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Restless lyrics
Genre: Rock
After Midnight (0000) 01. What Can You Say [add]
02. Somebody Told Me the Face [add]
03. The Face [add]
04. Trouble Rides a Fast Horse [add]
05. Bye B B by Bye [add]
06. Do You Really Need to Know [add]
07. You Lose [add]
08. How Can I Find You? [add]
09. Dark Blue Sea [add]
10. After Midnight [add]
11. Just a Friend [add]

Beat My Drum (0000) 01. Radar Love [add]
02. Neutron Dance [add]
03. Beat My Drum [add]
04. Do What I Do [add]
05. London Boy [add]
06. New Orleans [add]
07. Dance With the Devil [add]
08. Get It While You Can [add]
09. Tumblin' Down [add]
10. Big Wheel [add]
11. Crossed Line [add]
12. Ain't Got You [add]
13. Just Can't Take It [add]
14. Educate Yourself [add]
15. Love Attack [add]
16. 16 Tons [add]
17. Long Black Shiny Car [add]
18. Mr. Blues [add]
19. Bottle on the Beach lyrics

Kickin' Into Midnight (0000) 01. What Can You Say [add]
02. Somebody Told Me [add]
03. Do You Really Want to Know? [add]
04. Trouble Rides a Fast Horse [add]
05. Bye-B-B-By-By-Bye [add]
06. How Can I Find You? [add]
07. You Lose [add]
08. After Midnight [add]
09. Dark Blue Sea [add]
10. The Face [add]
11. Just a Friend [add]
12. Warm Up [add]
13. Ghost Town [add]
14. The Girl Invisible [add]
15. Knock on Wood [add]
16. Ice Cold [add]
17. Tons [add]
18. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
19. The Edge [add]
20. Bottle on the Beach lyrics

The Restless (1982) 01. She's So Fine [add]
02. I Wanna Know [add]
03. One Step Closer [add]
04. 100 MPH [add]
05. You'll Know Better [add]
06. It's Over [add]
07. The Contender [add]
08. 1000 X [add]
09. Funny You Should Ask [add]
10. Wildcall [add]

Why Don't You...Just Rock! (1982) 01. It's a Scam [add]
02. Ice Cold [add]
03. Why Don't You...Just Rock [add]
04. High Time [add]
05. Last Chance Baby [add]
06. Tag Man, Tag [add]
07. Long Black Shiny Car [add]
08. Face in My Gin [add]
09. Yellow Cab to Midnight [add]
10. Morning Comes Slowly [add]
11. Blackcat [add]
12. Travellin [add]
13. High Time #2 [add]
14. Later [add]
15. That's All Right [add]

Do You Feel Restless (1984) 01. Bottle on the Beach lyrics
02. Here I Am [add]
03. Fool's Gold [add]
04. Down at the Swamp [add]
05. Alabama Jailhouse [add]
06. Prisoner of Love [add]
07. Sob Story [add]
08. Crack Up 'N' Fall to Pieces [add]
09. Sixteen Tons [add]
10. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
11. Here I Am (Dub) [add]
12. Sweet Surprise [add]
13. Edge on You [add]
14. Slidin' on Down the Hill [add]
15. Why Didn't I Stay at Home? [add]

Do Your Thing (2002) 01. Shackled TP a Thing Called Love [add]
02. Hurricane Jesse [add]
03. Pickin' Up the Pieces [add]
04. Who Told the Town [add]
05. Do Your Thing [add]
06. Chain Gang Man [add]
07. Satisfied [add]
08. Bad Bowie Joe [add]
09. Heart in the Machine [add]
10. S'Easy [add]
11. Madness of Desire [add]
12. What's Your Poison? [add]

Rock 'n' Roll Beginners (2003) 01. Long Winding River [#] [add]
02. Dance Your Blues Away [#] [add]
03. Last Change Baby [#] [add]
04. Your Cheatin' Heart [#] [add]
05. Ghost Town [#] [add]
06. Leavin' This Town [#] [add]
07. High Time [#] [add]
08. Vanish Without a Trace [add]
09. Face to Face [add]
10. Show Me the Door [add]
11. The Girl Invisible [add]
12. Somebody Told Me [Single Mix] [add]
13. Ice Cold [1987 Remake] [add]
14. The Hunt Goes On [add]
15. Stranger [add]
16. People Love a Show [add]
17. That's All Right Mama [live] [add]
18. Shoppin Around [live] [add]
19. Too Much Monkey Business [live] [add]

Figure It Out (2003) 01. Road to Paradise [add]
02. Guitar Man [add]
03. Nowhere to Go [add]
04. Just an Echo [add]
05. Empty Hands [add]
06. Better Than Nothing [add]
07. Still Waiting [add]
08. I Go Wild [add]
09. Shopping Around [add]
10. Going Back [add]
11. His Latest Flame [add]
12. Memoir Blue [add]

Rarities (2004) 01. Somebody Told Me [Live Radio] [add]
02. What Can You Say [Live Radio] [add]
03. After Midnight [Live Radio] [add]
04. I Am What I Am [Live Logo, Hamburg] [add]
05. Long Blackk Shiny Car [Live Finnish TV] [add]
06. Mu. Blues [Original Demo] [add]
07. Hesitate [Original Demo] [add]
08. Alabama Jailhouse [Original Demo] [add]
09. You Drive Me Insane [Live Moonlight Club] [add]
10. Rockin' and Rollin' [Live Moonlight Club] [add]
11. Shake Rattle 'N' Roll/Flip Flop Fly [Jam Session] [add]
12. Travellin' [Live Strutz Glasgow] [add]
13. Long Winding River [Radio Caroline] [add]
14. Ghost Town [Radio Caroline] [add]
15. Long Black Shiny Car [Radio Caroline] [add]
16. Ice Cold [Radio Caroline] [add]
17. Yellow Cab to Midnight [Radio Caroline] [add]
18. Satisfied [Radio Caroline] [add]
19. The Caroline Interview [add]
20. Outtakes, Ballsups and Total Capitulations [add]

Rock N Roll Train (2006) 01. Tobacco Road [add]
02. My Baby Is a Hot Rod [add]
03. Get It While You Can [add]
04. The Face [add]
05. Mo Mama More [add]
06. The Girl Invisible [add]
07. Bad Day Dreamer [add]
08. Bye Bye by by Bye [add]
09. Radar Love [add]
10. You Lose [add]
11. The Rock 'N' Roll Train [add]
12. What Can You Say [add]
13. Don't Worry Baby [add]
14. Big Wheel [add]
15. Falling [add]
16. Ice Cold [add]
17. 100 Miles [add]
18. Just Can't Take It [add]

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