take Me With You [add]
18. Romania [add]
19. Like a Collar on a Dog [add]
20. Radiation Man [add]

Two Kinds of Laughter (1998) 01. Two Kinds of Laughter [add]
02. Take Whatever I Can Get [add]
03. I Wear the Crown [add]
04. Coolness by Mistake [add]
05. Eight [add]
06. Secret Family [add]
07. Look at It This Way [add]
08. Optimistic Fool [add]
09. One in Our Happiness [add]
10. E Cosi Desio Me Mena [add]
11. Comets over Costa Rica [add]
12. Let Go [add]

Newborn (1999) 01. Hush [add]
02. It's Alright (A Capella) [add]
03. A -Tisket A -Tasket [add]
04. Lily [add]
05. Goop's in It [add]
06. This Heart [add]
07. Reserved for the One I Love [add]
08. Big Bird, Little Bird [add]
09. Moonshadow [add]
10. You Are My Sunshine [add]
11. A Slice of Heaven [add]
12. All Things Bright and Beautiful [add]
13. It's Alright (With String Quartet) [add]
14. We Are Each Other's Angels [add]
15. Brahms' Lullaby [add]

Spiritual Appliances (2000) 01. Standing Ground lyrics
02. Life lyrics
03. Kerosene lyrics
04. Edward lyrics
05. Woman Waiting to Happen [add]
06. I Wish I Could Run lyrics
07. Everything's Red [add]
08. Dear Tracy [add]
09. Moment of Grace lyrics
10. Bowl Full of Stars [add]
11. Come Around lyrics
12. We Are Each Other's Angels [add]
13. I'm Not Going Anywhere [add]

This Christmas Wish (2001) 01. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
02. Silent Night [add]
03. The Last Month of the Year [add]
04. Frosty the Snowman [add]
05. Angels Among Us [add]
06. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [add]
07. The Reason We Have Christmas in the World (Lil' Bits Lullaby) [add]
08. Kiss This Christmas Goodbye [add]

Faithful Heart (2002) 01. No Name for Love [add]
02. Coolness by Mistake [add]
03. Chelsea Morning [add]
04. Wave [add]
05. It's Only Natural [add]
06. Faithful Heart [add]
07. When I Fall in Love [add]
08. Happy in Your Love [add]
09. Claim on My Heart [add]
10. Faithful Heart (A Capella) [add]

Ready to Pop (2002) 01. Blah Blah Blah/Tiger in a Teacup Town [add]
02. Blah Blah/One in Our Hapiness [add]
03. Blah/Aurora [add]
04. Tampon Fest/Kayaking [add]
05. If We Sent Our Hearts over Now [add]
06. In the Fields [add]
07. Train Song [add]
08. Joy [add]
09. Take Whatever [add]
10. This Heart [add]

Big Kid (2003) 01. Ava Sez Io [add]
02. Iolana [add]
03. Cantaloupe [add]
04. Ooh la La [add]
05. Middle of a Little Country Road [add]
06. Eat My Breakfast [add]
07. Look at Me [add]
08. Louise [add]
09. Pledge [add]
10. Little Seed [add]
11. Radiation Man (W/Brave Combo) [add]
12. Pink on the Inside [add]
13. Green Beans [add]
14. Here It Comes [add]
15. My Sista, My Friend (W/Ruthie Foster) [add]
16. Nanatime! (Story With Nana) [add]
17. Little Yella Dog [add]
18. Belinsky [add]
19. I Wish I Were a Princess (W/Brave Combo) [add]
20. Spinach [add]
21. Its' Fall (A Capella) [add]
22. Space Poetry [add]
23. Pillowman [add]
24. Your Red Wagon [add]
25. Ray Benson Narrates Rainstick Story [add]
26. I Wish You Well (W/Terri Hendrix) [add]
27. Children's Prayers [add]

The Motherlode (2006) 01. A Song of You [add]
02. To a Maddening Ghost [add]
03. Wagoner's Lad [add]
04. Living in Quiet Desperation [add]
05. Mad World [add]
06. Twenty Years to Life [add]
07. Mother's Little Helper [add]
08. Comfort's Sigh [add]
09. My Mama's Hands [add]
10. Birdhouse [add]
11. Two Days Today [add]
12. Learn You Like a Book [add]
13. Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again? [add]
14. Stupid Love [add]
15. Good [add]
16. Enuf [add]
17. Always a Saint [add]
18. Little Bird of Anger [add]
19. This Too Will Pass [add]
20. Your Reward [add]

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